The Arcturians Came Today

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Arcturian, Lightship

The Arcturians were here, today

They came in feathery ships of light

glistening in the daylight sun and

shimmering as day slipped to night


The Arcturians filled the sky today

with feathery ships of feathery light

the whisps of cloud in geometric shapes

the patterns delicate and light


They make me smile

their elegant forms

their formless shapes

that is their norm


I breathe in to the patterns

and then I breathe out

my frequency rises

I laugh out loud


My body shimmers

this feels amazing

this higher frequency

is what I’ve been craving


It feels so good

combined with the norm

of human living

within this body form


The Arcturians came today

in their feathery ships of light

I’m happy to be a human

interacting with their light




Arcturian, Lightship


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