Lightships as Consciousness

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In this photo, taken as the solar eclipse of October 23, 2014 has ended, you can see that the sun has returned to it’s full circular size.  The sun’s reflection is seen as the full yellow dot inside the bright red orb.

But, the light the sun is emitting is still intense, and red orbs abound in this photo.

In addition, a lightship sits to the left of the sun, waiting.  In this case, it was waiting for me to recognize it; when I started photographing lightships, it took some time for me to understand that lightship shapes did not have to come in forms that humans recognize as “ships”, or technology.

Lightships Represent Consciousness

From our perspective, what I have learned is that the greatest thing that lightships represent is consciousness – expanded consciousnesss.

This consciousness is of a higher dimensional frequency, and it’s presence allows us to visibly see and, for those of us who are more sensitive, to experience what the presence of this consciousness feels like.  As human beings, this is an opportunity for us to align with our higher dreams, our higher perceptions.

Lightships represent an invitation, or an opportunity, to connect with higher dimensional galactic frequencies and intergalactic frequencies.  And, to have experiences from within the human body – sight, sound, feelings, thoughts, visions – of what these frequencies are like.

Connecting with Galactic and with Higher Dimensional Frequencies 

Seeing a lightship, gazing at the beauty of interdimensional frequencies rippling through the sky, is an opportunity to feel what this higher dimensional frequency is, to remember who we are, to choose to anchor or to restore the knowing of these higher dimensional frequencies, within.  If we are star seeds, of galactic origin, this can be an opportunity to connect with energies that we remember.  And this is a chance, also, to connect with our multidimensional selves – with other aspects and incarnations of our same Soul, who are living galactic lifetimes.

These are all actions that we choose to take if we wish to – no one can take these actions for us.

Lightships Represent an Invitation 

From a personal perspective, lightships can present an invitation.  I believe it is an invitation to interact at a higher state of consciousness, with other galactic beings.

When we do this, I feel, we also choose to align with our highest outcomes for ourselves.   It is up to us to live our lives according to what we wish to create for ourselves.  It is up to us to make conscious choices, and to know our choices, within ourselves, and to voice them, within, telepathically, or out loud, just to ourselves is enough.

What am I saying?  To accept the invitation to interact with lightships, or with the galactic beings on lightships, it helps to be a human being who also has an expanded consciousness.  There are many ways to achieve this, but I’d sum them up by saying it is about “getting clear” and then, “knowing and accepting who you are”.

What I mean is, getting clear about who we really are, getting clear about our connection with our inner divinity, getting clear of old emotions and thought patterns that hold us back and tie us down, getting clear energetically in our energy field and our physical bodies, getting clear so that we can see who we truly are, that we are humans beings with inner authority and divine authority that comes from our inner connection with our Soul, or with God.

The twin concept to getting clear is accepting ourselves and knowing who we really are.  This includes acknowledging our own worth; accepting our darkness and our light, within, and loving all parts of ourselves unconditionally.  Acceptances also means we allow our knowing that we deserve to have our highest outcomes and our dreams materialize simply because we are children of the Creator, without a need for initiation or ritual, we are already worthy.  And knowing who we are means standing in our personal sovereignty; aware and awake, making conscious choices, and walking the path to do so as best as we can as human beings.

Everyone will have a path unique to their Soul’s journey.  But if we choose connection with these galactic frequencies, the invitation is open and clear.

Lightships and Galactic Consciousness

Lightships are different than metal ships.  In many cases, we can think of beings on lightships as representing extraterrestrial races who once used metal ships, but expanded their consciousness in such a way that they became galactic stewards, and now build with light.

Some of the entities that comprise lightships or that present as pure consciousness – and look like interdimensional frequencies in the sky, or as highly patterned cloud cover, have never taken physical form.

In a way, lightships are from our future, if we want to think about it that way.  We can view higher dimensional frequencies as being from our future, and lower dimensional frequencies as being from our past.

Remembering Your Galactic Resonance

As star seeds, as galactic beings incarnated into human form, we know and remember galactically resonant frequencies; the knowing and the feel of our galactic allies.

As human beings, we can look to the sky and know the future is Now, our future has come to meet us in our Now moment, if we wish to also do so.

Meeting these beings is accomplished, first, by going within. An inner connection and resonance is established and can mean so much to a person who has longed for the stars, and for the feeling of home.

What I have found, is that ultimately, our true home is within, in my connection with my heart and my Soul.  As a living human being, my true home in this lifetime is in this human body, also!

Some human beings feel they are a starseed – a human being whose consciousness and whose Soul is seeded here on Earth-Gaia, from elsewhere in the galaxy.  They are an embodied galactic being, incarnated into a human form.

Entering Your Galactic Gateway

The choice to connect, within, and without, is yours.  Remember to set your energy parameters for what you wish to experience, for what you will allow as an experience.  Remember to set your intentions for what energies you will accept and engage with.  You are, after all, a human being, and setting boundaries and knowing your own true intentions is important.  For some this will involve a process, for others this will be a collection of knowings and feelings.  There are many unique ways to be.

For me, I start with love, and with beings who feel resonant with the true feeling of love in my heart – a love without condition, that feels compassionate, warm and accepting.  Compassion, awe, and gratitude, are  higher consciousness experiences that we can easily have and hold in our human form.  Unconditional love comes, with practice, also.  These are the feelings and levels of consciousness that I meet engaging with lightship consciousness in meditations.

The invitation is open.  You open your galactic gateway.

Look up – and look within.

Love, Solaris

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