Bi-Locating and Being Multidimensional

The Concepts of Bi-Locating and Being Multidimensional 

I’d like to talk about bi-locating and being multidimensional in the context of visiting lightships.  The context is visiting a lightship while in a meditative frequency, so I am a human being and I am visiting the lightship in lightbody.

In the experience, there are two of us, at the same time, and this is a sort of bi-locating, because both beings are me. There is me as a human being, but aware of other dimensions around me. And there is me in a ‘lightbody’, or, taking a ‘form’ at a fifth dimensional or higher frequency.

Being aware of being human and being in lightbody, is also an aspect of multidimensionality – of being aware of two of your selves at the same time.

How I view this is that two of the aspects of your Soul, existing in differing dimensions, become aware of each other, and choose to work together.  They are aware of each other through the activity of the pineal gland in the human being.

Meditation at the Frequencies of the Heart; in Concert with the Pineal in the Brain

The meditative experience at the heart-based frequencies, emanates from our heart connection.  So, we are working together as one with our multidimensionality, at the level of the heart frequencies.  This is one way that one accesses their lightbody.

In this state, of heart-based meditation, we can also access our multidimensionality – our various multidimensional selves.  We do this through the activity or awareness generated with the pineal gland of the brain.  The pineal is the human being’s center of their multidimensionality.  It is the light center of the body and the brain, in terms of accessing universal energy.

When I say that we can access universal energy, what I mean is that from our pineal, we have access to the energies of our own Soul that is incarnated or manifest elsewhere in this universe.

From my perception, this activity is a co-creating by the fifth dimensional being in lightbody, and at the same ‘time’, by the aware human being.

Giving Permission for Our Higher Self to Connect Our States of Being

What I sense is that our Higher Self is our guardian, and brings us together with our multidimensional self in the Now moment, at the request and direction of the human being.  The Higher Self is both mine and that of the lightbody ‘me’, because we are the same Soul incarnate in two different beings (a quantum physics reality).

So how does this experience happen?

The human has to ask, consciously.

Why does the human have to ask for these experiences?

Because this is a free will planet, because each human being has free will, because asking consciously indicates an expanded level of awareness, because asking with the heart indicates expanded consciousness, and so much more.

One of the ways I do this as a human is to begin to imagine the experience.  I present myself to what inner guidance says is the opportunity – after a discernment process where I come to know that this experience is in my highest good.

In the imagining, the asking is made manifest and the experience comes into being.

Being in Lightbody, and Being Human, While Meditating

Visiting a lightship, in meditation, in this way is interesting, because the me in lightbody is fully aware of what the me as a human, is thinking and feeling.  The me in lightbody only keeps the connection with me as long as my frequency is expanded enough to maintain the connection, and as long as the parameters of the connection fit the energetic parameters I have personally set for these meetings.

In lightbody, I wait for my human self to feel comfortable, and I give all the time necessary for my human self to adapt to the experience, to ask questions, to use discernment to assess that this is something I want to participate in as a human being.

Questions are from the heart, not from the mind, as the mental frequency is restricting and can pop the human being out of the lightbody experience.  Learning to ask questions from the heart, without words or thinking, is a technique that is helpful to practice as you are experiencing.

Aligning with Your Heart Frequencies

Another skill I’ve found helpful is learning to be aware of your intuition, and learning to follow intuition without thinking, yet passing the intuition through the heart, to align with your heart connection.

I do this because my intention and one of my energetic parameters is that all experiences be at the heart frequencies.

And, this is in alignment with the frequencies of the beings I am meeting.  So being at the heart frequency allows me to see them, or to be aware of them, and it is a signal for them that it is okay to engage with me in a deeper way.

This is because being in heart frequency is a different state than being mentally or intellectually oriented, and as a human being, my entire frame of reference and experience can be vastly different depending on whether I am experience from my heart frequencies or from mentality.

The mind can have difficulty understanding the concept of multidimensionality on it’s own.  To begin to accept these expanded concepts, the mind needs to have a feeling of safety and security.  This is also the secret of discernment, and a key reason why discernment is so important, especially at the beginning.

The mind is in essence like a parent looking after a child or a teenager – that is how it sees itself.  The mind needs to know that we are going to be okay.  And, if you allow it to walk through, listening, with you as you set your discerning process, this part of you will have and gain the confidence to back off – because it comes to understand that the ‘spirit’ part of you is aware, is using a reasonable process that it can understand, and that you will be safe and secure – which is the mind’s job in this reality.

In the higher dimensions, the heart is the mechanism that ensures our safety – because through the heart; by aligning with the heart-based frequencies, we are always okay, and we are always connected to our Source essence, our pure Soul’s frequencies.

Love, Solaris

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