Solaris Commentary: Where Galactic and Human Meet

Clarity, Galactic and Human MeetSolaris Commentary:  Gaining Clarity About My Mission and the Blog

Dear Friends,

Cloaked ships, triangle UFOs, integrating extraterrestrial past lives, analyzing a fourth dimensional ship in our skies, and visiting with the Arcturians, were all on the docket in the past month of postings at the blog.

In addition, I was interviewed by my friend Alex Clark and we had a great chat about lightships, quantum physics, spirituality, dimensions, duality, non-duality, ascension, empowering ourselves as human beings, and so much more.  I hope that you will listen in to our discussion.

Experiencing A Personal Evolution

The last few weeks have been a big personal transformation for me.  I recently experienced two triangle UFO sightings, and subsequently published both videos about the triangle UFOs and a few triangle ship blog posts such as here and here and here.

I found myself asking, what does this mean for my personal focus, and what am I doing with this blog?  I’m not sure why the triangle UFO showed up above me, in an obvious way, one day when I was photographing the sky.  Perhaps it was an invitation to discuss these phenomena, and indeed, I have done that now, extensively.

In my view, triangle UFOs are a part of secret space program activity.  For me, the key characteristic about this area, is sources of accurate information.  This involves witnesses or contacts in these programs coming forward.  And there are plenty of individuals pursuing these avenues of sky phenomena, many of who are very, very motivated to do so.  They have the passion for this specific area of interest.

The experience has caused me to look back over my interest in photographing the sky, which has always focused on galactic activity, spirituality, hope and more fully embodying my own humanity.  While there are many others pursuing the topic of potential and actual secret space programs, this is not my area of focus.

Yes there was an invitation of some sort, present in the sightings of triangle UFOs that I experienced.  And my answer was, “No”.

Embodying Galactic Heritage, and Exploring Our Galactic Connections

My area of specialty, and where I can add the most value, is writing about extraterrestrial and galactic experiences.  My passion is in describing and role modeling how we can embody our galactic heritage, and what these galactic connections mean in the context of our every day life.

At the same time, I have done much work in creating an About page on my blog, and a Sessions page, also.  While I have done individual personal consulting for a few years, now, recently I put much more emphasis on growing this aspect of my service and experience.

I love doing this.  Working with individuals who are feeling their extraterrestrial and galactic selves and personal experiences essentially bleed through into their current human lifetime, is both fascinating and deeply gratifying.

The experiences I have shared with many of you, and the stories of your galactic and extraterrestrial adventures, has wowed me, fueled my passion for what I’m doing and expanded my love of this work.  I’d love to engage more with you!

I shared about myself recently, on the blog, also.  If you’d like to hear about how I started engaging with my galactic experiences, I created a video to share with you, Solaris Modalis: Galactic Memories.  My friend Alex interviewed me and we went from childhood dreams to me discovering galactic consciousness in the sky.  We also created a video discussing how my photography of the sky evolved, replete with many examples.

Here is my new About page.  Diamond shaped clouds, spheres in front of the the sun, lightships and geometric patterns in the sky, it’s all in there in the video interview, Solaris Modalis: A Discussion of Photos. I hope you get a chance to take a look at this videos, if they resonate with you.

So, this is it – this is what I’ve come to really see and experience, with you, in recent weeks.  It’s really a confirmation of what I was thinking when I started, but in a deeper way.  It’s really embodying this aspect of my life in a deeper way, also.

Solaris Modalis:  Where Galactic and Human Meet

This is what the blog and the Solaris Modalis platform is about.  This is what we will continue to focus on, moving forward.

I’m planning to start with creating some online courses.  Please let me know if there are specific topics you’d like to learn about, at my Contact page.

Thank you for reading, for being here reading this with me now.

Love, Solaris

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