Sun Fireworks: Sun Flashing and UFOs

Sun Fireworks:  Sun Flashing and UFOs

Wow! This was an amazing day and amazing images of the sun and UFOs.  This 16 second video was taken on December 29, 2016.  It shows the sun flashing and emitting lots of flares, in addition to a couple quick UFO’s. All video on Solaris Modalis is unedited.

The phenomena on this video are visible to the naked-eye, but appear only for an instant. Viewing the videos helps to train the observer to filter out distractions and see what is there, and gone, in the blink of an eye.  There are at least a couple of UFOs buzzing around in there – see if you can see them!  I find focusing my eyes on the sun and allowing my peripheral vision to see movement works best for me.

The day was crazy windy – so you will see my hair flying around in this first video. Next time I will bring a hair tie! Also, I got my finger in the video, holding the camera firm in the wind, oops, but I’m posting it because the flares from the sun and the flashing was amazing. My finger makes a rainbow line from my finger to the sun – this is not the sun flare (it is a reflection).

You will want to watch the video slowly to see stills of the flares. This flashing of flares was easily visible through a regular camera.

I’ve also put up two postings of stills, to give you an assist in that area, since I know it’s hard to pause the video in just the right place:  Sun Flashing Still Shots Part One and Sun Flashing Still Shots Part Two.

At 2 seconds, the sun flashes in the 7 o’clock position and there are two lines of energy or perhaps something something fast moving to the upper left and right of the sun.

At 5 seconds large horizontal flashes light up the sun and left quadrant of the screen, and several smaller flares light up.

At 6 seconds the sun emits two huges bursts, and then another huge streak of energy shoots diagonally across the bottom of the video. Several very striking huge emissions follow – watch the 6 second mark as slowly as you can!

At 8 seconds, an unidentified object lights up at the 2 o’clock position. At 9 seconds another object, possibly the same one traveling quickly, lights up following a diagonal trajectory (from the 8 second position) and now much further away from the sun.

At 9 seconds a sphere or other unidentified object can be seen to the right of the sun, it shoots across and seems to enter the sun.

At 10 seconds further flares emitted from the sun at the 5 and 6 o’clock positions.

Still Shots of the Sun Flares  

I have taken still shots of the sun flashing phenomena and posted them to my blog at Sun Flashing Still Shots Part One and Sun Flashing Still Shots Part Two.  The flares are amazing.



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