Traveling with the Lightship Vulcan Over Oregon and California

Vulcan Cloaked Ship at Mount ShastaTraveling with the Lightship Vulcan Over Oregon and California

Recently I had the wonderful experiences of traveling with lightship Vulcan – me by car, and the lightship in the sky – over a several hundreds of miles journey.  In total the trip was 1,000 miles; 500 miles there and back.  The lightship came along for the drive, and it was fun to look for it up in the skies from place to place.

The trip was a car drive up the west coast of the United States, driving through the states of California and Oregon, and back again, and stopping in a handful of places along the way.

Some Lightships Have Unusual Forms

There is a slight conundrum I’ve had with printing photos of lightships, and that is, many of the lightships I sense in the sky do not have a shape that would be recognizable as a “ship”, or a collection of consciousness(es), to many human beings.  It’s one thing to have diamond-shaped clouds appear, or rectangles, or ones that look like helicopters – it’s another when the shape is more incongruous, or not conforming with a traditional human conception of a vessel.

Seeing the Same “Cloud”

However, I have been seeing some of these interesting lightship shapes repeatedly over time, meaning – I see the same shaped “cloud”.  I have been meaning to write an article with this as the title, and then, this trip occurred, during which I saw the same shaped cloud structure in 4 separate locations over a 1,000 miles journey, 5 if you include that I have seen it here where I live a few times, also.

It is one of the lightships that doesn’t completely conform to what we might think of as a normal ship shape; but every time I see this lightship, it is in the same shape.

The Vulcan; a Lightship

When I look up at one particular cloud structure, or lightship, that I have seen several times where I live, every time I look at this structure, I hear the word, “Vulcan”.  So, on this trip, when I saw this ship several times, I decided to just accept this word as the name of this lightship:  the lightship Vulcan.  The Vulcan has a very recognizable shape.  I have drawn it here for you, so that you can take a look, and then see if you can find it in the images, below.

The Vulcan has a very recognizable pattern; it’s head or front of the lightship always has a triangle point, at the top, and at the nose; it’s rear has three obvious streams of cloud behind it, like a trident, although it will hide in the clouds, essentially cloaking itself – there are usually two streams at either side that give the back of the ship a triangle shape, and one tube of cloud that goes straight back in line with the head of the ship.  The Vulcan usually has a tube type shape in the triangle shaped rear, which can extend past the left and right “wings”.  In between the head and the triangle shaped back, will be a long tube.

SolarisModalis The Vulcan Hand Drawing

Traveling With the Vulcan

So, let’s go up the length of California, together, to Mt. Shasta, and Oregon, and take a look at the sky!  I will just write a little with the next sets of photos, as I feel that it’s really observing the lightship that is the fun part.

Vulcan over California Farmland 

Here are three photos of the Vulcan as I was driving north up the center of California through farmland.  As soon as I saw the “tail” or back of the ship, I recognized it.  You can see the visible “trident” of the back of the ship, below.  The head of the ship is hidden in cloud cover to the right of the photos; however, in the third photo in this series, you can make out the triangle “head” of the ship shape.

Vulcan over CA farmland

The Vulcan at Mount Shasta at the New Moon Sunrise

The morning after the new moon, I spent pre-dawn sitting at Mt Shasta, looking up at the sky.  That could be an entirely separate story, as the sky was amazing, the energies, the colors dancing, and so on.  I had seen the Vulcan up the freeway, but in that time just before sunrise, and at sunrise, amazing and gorgeous energies and clouds floated above me.  I soon realized, that several of the lightships I see frequently up in the sky where I live were present at this Shasta sunrise, also.  That was pretty cool.

These photos, below focus on the lightship Vulcan.  That was an interesting experience as it materialized into this form as I was standing looking up at the sky.  These photos below will focus on it fully in it’s usual shape.  See if you can pick out the Vulcan’s form in the sky, as it’s triangle shaped rear is blended with striations of cloud:

In these photos at Shasta, the trident portion of the lightship is blended with the clouds and vibrations in the clouds in an interesting way:

Here is the head and neck of the lightship Vulcan, above and to the left of Mt Shasta:

The Vulcan in Oregon

I was wondering if I’d see the Vulcan in eastern Oregon, as well, since I spent some time there.  Sure enough, at the grocery one day, I looked up and saw the familiar trident.  In the photo below, the neck of the trident is mostly blue, and the hint of the triangle head of the Vulcan is visible blended into the sky in blue and white.  The ship is basically cloaked by the distribution of clouds and sky along it’s form.

The more interesting thing about the first photo in this set, after putting it up here, to me is the big darker stretch of blue that goes from the Vulcan to the top of the photo – what is that, I don’t know, but when I stand back from the computer, with the photo up, it’s clear that the sky is darker directly above the lightship Vulcan, from about the head of the ship to the middle of it’s trident shape at the rear.  I was also able to catch some of the rays of the sun in this photo, which was above and to the right, out of view – perhaps the sun is illuminating something here, I don’t know.

Vulcan over I-5 Freeway in California

This image had me laughing raucously while driving down the freeway.  I was intently focused on the view because Mt Shasta is in the background bottom of this image, in the center.  Suddenly, though, I noticed the shape of the only blue in the sky: it is the shape of the Vulcan, this time, only in blue, surrounded by white clouds filling the sky. I was completely wowed:

There is another aspect of this photo of the Vulcan:  it has a shape like a duck – a friend of mine said, a male mallard duck with stripe at the neck.  And sure enough, that evening, I was at a magical spot at Shasta, and a lovely small female mallard swam up towards where I was sitting with a friend.  What I noticed about the mallard was the wake that it left as it glided through the water – so much like the trident behind the Vulcan.  It was a special moment as she swam around and around us.

Hand Drawing of Vulcan Cloaked Ship

There are some things that really, words cannot address.  I have been writing about and taking photos of lightships for some time now.  But even I was stunned to see this one with me, by my side in a way, throughout a 1,000 mile journey.  My sense of awe and wonder could not be higher.  I hope that you get a sense of the mystery, the majesty, of what life has to offer when we follow our heart, believe what we simply know to be true, and follow that inner guidance, even when it seems there is no ability to share with those who do not hear the same music as you do – you will find a way, you will find your tribe, as I do.

What inspires me is that I notice people looking up as I intently photograph the sky.  I can see that they are looking, wondering – what is up there?

What is up there?  Only your heart can answer this question for you.

Love, Solaris

SolarisModalis The Vulcan Hand Drawing

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