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What is a Lightship and Who is Inside?

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What is a Lightship, and Who is Inside? Maybe at this point, after blogging about lightships for some time, I should talk about what a lightship is, in case you are wondering. And, let’s also…
Clarity, Galactic and Human Meet

Solaris Commentary: Where Galactic and Human Meet

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Solaris Commentary:  Gaining Clarity About My Mission and the Blog Dear Friends, Cloaked ships, triangle UFOs, integrating extraterrestrial past lives, analyzing a fourth dimensional ship in our skies, and visiting with the Arcturians, were all…
interdimensional, lightship

Solaris Video: Lightship in a Starbank & Interdimensional Physics

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Solaris Video:  Lightship in a Starbank & Interdimensional Physics In this interview with Solaris Modalis, we discuss one of my photos of a lightship entering a cloud bank and the interdimensional physics suggested by its…
Evidence of Cloaked Ships, Line in Sky, Line in Cloudbank, Cloaking Technology, Triangle UFO, UFO, Disclosure, Triangle Ship

12 Observations About the Triangle UFO in the Sky

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Analyzing the Triangle in the Sky IMG_4200 w/Contrast Color Edits of Triangle Image to Reveal Shape The image of the triangle shape in the sky is from our post The Triangle Shape in the Sky …

The Arcturians Came Today

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The Arcturians were here, today They came in feathery ships of light glistening in the daylight sun and shimmering as day slipped to night **** The Arcturians filled the sky today with feathery ships of…

Solaris Modalis on Video: A 4th Dimensional Ship and Comparison of UFO Models

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Solaris Modalis on Video: A 4th Dimensional Ship and Comparison of UFO Models   Please click to join my Solaris Star Crew to receive my Monthly SolarisModalis Newsletter along with special messages and content! ©…
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Healing Our Extraterrestrial Past Lives

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Healing Our Extraterrestrial Past Lives I’d like to write a bit about the categories of human beings on the planet now, who have had extraterrestrial past lifetimes. When I’m done, I’ll create a summary of…

Play by Play and Ship Models of Two Triangles in the Storm

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This video continues the Interesting Story of Two Triangle UFOs Revealed by the Lightning Storm. In this segment, I've created ship models and compare the triangle ship model with the pyramid ship model from my…

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