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This stunning photo was taken during the solar eclipse on October 23, 2014.  As the sun is eclipsing, a rectangular shaped lightship passes before the viewer.

I believe that this shape simply looks rectangular from the ground, but is actually a tubular higher dimensional structure.

I love taking photos of the sun, and during that eclipse took many, to see how they would come out.  At the time, I was planning this website.  This lightship was the first photo I took where the “cloud” was shaped in such a clear fashion.

I felt that it was a gift and a “send off” for the start of this site, which has gone through several evolutions since then.  So, as we start this website once again, it is appropriate that this photo is my first posting in a long while.

“I shall inform you that our ships would not be visible to the mortal eye of the people of [Earth] were it not for the elements in your atmosphere.” ~ Commandar Ashtar, through George Van Tassel, 1952

Ever since I saw the iconic image of Ashtar, with the seven pointed star in his right hand and the six pointed star crest on his left chest, I felt that he seemed so familiar.  Like someone I knew, a memory just out of reach, like words on the tip of the tongue, unrecalled and unspoken, yet so familiar.

The wonder these feelings sparked in me, and my dreams of life among the stars are the basis of my passion for photography of the sun, the sky, the space between spaces (multidimensions) and lightships, or starships.

At one point, I perused the internet for writings about Ashtar, and of course came upon the writing of George Van Tassel, the first person to channel Ashtar in the early 1950s.  It was the period just after World War II, and just before testing of the first hydrogen bomb.

This quote, above, from his writings struck me deeply, as I have often seen interestingly shaped clouds that looked extraordinary.  I feel that he gave us a very specific clue, then, as to what the ships from most galactic beings really look like.  They are not metal objects.  They are ships, made of light.

Thus, the way that we can see these objects is through atmospheric conditions – through sunlight, clouds, water elements and ripple patterns.

These galactic beings are equals to us, simply with more experience, and different technology than we are used to.  The simple fact of their existence is evident for all to see.  Simply, look up.

It is said that the American Indians did not recognize the Spanish galleons coming to their shores.  They had never seen one before, and so could not see them, until the ships were upon them.

In divine balance, the visitors at our shore in lightships patiently and peacefully wait for “one day”; the day that we are able to see them.  They wait for the day when our spiritual maturity has advanced enough to invite them to dinner, to be with us holding a clear intention for peace, ready to discover who they really are, and to discover who we really are.

Are we ready to understand our presence in the universe?

Creating awareness is really the first step.  Each of us working on our own personal spiritual maturity goes hand in hand with this.

As multidimensional beings, “one day” is also Now.  Let’s make “one day” a reality, today.

Look.  Up.


Love, Solaris

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