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Welcome to my blog.  Welcome to a new way of looking at the stars and the sky.  Welcome to my stories.  And welcome to beautiful and spectacular possibility.

In this personal interview, I discuss how I got to here, and how I became a photographer of our star and sky.  I also give my personal take on some of the physics and spirituality that I engage with in this process of discovery.  I hope you enjoy it.

An Interview with Solaris Modalis:  Galactic Memories, Childhood Dreams, Lightships and Sky Visions

In this interview, Looking Through Photographs, we look through images I have photographed and discuss what I am seeing, we discuss physics and spirituality, and we conjecture on possibility – the possibility of what may be up there right now, in the present moment:

An Interview With Solaris Modalis:  Looking Through the Photographs

My view on our star and our sky is a new approach, a new take.  What I see is possibility and what I feel is hope and renewal.

I see interdimensional frequencies rippling through the sky.  I see lightships and other unidentified craft flown by our galactic brothers and sisters.  I see consciousness representing itself for all who wish to commune and communicate.  I see open and endless possibility.  I feel hope for humanity and our dreams to connect with the stars.  I see new possibilities for beneficial and conscious technologies, and I see the expansion of human consciousness; of restoration and new beginnings.

What is this based on, and how did I come to view our star and our sky this way?

Should I start now or should I start with childhood?  Because, I have dreamed of living among the stars and flying between stars and planets for my entire lifetime.  I remember many parts of many lifetimes.  Both here, on Earth, and elsewhere.  And I remember many roles; of basic lifetimes like that of a foot soldier, as a child experiencing great tragedy, of epic stories of companions in battle, of betrayal and love.  I remember living hundreds of years over lifetimes in preparation for becoming a ruler, living lifetimes of differing ranks and functions in preparation for becoming a commander.

All of this was in the background of my daily living, throughout my lifetime.  Interesting stories that entertained me when I was bored, and when I was drifting off to sleep.

In my current lifetime, I was doing some consulting and began to do some work with inventors working with energy in new ways.  I had always thought that my memories of different technologies and inventions were things that I would never see in this lifetime on Earth.  And now, I started to see the beginnings, the seeds, of this technology created in the physical world.  I became fascinated with quantum physics and began waking up at two and three in the morning filled with ideas and drawings illustrating the concepts of quantum reality.

At the same time, I started photographing the sun and sky.  And, like an artist with a paint brush, I began seeing my hopes and dreams illustrated on the canvas of clouds and sky above me.  I began to understand what I was seeing, both from the perspectives of my memories, and through the lens of quantum based scientific principles.

I always thought that I would write a book, someday.  And rather than writing my interesting stories down, it is as a lived experience that I express these ideas and concepts from my memories, and from this life, to you.  It is more immediate this way.  For as I know, as I have learned, the past cannot be regained.  And finally, I have gotten to the point where I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to return either, to those past times or places.

What I have come to realize is that hope, faith, trust, love, all live in the present moment.  It is from these that we create.

My stories in this blog are meant to inspire you.  They are meant to show that life is precious and spectacular, in everyday living.  My interesting stories and images are meant to spark your creativity and your wonder.  They are the love shining through me.

What if?  What could be?  What if it is happening right now, right before our eyes?  In the moment.

Love.  And possibility.  This is the excitement of the present moment, to me.  This is the gift I wish to share with you.

Love, Solaris


Solaris Modalis is dedicated to ~

~ the revelation of sun and sky trends through photography;

~ the illustration of solar and atmospheric physics through photography;

~ revelation and disclosure of the presence of our star family;

~ adoration and reflection of the artistic beauty of the sky, sun, clouds and nature;

~ honoring of and respect for the passions of our heart and soul.

Setting Energy Parameters is Important.  

My intention at Solaris Modalis is to be in alignment with~

~the highest good of all;

~Divine Will and Universal Law;

~the Divine Plan for Earth – Gaia;

~through unconditional love;

~service to the Divine Mother out of Love and Joy.

May all beings have peace.  May all beings be happy.

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