Visiting a Lightship – Applying Discernment

Visiting a Lightship – Applying Discernment

Here are some techniques for applying discernment before visiting a lightship during meditation.

This discussion applies to far more than visiting lightships in meditation.  You can use these techniques for visiting a lightship, assessing a UFO experience, meeting extraterrestrial or galactic beings in the physics or non-physical, on Earth or elsewhere, or doing energy work in general.

If you don’t know what discernment means, we have several posts in What’s New about discernment. But, basically what discernment means is this: is this experience in my highest good or not?  If it is, proceed, and if not, withdraw.  You are the one who determines the answer to this question, in concert with your higher self and/or other spiritual guidance.

Discernment goes beyond a simple assessment, and at higher levels, is beyond a mental assessment.

Deepening our discernment capabilities, calls for us to have an understanding of the greater themes at play.  Thus, the context within which we are operating is important to using our discernment to experience our highest outcome.
Deepening our discernment capabilities also calls for us to be self-responsible including developing a process for discerning to achieve our highest outcomes.

Thus, there are two main categories that we are considering, today, related to visiting lightships in meditation.

These are context and process.

Context helps set a framework for understanding.  Process helps us gain techniques that assist us in our journey.

Setting a Context for Our Discernment

I feel that setting a framework to understand our experience is a key element of the context of visiting a lightship, assessing a UFO experience, meeting extraterrestrial or galactic beings in the physics or non-physical, on Earth or elsewhere, or doing energy work in general.

The context within which I would set these experiences, is understanding creativity and how you create your own experience.

There are six key elements that guide our creations:

  • We create what we are.  Our thoughts, intentions, emotions, beliefs, attitudes and intentions all combine in our creation.  Be clear with yourself about what you are creating.
  • We create with our higher selves and/or guidance team.  When we are working through the heart, through unconditional love for ourselves, we are creating this experience, with our guidance team.  We are’t here on our own, in any experience.  When we enter the heart space, we get to commune with our team, also.
  • Assess your mental and emotional state.  For example, you wouldn’t visit a lightship in a state of fear or anger.  In this state, one would end up connecting with a frequency aligned with the fear or anger.  This would be a fourth dimensional (4D) experience, or an experience of the Illusion.
  • We create with the heart, not with the mind.  When we are having a fifth dimensional (or higher) experience (5D+), we are creating with the heart.  There is a specific flow of how this feels that takes some getting used to.  What I have found, is that if I start mentally assessing my experience, or thinking, this will lower the frequency of my experience, which can send me into Illusion.
  • Staying in the heart is 5D+. If I am having an experience that is fifth dimensional or higher frequency, and I use the mind, I will get booted out of the experience.  Learning how to be, how to know, how to feel, how to intuit, completely without the analytical mind is a 5D state of experience.
  • You can be in 5D even in a 3/4D experience.  When you are having your meditative experience, you can remain at 5D even if the experience around you is a lower frequency.  You remain at 5D by being unconditionally loving. You can be at this frequency while in a third dimensional or fourth dimensional experience, or, while in a physical or non-physical experience.
  • You can hold a 5D experience while in a 3/4D body.  We can hold a fifth dimensional frequency while in our 3/4D physical bodies.  This is the difference between the non-physical at 4D compared with 5D:  The non-physical at 4D is in a state of duality.  The non-physical in 5D is in a state of unconditional love or non-duality.
  • Elevating the body’s frequency to 5D.  When we hold a 5D state within our physical body, we elevate the frequencies of our entire physicality.  This means that we experience 3/4D, from within 5D, meaning, from a place of non-duality, also, from within our hearts.
  • What are our soul contracts? What we choose to experience is driven by decisions made by our higher self in concert with our human self. If we feel consistently asked to address something, from a higher Soul choice, or if we feel consistently asked not to interact with something, also from a higher Soul choice, these reflect experiences that are or are not a part of our Soul contract. We can ask, within, ‘Is this on my path? Or, is this not on my path?’  ~ Alex Clark
  • Heart Open – Heart Closed?: Our Ultimate Indicator:  If I am fully engaged with my intuition, and fully engaged with my inner wisdom, when I observe something, then I can know that if my heart opens for me, it is on my Soul path and I can proceed, but when my heart closes for me, I bless it and move on.  ~ Alex Clark

Setting a Process to Assist Us in Our Discernment

Our visit to a lightship is essentially our own creation.  To hone our discernment, I find that establishing a process is helpful.

What follows is a suggestion for process with specific steps.  I’d recommend honing this as you are guided, by your higher self, and by your guidance team if you have one, also.

