A Checklist for Discernment Before Visiting a Lightship 

I have recently written a few articles on discernment and on visiting a lightship.  At this point, I thought it might be helpful to provide you with a summary that you could use as a discernment checklist.

And, if you do visit a lightship, I’d love to hear your experiences!  Just send me a note, here.

A Discernment Checklist

So, here is a checklist of suggestions for you if you are planning to visit a lightship in meditation.  I find it is helpful to have a process that I follow, and a checklist of what to do to employ discernment in every moment along the way.

  • Engage your team – your Higher Self, your guides of the highest frequencies of light, guardian angels, Archangel Michael, your version of spiritual accompaniment in your highest good at the highest frequencies of light.
  • Set Energy Parameters of what you will engage with.
  • Set Energy Parameters of what you will allow in your energy field
  • Check in with inner guidance – heart-based guidance: Is this situation an illusion? (This one helps avoid all sorts of traps.)
  • Check in with inner guidance – heart-based guidance:  Is this situation aligned with my energy parameters?
  • Check in with inner guidance – heart-based guidance:  Is this situation aligned with my highest good and the highest good of all? (Hint, these are the same thing at the heart-based frequencies.)
  • Do these checks throughout your experience, especially if and when the situation, characters, scene or feeling changes.
  • The heart is the portal to our Source connection.  Does your heart open in this experience?  Or does your heart close?
  • Set and program your energy field with your particular requirements for engaging in this experience.

The best thing about having a checklist is to make it personalized to what suits you; to what resonates most closely with you, personally.  So, remember to adjust all suggestions to create and use what works for you, personally.

And, it’s okay to shift and change and add new techniques along the way; in fact, I feel that this is part of our evolution as spiritual beings and as human beings.  I find that as I grow in experience, my spiritual guides show me new techniques along the way.

Summary of Links on My Series on Visiting a Lightship

I recently have published five articles on visiting a lightship, and especially about using discernment while doing so.

Here is a summary of links to these postings.  I hope you enjoy this series!

Love, Solaris

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