Sunshine Lightship Review (updated)

By February 20, 2017Solaris Galactic, Solaris Sky

Feb 25, 2017:  This post has been updated with the addition of one photo showing the sky 31 mintues after I started photographing the lightship.  This photo is the last one in this posting.

Sunshine Lightship

I have posted several photos of this lightship / cloudship, so that you can see how the lightship changed as I was photographing it (a rainbow appeared) and so that you can see the breadth of the sky.

These photos bring me so much joy.  If you settle into your heart, and feel the energies, these high frequencies will interact with your energy field.  They do with mine!

Last week I noticed that the sky was rippling with energy, and pulled over to a favorite spot to take some photos.  This is when I saw what I feel is the cause of this patterning – an unusual lightship shape up in the sky.

This is what it looks like, when there are galactic visitors in our skies.

Here you can see how the vibrations of clouds extend past the lightship.

In fact, the lightship seems to be at the center, joyously emanating frequencies that fill the skies and cause the clouds to reflect this patterning.

For me, this patterning represents the interdimensional energies emanating from the lightship.

After taking shots for a couple minutes, a rainbow appeared at the top of the lightship.  This often happens when I am photographing lightships!!

It was beautiful to see, and a kind of confirmation for me.

Notice how the lightship has shifted slightly in these last two photos, leaving behind in the clouds an image or impression in the same shape as the lightship.

It is as if the lightship in this image has tilted slightly downward and to the left, from the vantage point of the viewer.

If you can manipulate 3D images around in your mind, you can imagine how the lightship moved to reveal an imprint of the pattern it left in the cloud bank.

Notice how the birds got into the act in this last photo?  A flock of crows flew in front of the scene.

This lightship is beautiful, as are the energies of this photograph.  I love how the rainbow shows so brightly in this one.  Again, you can see the differentiation from the rest of the cloud bank along the edges on the right half of the lightship.

I thought that this photo below was very interesting.  I started photographing the lightship at 8:32am.  Here is what the sky looked like at 9:03am:  No lightship to be seen, at all.

No Lightship at 9:03am.

For a little more detail, please see the Sunshine Lightship portfolio posting.

Love, Solaris

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