What is a Lightship and Who is Inside?

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What is a Lightship, and Who is Inside?

Maybe at this point, after blogging about lightships for some time, I should talk about what a lightship is, in case you are wondering.

And, let’s also talk about who is inside, because we have talked about visiting lightships on the Solaris Modalis blog, and it might be good to know some of the possibilities of who you might be meeting.

Lightships Carry the Consciousness of those Inside

A lightship is a higher dimensional presence carrying the consciousness of beings who are present on the lightship.  The lightship is like a vessel of consciousness for galactic beings who don’t use physical world materials.  That is one way of looking at it.

It could be that these beings evolved from a physical dimension to one where we would perceive their form as energy.  It could be that these are beings who have not experienced the physical realm.

Lightships may also carry what we would consider to be the consciousness of celestial beings.  I think that these ones get to flit about (lol!) on their own personal missions – their connection is with Source.  I’d differentiate this with beings that have conscious alignment with a particular planetary group or galactic entity or groups or mission.

Lightships Are Manifestations or Projections of Consciousness

Lightships can appear as unusually shaped clouds and as other phenomena in the sky.  Another way of looking at lightships, is that they are a projection of consciousness.

The beings on the lightship either are present in our atmosphere, if this is the focus of their work and conscious attention, or they appear present in our atmosphere, as they project their consciousness to our Earth realm.

Yet, Lightships are also a Vehicle

Lightships are a vehicle of formless form.  That’s another way of saying, what is cloud vapors to a being in the third dimension, is a vessel that has shape and substance to a being in a higher dimension.

But, lightships may also be accumulations of energy, especially if the beings are primarily energy themselves.

In this case, the beings may be Earth elementals and Earth divas from our own skies, presenting for us to view and to acknowledge, in our skies.  Their obvious presence, for example in the form of slyphs (marked whisps of clouds in special shapes and designs), can be an invitation for us to engage with them.  If we do this in a heart centered way, wonderful surprises can happen.

Or, these may be collections of interdimensional entities – such as higher frequency entities who are formless but, appearing together, accumulate into a particular shape in the sky.

Lightships are Interdimensional

How I see it, is that lightships in particular, and compared with most metal ships that are UFOs, are interdimensional.

What this interdimensional moniker means, is that the far away place these beings are from may in fact be another dimension, more than another place.

What I feel is that some of the lightships are able to change their dimensional state, moving upward or downward in dimension, expanding or contracting as suits their mission.

Galactic Beings Present Here

Perhaps being in the skies of Earth is the current focus of some of these beings, and thus the focus of their consciousness is here.

Thus, they are present on the lightship, albeit in a different form than we are used to – from our perspective, they are energy.  Until, they are not.  I can see them with my clairvoyant vision, when visiting a lightship in meditation.

However, I believe that some of these galactic beings can appear in physical form on Earth, which has been reported in many stories over the years.  From my perspective, many of these galactic beings look human.  Although, many are not.

But, what I’ve found, especially when we are first starting out engaging with their energy, the galactics with human form tend to appear first.  Well, I guess, it really depends on our personal level of acceptance.  I’ll leave it at that.

Projecting Galactic Consciousness to Earth

Some of the beings in lightships, and some of the presences in our skies, may be projecting their consciousness to Earth’s atmosphere from locations that seem very far away.

Beings may be projecting their consciousness here from other stars, and other planets.  And, they may be projecting their consciousness to our planet from other dimensions.

Human Consciousness in an Elevated State

But, the consciousness on the lightships may also be human.  They may be the higher selves of human beings.  And, they may be your consciousness, in your hours when you are sleeping.

They may be your consciousness doing double duty – being human and galactic at the same time.

Lightships That Carry Star Family

The beings on lightships may be your extended family – our “star family”, here from elsewhere to support you.

If you connect with galactic beings, I’d suggest that those you experience and connect with are most likely a part of your extended star family.

You may be both here, and there, at the same time.  This gets exciting.

Visiting With Our Multidimensional Selves

At some levels of consciousness, one can be both celestial and galactic and human, too.  And at some levels of consciousness, we forget that this is possible.

From my perspective, your Soul can incarnate it’s energy that is you, and incarnate itself that is you, in other forms, at the same time, also.

This is explained by quantum science, but it has to do with there being multiple realities, including different dimensions, possible in any moment, and it has to do with the fact that there is no time, except from human perception.

So those on lightships may be one or more versions of your personal multidimensional selves.

The Star Family of Our Reincarnated Self

Another aspect of presences on lightships that I’ve found, is that you may encounter star family of your multidimensional self.

That is, where you have incarnations as an extraterrestrial being, from another world or location in the galaxy, the family of the extraterrestrial being that you have been, may come into contact with you.

There is usually a very loving and compassionate energy in these encounters, because the extraterrestrial star family understands that as a human being, you may be uncomfortable at first with who they are.

Or maybe, you have known, all along, about your deep connection with these non-human (or humanoid) beings.

This star family may have the feel of “cousins”, rather than close family.  And the nature of the feeling of the relationship with this star family will also be influenced by the culture of the extraterrestrial race that you were.

Love, Solaris

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