Visiting a Lightship: Are We Traveling to the Fifth Dimension?

By May 12, 2017Solaris Galactic

Visiting a Lightship:  Are We Traveling to the Fifth Dimension?

Lightships are at the fifth dimensional and higher frequencies.

Basically, they exist in the frequencies of non-duality, and unconditional love.

Visiting Lightships Requires a Fifth Dimensional State of Awareness 

This means, to visit a lightship, you must match these frequencies, and use techniques for visiting that are fifth dimensional techniques for managing your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional states of being.

What is a 5D or Fifth Dimensional (or Higher) State of Being?

A fifth dimensional state is one of non-duality and one that is unconditional loving.

As a human being, to experience a fifth dimensional state, is to use ‘the clairs’.  The clairs are a higher frequency expression pf per human sensory experience, i.e., feeling – clairsentience, seeing – clairvoyance, knowing – claircognisance, hearing – clairaudience, and so on.

Many people perceive this state in different ways – some see, some sense, some feel, some know, and so on.

But, the essence of a fifth dimensional state of being is that it comes from your heart.  The heart-based frequencies are fifth dimensional and higher frequencies.

Non-Duality Compared with Being ‘All Good’

I’m also not talking about being ‘all good’, here.  To be ‘all good’ from within a dual state, is to exist at the fully polarized end of that state of duality.

In a universe that is in a dualized state – i.e., in the third and fourth dimensions of Earth, if we exist as purely good in these dimensional states, something has to exist in these dimensional states as purely bad, to balance the universal energies.

Non-duality is a state of loving and accepting, all.  This is not a state of accepting abusive behavior, upon or by the self.  It is a state of personal responsibility and fully claiming the territory of the self – fully claiming and being who you are, from the heart.

Loving and accepting all involves compassion and forgiveness that is almost immediate, by yourself.  It takes a higher view and sets behaviors in this context, or it simply accepts them.

A fifth dimensional state also means fully embodying the frequencies of who you are – including your I Am presence, or the very essence of who you are as a Soul, present in this universe.

Emanating the essence of who you are, which from your heart is a powerfully loving state of being, has an amazing effect on the world around you, simply by being an example of being fully You.

I’m talking about presenting and being in our wholeness, loving our full human-ness, choosing conscious action, and being conscious and aware of ourselves and our state of being.

Holding a Fifth Dimensional Frequency as a Human Being

‘Holding the frequency’ to visit lightships can be challenging, as is living and being in a fifth dimensional state while being human.

We have two guides, or world teachers, who tell us that we can achieve these states of being as a human – Buddha and Jesus.  The Buddha said that achieving enlightenment was possible for ‘householders’.  And, Jesus said ‘all this I have done, you will do and more’.

We tend to think that the fruition of these teachings will be some sparkling day far off in the future.  What if ‘the future’ is simply a term for ‘higher frequency’ or, ‘higher dimensional’?

Ascension is Raising Your Consciousness, And Your Frequency, Too

One of the terms used for raising your frequency is, ascension.

What is ascension about?

It is really about descending our higher frequencies, into the human body, while ascending the frequencies we have previously held, from within the human body.

Is visiting a lightship traveling across dimensions?  

So, if we visit a lightship in a meditative state, are we traveling across dimensions?

Another way to say this – is visiting a lightship, interdimensional?

Are we traveling from the third and fourth dimension, where we live in our human bodies, to the fifth dimension, where we exist in lightbody or some other form?

My answer is this – no we are not traveling across dimensions.

To visit a lightship, we raise our own state of being – we raise the frequency of our whole self – to the fifth dimensional, heart-based state.

Then, we visit the lightship from that state.  Now, when we are visiting the lightship, we are not traveling across dimensions – we are already in the same dimensional frequency that the lightship exists in.

We Humans are Capable of Being Interdimensional

In other words, our human being self has to match that frequency in the moment.  Otherwise, it is not possible.

So – it is your human self, here, and your state of being that is interdimensional.

Now, I’m clearly not including travel during the dreamtime, here.  Because a lot of us visit ships at night, from what I understand.  Although, perhaps our bodies do achieve a 5D state before we go on our nighttime journeys, I don’t know about that one.

Can we have a 5D self – a multidimensional self – who is aware of us and who is on a lightship, or who is an aspect of our lightbody self, whether or not we are in the moment conscious of this?

For me, this is an aspect of our multidimensionality.  We can inhabit the third and fourth dimension and not be aware of any other incarnation – their existence is not dependent upon our awareness of them.

(I think everyone ‘up there’ is having a good laugh right now!  I know I am – inside, lol.)

Do you want to visit a lightship and interact with galactic beings?

What a great incentive to raise our consciousness, while living in our human bodies!!

And, to be clear, what this means, to me, is living our human lives from this frequency, and from this perspective – not ‘getting outta here’ and going back to the stars.

I understand, especially if you are drawn to UFOs and ships and stars and such things, that you may have this yearning.  I certainly used to have this attitude – until I came to a different decision, a choice really.

For me, what I’ve come to is that I love being here, I love being a human being, and I’m here to bring these higher aspects of me here, to my home in this body, and to live from here.

5D human, baby!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

As a bonus, you get to visit lightships – if you want to, and if this is your heart’s desire and your soul path, also.



p.s. A note on this photo

As I sat to write this posting, I could tell something was different about the sun – I couldn’t see the screen anywhere near as well as yesterday sitting outside – the sun was visibly brighter.

You can see the rays emanating from the sun – wow this is an intensely gorgeous sun day.

I knew this meant an excellent photo opportunity might be presenting, and as I looked up to snap the photo, I saw the heart shaped cloud exactly over the little mountain!!  How wonderful is that!!

And, it is a visible reminder that our love manifests in the world around us, and reflects back to us in every moment.

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