     Energy Field Maintenance

  • Know and work with your guidance:  Ask to work with your guardian angel, whatever you call your Soul (your I Am presence, your Higher Self, use your words here).  You may choose to also work with Archangel Michael (who I highly recommend as the archangel of security, protection, and so much more), or the guides of the highest frquencies that feel most aligned with you.
  • Assess your own energy field.  Before considering visiting a lightship in meditation, my  suggestion is to assess your own energy field.  You want to be clear – mentally, emotionally.  Because, what you carry with you will create.
  • Do energy work and clearing with your body and field.  When entering into meditation, my suggestion is to do energy work with your field.  Ask your Higher Self and/or your guidance team to assist in clearing any energy not in highest good from your energy field and your body.  Your field is clear when all your energy in your body and energy field is in your highest good.
  • Ask for assistance with cord disconnection.  Determine whether you have cords attached out that are not in your highest good.  Determine whether you have cords attached in not in your higher good.  Ask your guidance team to clear these for you.  If you have these cords, you may choose to do some work on what was or is going on inside of you to assist your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical personal growth.
  • You will be here, and there:  As a reminder, you will be here, in your body in the physical, and there, in your light body and/or consciousness, at the same time.  Always remember your commitment and attachment to being human, and to fully inhabiting your body, and to claiming your body as your individual space and the physical temple specific to and created for your Soul.

     Programming your energy field

  • Basic guidelines: We are about to talk about setting energy parameters for your energy field (including your physical body) and about energy field maintenance.
  • Frequency does not need to be set in numbers:  Just to be clear, here, setting the frequency of your energy parameters does not mean setting a specific hertz requirement.  In fact, from my perspective, numbers are third and fourth dimensional.  I have found that coding in 5D+ consists of light language and symbology.  However, if specific numbers resonate with you as associated with the frequencies of unconditional love,
  • You can program your own energy field:  Once you have programmed your intention into your energy field, it is set, like a computer program.  At first, you can repeat the programming if you desire.  But you will come to realize that setting intention for your energy field parameters is like programming a computer.  Once it is done, it is set.
  • Guidance will prompt you: Your inner guidance will let you know when it’s time to recommit to your parameters or to change, renew or restore them. You will be guided by your Higher Self and/or guidance team if this needs to be confirmed, changed, expanded, or eliminated and replaced with something new.  You will know this because you will feel guided within, you will feel prompted, the feeling will recur, you will imagine it, and so on.

     Set your energetic parameters

  • Set energy parameters for the body:  Consciously set the frequency range that you will engage with.
  • Set energy parameters for the energy field. Consciously set the frequency range that you will engage with.  Don’t be afraid to simply say – allow in the energies that are for my highest good through I am able to in physical body handle.
  • Suggestions: My suggestion is to set your parameters to the highest frequencies of light that you are personally able to hold and to experience.  Set your own intentions, in your own words that resonate most strongly with you, and then trust your Higher Self and/or guidance team to know the specifics.
  • Additional suggestions:  Some other suggestions for terms could be frequencies of the highest light, in my highest good and the highest good of all, through unconditional love, in alignment with my Soul plan, and so on, but you can also go by feeling or any other way that you communicate with your Higher Self.  This is a very individual process, and requires self-responsibility.

     Grounding with Gaia

  • It is important to consciously connect to Gaia.  It may sound counter intuitive, but I have found that deepening my connection to the planet assists me in these travels.  Think of it as having a more solid foundation to start from.
  • Confirm that your energy is fully grounded into the heart of Gaia.
  • In the same was as grounding into the planet’s heart is important, it is important that your Soul energies be grounded into your physical body.  Again, I have found that deepening my connection to the physical body assists in these travels.  Think of it as having a more secure place to launch from and return to.
  • Confirm that your energy is fully grounded into your body, before starting.

     Caring for the Body

  • Protection of the body by your Higher Self, guardian angel, Archangel Michael, ascended masters, and so on.
  • Request, know and feel that your physical body is cared for in the moment.
  • Choose a time and place that is safe and comfortable for the physical body.
  • Listen to your guidance on when it is time to leave or that your meditation is completed.

     Check alignment

  • Check that visiting the lightship energy is in alignment.
  • Check that visiting the lightship is in alignment with the energetic parameters you have set for your body and energy field.
  • If you find that you have entered an illusory environment during the experience, exit the situation immediately, withdrawing all of your pure energy back to your body.  Simply setting the intention, and knowing you are assisted by your Higher Self and guides, causes this to occur.
  • Send the illusory situation unconditionally loving intetion, i.e., gratitude for the experience and forgiveness of those creating the illusion, including yourself.  You can also send love and light to the Higher Selves of all involved, if you are guided to do so.
  • Illusory environments do exist, and characters or entities that are lower dimensional do exist.  This is one reason why I am so focused on discernment.   Using discernment is important to achieving our highest outcomes.

Using Discernment Before Visiting a Lightship 

  • Engage your team at all times – your Higher Self, guides, guardian angels, Archangel Michael, your version of spiritual accompaniment in your highest good at the highest frequencies of light.
  • During the experience, at each change in person-location-situation, check in with inner guidance – heart-based guidance:  Is this in my highest good and the highest good of all?  (Hint, these are the same thing at the heart-based frequencies.)
  • Do these checks throughout your experience, especially if and when the situation, characters, scene or feeling changes.
  • Remember, that you have set and programmed your energy field with your particular requirements for engaging in this experience.  Trust yourself and your Soul – higher self – guidance team.  Have faith in your abilities to have this experience.

When we are creating at 5D+, we are co-creating with our inner divinity.  This is the next aspect of visiting a lightship that we will cover in our upcoming article.



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