The Triangle Shape in the Sky

By October 2, 2017Solaris Sky
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IMG_4200 – Original Image – No Edits

The Triangle Ship Above Me

I stepped out of the car and looked up last week, and this is how the sky looked above me.  There was a triangle shape in the sky.

I was looking up frequently that day because the sun and sky were absolutely amazing.  There was phenomenal sun brightness and cloud patterns in the sky and so I started snapping photos at 8:00am in the morning.

The sky and sun were replete with high frequency energies.  The sun was emitting phenomenal energies, was very strong, and there were rainbows on the clouds, lightships too, and at least a couple objects that seemed triangle-shaped as well, but up very high in the atmosphere.

I noticed the initial triangle shape after I’d taken about 30 photos of the sky.  But initially it wasn’t a clear enough pattern to print on the blog, and so I simply noted the possible presence and carried on.

The sun and clouds were shifting into amazing patterns.

Imagine my surprise when I got out of my car at my destination and looked up!!  This triangle shape in the sky was directly above my position – well, maybe a little to the side, but in wide open sky, my view unblocked by trees or building or anything, really.

I’m going to write some more detail about this photo, because there is lots to see, and say, but I wanted to get this one out in an easy posting.  I left the image above at large pixelation so that you can take a look at the detail, if you wish to – take a look and enjoy looking over this photo.

And, perhaps even marvel, as I did.  For I feel that this photo represents visual evidence of advanced technology – and a cloaked ship – in our skies.

Love, Solaris

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