A Starship Shows in Sunlight (post)

What I love about this photo is the contrast, and the questions it raises.  What is that clearly in front of the sun?  On the one hand, could it be a dark cloud?  But then if it’s a dark cloud, why is does it continue, past the sun, as blue sky in a swath of white clouds?  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I was on a conference call with a new group I had just started working with, and this lightship appeared in the sky.  It’s always interesting when they appear when I’m working, because usually there is a connection with the project in some way.  That connection is usually moral support.

It was stunning how this lightship blocked the sun, which could be clearly seen with the eyes.

What Brings the Lightships Closer to Us?

Now, I do live near pretty near a major city where lots is happening, so maybe this explains the consistent lightship presence here.

Or, maybe it’s because there are so many granola types, okay, consciousness type people, in this area, and we all provide an energy they can connect with that assists in bringing their presence closer to the Earth – Gaia.   Yes, I think that’s a big part of it.  What this means is that as awareness increases among the population of humanity, lightship presence comes ever closer.

I do find that when I’m on calls with people who resonate with the galactic frequencies, that they appear.  A gathering of like energies, whether that gathering is remote or in person, seems to draw them closer.  This one paragraph should probably be a posting of it’s own.  Maybe I’ll riff on this later!

The Same Cloud

This photo was taken almost a year ago, and after we posted it up in drafts on the blog a couple of weeks ago, one night I looked up and saw an interesting shaped cloud.  It was huge and above me.  I felt the feeling of ‘presence’ and I knew it was a lightship.  It had a triangle-ish shape like this one, with the two points where the base of the triangle would be, causing the base to form an inverted ‘u’, just like in this photo.  And it also had a neck that stuck out.

As I sat down to write this message, just now I see that the night lightship-cloudship I saw two weeks ago was the same shape as this blue space in the clouds from a year ago.

This phenomena of ‘the same cloud’ is one I have seen over and over again in the skies.  If you scan the skies, and look at cloud shapes often, perhaps you might start to notice this also?  The ones that repeat, over days, or longer, are the lightships, or cloudships, is what I’ve noticed.

In addition, when these cloud shapes repeat, they are sometimes playful in the ways this happens.  Look at the photo above, taken a bit later.  Do you see the same long triangle-ish shape in the sky?  Yes, now it is elsewhere – it is below the sun, still mostly blue, and pointed in the opposite direction.

We still see ya, guys! Lol.

Here is a beautiful shot of both the amazing interdimensional energies in the clouds and the lightship positioned below the sun.

Evidence of Cloaking?

Is this a photo of a cloaked ship in our skies?  Personally, I think so.

If this is a cloaked starship in our skies, it is an interesting use of the cloak, isn’t it?  Because in this case, the cloaking reveals the starship, hiding as a patch of blue among the clouds.

Love, Solaris

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