Sun Flashing Still Shots Part One

By March 13, 2017Solaris Sky, Today's Sun

Sun Flashing Still Shots Part One

The following shots are stills from a video I took entitled ‘Sun Fireworks: Flashing and UFOs‘.  Now, because we have UFO stills in a recent posting and an upcoming posting that are similar, this post is focused on the actual solar flares.  They are AMAZING.  I had to say it in caps.

First, allow me to mention what is not solar flares in these still shots.  First, I got my finger in the video, because the wind was blowing so hard I had to really grip the camera and plant my arms on a rail to get the video.  And second, my finger makes a reflection with the sun that is the line going from my finger to the sun.  Okay, that’s covered, lol.  (Pun intended…)

Next the pinkish blueish blob in the upper middle of the first photo is not a UFO – it is a camera effect, an effect of the way the light is seen by the lens.  More on that another day….

Amazing Multi-Colored, Plasma Solar Flares

As you can see in the first photograph, below, a flare shoots out from about the 11 o’clock position on the sun.  The flare is a deep golden light, with rainbow colors, and much thickness.  In addition, the rainbow coloring extends out quite a ways from the thickest part of the flaring – this is covering a huge territory.

In this next shot, below, the sun flares at both the 9 o’clock and 3 0’clock positions.  The flare at 9 o’clock is amazing and so different than the emission above.  Lots of thinner lines of plasma are shooting outward, seemingly balanced by a think line of transmission shooting out from the sun at 3 o’clock.

I absolutely love this photo, below.  Note my hair got into this one, it is the lighted up curvy brownish hair curving towards the sun.  My hair loves the sun, also.

Actually, an interesting phenomena was happening as I was videoing.  The flares on the sun corresponded exactly with the strong puffs of wind blowing across the pasture where I was standing.  It was perfectly timed.  That is why my hair is prevalently flying around during the solar flares on the moving video – the flares corresponded with the timing of the wind picking up exactly. There’s an anecdote for you.

This shot is gorgeous as the flares transmit from both sides of the sun.

This shot is amazing – the sun is flaring from at least three positions at once.  The long thin arc of flare emitting from about 3 to 4 o’clock is stunning in it’s beauty.

This was another interesting effect of the flaring – a couple of times the flares lit up the sky in such a way that large swaths of sun lit up the atmosphere, but with large areas of no sun at all, within large lines in the sky.  This is also seen in another still photo in Part 2 of this series.  I can’t explain this.

Note, though, how the flare emitting from the 7 o’clock position seems bifurcated by this large swath of blue space in the photo below.  Very interesting.

More photos of stills from this video can be found here: Sun Flashing Still Shots Part Two

Link to video:  Sun Fireworks: Sun Flashing and UFOs

I love the sun, I love taking these photos, and I love sharing them here with you.



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