Lightship Over San Francisco Bay

This is a gorgeous series of shots of a lightship as it floated in over the San Francisco Bay.  The photos are arranged in a series in the order that I made observations of the sky and then saw the lightship approaching.

I knew that something was amiss because of the geometric patterns in the sky.  If you look at this first photo, below, you will see the shapes of many triangles, and of diamond patterns also.

What I noticed first as I looked up, was this perfect triangle, of blue (above: top, left of center and next photo, below).

Now – you can see that Galactics totally have a sense of humor.  Doesn’t this triangle shape look just like the Star Trek communicator symbol?? Lol!!

triangle ship, lightship, interdimensional, galactic, UFO, disclosure, cloudship

In addition, I have seen a lightship with this exact V shape many times in the sky – and it always floats in a V, even when the wind is blowing.  The wind pushes the V in the sky, but doesn’t blow the V cloud shape into bits, lol.

I’m going to show you an example of this in photographs.  Following are two photos from a few months ago in March, 2017.  In this first photo, below, you can see a triangle shape, across the bay, on the left of the group of clouds.  The triangle is shaped by two legs of clouds with a triangle space of sky between them.

triangle ship, lightship, interdimensional, galactic, UFO, disclosure, cloudship

In the next photo, taken 22 minutes later, the triangle, still intact, and has floated across the bay to my side of the water. As I looked up, it had maintained it’s triangle shape the entire way across the water.  Again, two lines of cloud pointed outward in a triangular pattern, with an open triangle space between.

triangle ship, lightship, interdimensional, galactic, UFO, disclosure, cloudship

Similarly, in the sky that day, was a diamond or square pattern of blue.  The photo below is a close up of the first photo in this post, highlighting the diamond of blue lines.

portal, interdimensional, galactic, UFO, disclosure

I have also seen this type of diamond pattern before.  Here it is again, over a year ago, on February 5 2016 (below).  I have posted this photo as a smaller size so that the square shape in front of the sun is clearly visible.  For me, this type of formation can represent an interdimensional portal opening.

portal, interdimensional, galactic, UFO, disclosure

So this is how I knew that there would likely be visible lightships present – I recognized the visible signs of lightship activity, which this day, was geometric patterns in the sky.

See if you can see how many triangle points are in the sky.  And, also, I noticed that nice big puff of cloud that felt like it has some substance and presence to it, in the lower right of the photo.

Another up close shot of triangle shapes and diamond:

Then, this came into view, and I thought, “Wow.”

Here is a close up of the lightship.  I haven’t seen one quite like this before.  It has that typical circular, spherical shape.  But the really neat thing, is how the light seems to reveal a row of windows or viewing stations:

Another shot of the lightship over the bay.  I love this shot, with the hill and bay, and the city of San Francisco on the horizon.

There is something else I would note about this spherical lightship.

You may notice that there is a dark triangle of sky above it.  Actually, I feel that this is another diamond shape, but the spherical lightship is blocking our view of the back side of the diamond.  The diamond shape represents an interdimensional portal, that supports the lightship in manifesting into a bit lower density, such that we can see the row of “windows”, and the firmly roundish shape of the lightship also.

I hope you have enjoyed this photo series.

Love, Solaris

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