Sun Flashing Still Shots Part Two

By March 13, 2017Solaris Sky, Today's Sun

Sun Flashing Still Shots Part Two

Some additional beautiful and stunning images of the sun emitting flares.  These happened in fractions of seconds, and with great brightness, and the wind was whipping around, so that with the naked eye one would be inclined to look down during this weather.

Why did I look up?  How did I get these shots?

I’m aware that the sun has been flashing, and the fact is I could both see it and feel it the day these were taken.  Now, by seeing what I meant was – there seemed to be a slight ‘strobe’ effect in the daylight as I walked outside.

In addition, the sunlight had a particular feel to it.  What I mean is that the quality and color of the light had a particular look and feel.  After photographing the sun for several years, sometimes I get a feeling that something interesting may be happening.

As soon as I pointed the camera at the sky, I was wowed.  I have never seen anything quite like these flares that I captured on video (Sun Fireworks, Flashing and UFOs), and presented as stills, here.

As I mentioned in Part One, I got my finger in most of these shots, and there is a reflection that runs from my finger to the sun.  No hair in these shots, whoo hoo!  What can I say?  It was crazy windy and I had to grip the camera pretty hard.

Finally!  A shot without my hair or finger in it, lol.  This is a great shot of the flare, emitting at about 3 o’clock.  The beautiful thickness of the plasma light, the multi color emissions, all captured here, beautifully.

Huge finger in this shot, oops, but I included it because of the interesting shape of this flare, at about noon o’clock.  Interesting how there is a second shorter flare to the left that isn’t attached to the sun.  Wonder how this flare occurred!?  Perhaps it is the partial remnant of a flare?

The next two shots are two of my favorites.  I absolutely LOVE these shots of the flare emitting wildly from the left and right sides of the sun.

Love the flow and wave like nature of the transmissions in this photograph, again emitting from the left and right sides of the sun.

I’m going to say it:  what the heck is this a photo of?  We can see the solar transmissions, but included are these lines in the sky where almost no flaring is seen at all.  I’d love to hear what you think on the Contact page if you have any thoughts.

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