Solaris Modalis on Video: Two Triangle UFOs Revealed by Lightning Storm

Solaris Modalis – An Interesting Story: Two Triangle UFOs Revealed by Lightning Storm

Play by Play of activity from recent lightning storm in San Francisco area (storm was on September 11, 2017).

In my previous video of the storm, I spotted two triangle shapes in the sky, revealed by the lightning flashes.

In this video we discuss these images of the two triangle UFOs.

At the end of the video, we look at the Google Maps of the Pacific Ocean under which the storms occurred and found some interesting aspects of the terrain.

See more at – Stunning San Francisco Lightning + Triangle UFOs.

Love, Solaris

For a detailed breakdown of the storm, please check out my two articles with still images from the video.

Great Images of Flashes from September 11, 2017 Lightning Storm in San Francisco.

The Sequence of the Storm – Stunning Stills of Lightning Sequence #2.

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