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Solar Eclipse, Solaris Modalis, October 23 2014, Sun

Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014 viewed from San Francisco Bay Area. The moon is partially blocking the sun, causing the sun to glow brightly (note red orbs also).

The Solar Eclipse of 2014 Was a Turning Point for Me

The coming great solar eclipse in the United States in August 2017, has caused me to reminisce about how powerful the last solar eclipse in the USA was for me.  I’d love to share the story and photos of those moments with you, here.

The last solar eclipse I remember that could be seen from where I live (before the great eclipse of August, 2017), was on October 23, 2014.  It was only partial in this area and only visible in a part of the United States.  And it was no big deal, either.  No one seemed too aware of it in my area, as I pointed my camera at the sun and took photos.

Yet, this day was a big one, as it was a turning point for me and for this blog.  I had started this site in 2013, but I don’t know if I even posted until 2014, when I took these photos of the sun.  But the energy of the solar eclipse must have inspired me, in a huge way, because I felt a huge surge of energy from within, and I felt an urgency to move forward, both in my life and in my art and purpose, “Now”.

Lightship, Solar Eclipse, Solaris Modalis, October 23 2014, Sun, Galactic

A Lightship passes before the eclipsing sun – at the height of the solar eclipse on October 23, 2014. This moment changed my life. This moment clearly connected me in the physical world, with galactic and interdimensional frequencies. After taking this photo, lightships and atmospheric phenomena began appearing in my photos regularly.

Starseed Awakening: Making Contact

Taking these photos was a turning point in my life.

They were a turning point because, during the solar eclipse, I suddenly saw a lightship, that I recognized, for the first time.  And, I could see it with my eyes.

It was sitting like a big obvious lump up in the sky, and it was rectangular.  It was a rectangular shaped “cloud”.  And it appeared to be three-dimensional, also, having form to it and substance.  It was huge; it was a mothership, certainly.

I felt like I could reach up and touch it.

I could feel the galactic presence, and I could visibly see the interdimensional frequencies emitted in the sky.  My feeling of excitement was off the charts.  The feelings seemed mutual.

Suddenly the focus of what I was doing changed.  I got the very clear inner guidance that focusing on the sun wasn’t to be my category.  Yes, I could take those photos.  But, in that moment, I had made a visible galactic contact.

My first of many.

Looking back on this moment, it’s funny that fear and the need to know ahead of time did not come in to my thinking.  When I took the photo of the lightship, and got the strong message to make the blog about lightships and disclosure of a galactic presence, as well as the sun and sky, the knowing and heart impulse within was so strong that my trust and my faith in following my intuition was completely natural.

Maybe it was the energies that the solar eclipse was emitting, also, that fueled and bolstered my inner faith and knowing.  The trust that I was on the right path.  I remember the days leading up to the October 23, 2014 eclipse as being very strong energetically, and I remember the sun’s activity being very noticeable, also.

You know, I only had one photo of a lightship, this one!!  Yet as the days passed, I took photo after interesting photo of lightships and sky phenomena.  Many of these are in the Starship Gallery on this blog.

This is what trusting your gut, trusting your heart, can do for you.  What I found, was that the universe brings what is yours directly to your door, and connects you with what your heart loves, naturally.

This is what resonance is about.

Solar Eclipse, Solaris Modalis, October 23 2014, Sun

Note the reflection of the sun, bottom of photo, just to the right of center. The red orb is caused by the type of sunlight emitted, and, I believe, by the radiation or transmission quality of the sunlight through our atmosphere. The golden half moon shape, within the bright red orb of light, is the actual reflection of the sun. The dark half moon impinging on the sun is the shape of the actual moon, moving across our view of the sun – Solaris.

Solaris:  In Love With the Sun 

I love taking pictures of the sun.

At that time, I was still feeling freshly returned from living abroad. I had lived in Ireland for a few years and returning to sunny California, the sun seemed so bright – too bright almost.  It was this contrast from being in Ireland and not feeling the sun on my skin, nor seeing it for most of the day, most days, lol, that got me focused on it.  In fact, in Ireland there were days when my body literally ached for the feeling of the warm sun on my skin.

