How I Got Tricked into Creating a Blog about Lightships and Disclosure

By August 31, 2016Solaris Galactic

I have been photographing the sun for a few years now, yet as soon as I was about to create a website, disclosure and lightships became an integral theme.


Photographing the Sun

I’m not quite sure how I got started with it.  Photographing the sun, that is.  It may have started because I returned to California after living for awhile in a northern country where my body ached for the warmth of sunshine.  Because before that, I looked at the sky and sun, but did not have the passion for photography that I do now.

And I kind of took the sun for granted, before, because it was warm and was there all the time and I had access to seeing the sky.  I did not know that people lived places where seeing the sun and clear blue sky, and feeling the sun’s warmth, were quite a different experience.  I know that, now.

Business consulting is one of my other areas of focus, and I had spent endless hours trying to convince a friend to start a photography business with their beautiful and skillful images of landscapes and physical objects…. to no avail (so far).  I’m a kind of “damn it, I’m going to do it myself then” kind of person.

But as usual, I feel that the photography of the sun really started because my rain-loving child started to ask me to “turn off the sun”.  It was too damn bright.

And that is when I started really focusing in on and aware of the sun as a major influence on my life.


Surprising Sun Images

Eventually the sun showed up in the endless digital photographs that so many of us take now, and low and behold, the sun was pretty bright, and emitting rays that showed up in my images.  It was not just a big yellow ball.  And that intrigued me.

After snapping image after image, I noticed that the sun’s rays, size, emissions, and patterns changed sometimes everyday.  And, sometimes substantially.

Being aware of “the shift” in energies occurring on this planet, I thought, what a cool way to illustrate the shift.  And I began thinking about a website.


A Lightship Appears

But, the week I was to launch my website, the most amazing thing happened.  A cloud that looked visibily like it was really not really a cloud, appeared before me in the sky during a solar eclipse.

And I was fascinated.

Jumping out of my skin with excitement and joy is more like it.

And dang it, if that image didn’t become the foundational image of this site.  How nice of them to pose so perfectly in alignment with the eclipsing sun.  I could not resist.

Pulling my car over to take photos, I couldn’t believe my luck at seeing such an interesting rectangular shaped “cloud”.

And then, I started noticing this and other shapes, again and again over time.


Photographing Lightships

I will be honest here, it’s not easy to photograph lightships.  It’s easier to see them than to photograph them, because as soon as a human being focuses attention on them for more than a few moments, it is highly likely that they change shape – the “cloud” appears to dissipate, or it changes shape into something, much less recognizable.

Why is this?  I do not know.  Maybe when I figure it out, I will write about it later.

Well, the day I saw that cloud that was a perfect, standing out in the sky rectangle, that lightship stayed in it’s “cloud” form long enough for me to pull off the freeway, wait at the light, pull over, and start clicking away.  So…. that was much more than a few moments – that was several minutes.  And it positioned itself so perfectly below the eclipsing sun.  I was ecstatic.

And that is how I got tricked into creating a website that focuses on Lightships – and yes, we will put the sun up here too, because I like it.  But dang it if my attention didn’t immediately veer towards wondering, “what’s up there”, and the sun, once again, faded into my background knowing, “yeah, it’s up there”.

But not too far into the background, as this photo from yesterday shows.  There are still some pretty great reasons to look up towards the sun.

Love, Solaris

Today's Sun Aug 29 2016

Today’s Sun Aug 29 2016

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