Solaris Modalis on Video: Stunning San Francisco Lightning and Triangle UFOs

By September 22, 2017Solaris Sky, Solaris Video

Solaris Modalis on Video: Stunning San Francisco Lightning + Triangle UFOs

Please enjoy this video – I discovered two triangle shapes in the sky at 4:22 minutes as well!!

Videos and still shots of lightning sequences from an unusual lightning storm on September 11, 2017 that had 7,000 total lightning strikes in a matter of hours.

Four mini-videos of lightning strikes are in this video, and the subsequent still shots. For example, one lightning strike that lasted about 3/10 of a second produced 8 distinct still shots – another of a bout 1 3/10-4/10 of a second produced 20 still shots. Amazing views of lightning bolts and of lightning creating daytime lighting at around 9:30pm pacific time at night.

We also caught images of two triangle shaped dark objects in one of the videos – triangle ship UFOs perhaps? The triangle shapes start at 4:22 minutes.

Thanks for watching!!

Love, Solaris

For a detailed breakdown of the storm, please check out my two articles with still images from the video.

Great Images of Flashes from September 11, 2017 Lightning Storm in San Francisco.

The Sequence of the Storm – Stunning Stills of Lightning Sequence #2.

For an article on the storm by the San Francisco newspaper see: Bay Area sees 1,200 (Cloud to Ground) Lightning Strikes.

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