It was this contrast in the warmth of the sun, the feeling of the sun, and seeing it again so brightly that caused me to really focus on the sun now that I was back in California.

But the sun seemed very different to me, now that I had returned.  As I looked skyward, the color, even the shape, was very different than what I had remembered that the sun looked like.  And, this seemed very strange.

One day, I was taking photos and, by accident, got the sun straight on.  The photos confirmed what I was seeing with my eyes – the sun looked different, and it looked different on different days.  This caused me to look into solar weather, and start to follow it.

Childhood Dreams of the Sun and Sky

But, I have stared up at the sky and sun since childhood.

Back in those days, as a child, I would lay out in the backyard on our chaise lounge – our fancy name for a recliner from the hardware store, and stare up at the sun, and at the sky.  I would count airplanes, and count the time that passed between seeing them, as I looked up, and watched them fly across the sun.

I loved airplanes and was uncommonly passionate about them; I would observe them every chance I got, and when I could drive, I would go to the local airport and simply watch them taking off and landing.

Remembering those days of childhood and even college has brought tears to my eyes.  I only just now associated that my fascination with the sky has extended that far back into my life – back to being very young, in grade school. It was nothing I ever told anyone about, except perhaps the time that I asked to fly in a Cessna during college, and got to take the flight controls also.

I guess one of the reasons I stayed quiet was that in grade school, my favorite aunt asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I told her that I wanted to be an astronaut.  My secret passion.  It wasn’t her fault that some of my uncles overheard our conversation, and started laughing at me and my dream of traveling as far as I could to the stars.

However, reality settled in when I realized that the best chance of becoming an astronaut, at that time, was to go to military flight school and become a fighter pilot.  I had worn glasses since grade school, and that took me out of the running from the start for that career.  So I dated a pilot, lol, interesting coincidence, and I looked to what career I could pursue on the ground.

Solar Eclipse, Solaris Modalis, October 23 2014, Sun

Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014. The sun was visible straight on, but the light filters through the trees. The reflection of the sun is visible center bottom of photo, in the red orb, and is visibly partially blocked by the moon.

Sol Becomes Solaris

I had always understood that the name of our star was Sol.  But one day, as I was meditating on what to do with my photos of the sun, and how to present them, and what to call what I was working on, I heard clear inner guidance from within.

This inner guidance gave me a name:  “Solaris Modalis”.  I immediately knew that this was the name I was supposed to use to present my art and my photography, and that this was my name, or one of my star names.  I roughly translated the Latin version of this name to English:  the way of the sun.

And, funny enough, I had used there term “aStar” for years in my business workings, here or there, on projects for myself.  Once, one of the techies helping me on a project looked at me and said, “that is my favorite name, ever”.

The most wonderful thing about stars, and about our star, I feel, is that it represents the star within – the inner sun.  For me, the inner sun is our connection with our very Soul – our divine godspark.

More confirmation came.  At a conference in October 2014, I met a woman who told me at the time, that Archangel Michael had told her in meditation that our sun had a new name, and it was Solaris.  I was so surprised to hear this, as I had heard this name as well, and so this was a point of coincidence and of confirmation for me.  In December 2014, a person I highly respected, also independently told me that the sun’s name had changed to Solaris.  Another point of confirmation.  I felt that I was headed the right direction!!

Solaris Modalis, sun, lightship, galactic, interdimensional

October 23, 2014 after the solar eclipse has completed. You can see the reflection of the sun, in the red orb, has returned to it’s full circular size. A beautiful lightship sits to the left of the sun, and the sun reflects off of it’s translucent hull, also. Incredible.

Remember Who You Are

Do you have a dream in your heart?

If you look back, can you see the connections to what you loved when you were a child?  Can you see the connections with what you’ve spent your free time doing, along the way?

To me, these are the dreams of the heart.

These represent the truth of who we are.

This year at the solar eclipse, my wish for myself, and my wish for you if you desire this, is to remember all of who we are, and to have the courage to act accordingly.

Love, Solaris

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