12 Observations About the Triangle UFO in the Sky

By October 27, 2017Solaris Sky

Analyzing the Triangle in the Sky

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IMG_4200 w/Contrast Color Edits of Triangle Image to Reveal Shape

The image of the triangle shape in the sky is from our post The Triangle Shape in the Sky   This photo has a color edit – the contrast has been adjusted – to highlight the triangle image hidden in the clear blue sky.  The original image is below at the bottom of this post.

There are 12 observations I’d like to point out about this image:

12 Observations About the Triangle Ship(s) in the Sky

  • There is a distinct triangle shape in the sky and it is pretty low in the atmosphere
  • Let’s say that these triangle shapes represent two craft – two craft above and in front of me as I take the photo of the sky
  • There are actually two triangle ships – you can see the edge of the second triangle jutting out midway down the left side of the image
  • The two ships appeared to be drafting each other (one in front, one in back)
  • These ships can hover in the sky
  • There is a trail in the clouds marking their pathway
  • These ships have cloaking technology
  • Cloud cover defeats the cloaking mechanism, making the object visible to the human eye by seeing the pattern of what is not there (a triangle of blue in the cloud cover)
  • Distance from earth (height in the atmosphere) subverts defeat of the cloaking by cloud cover, because the human eye can only see so far
  • With the cloak and without cloud cover, these objects are apparently  completely invisible to the human eye
  • Clearly these triangle objects are presenting to be photographed
  • There is another sort of ship in the photo, directly at the left of the triangle – it appears roundish and within a field of some sort.  I believe this is another type of technology (galactic) and not related to the triangle ship (the roundish shape appears to be a completely different design and technology)
  • There is a perfect heart shaped cloud to the left of the triangle in the photo!! aw…. I love this work and I love discovering fascinating objects in the sky

Love, Solaris

Original Image:

UFO, Triangle UFO, Triangle Aircraft, Triangle Ship, Disclosure, Cloaked Ship, Cloaking Technology

IMG_4200 – Original Image – No Edits

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