How the Triangle Shape Felt to Me

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TriangleHow the Triangle Shape Felt to Me

The past few weeks have been very interesting for me.  The reason is that my work, which is usually focused on lightships, has recently turned to focus on triangle UFOs, after two recent sitings.

What follows is the background on the two sets of triangle UFO sitings, and then I’d like to talk about standing under the triangle space in the sky.

Outlining the Two Triangle UFO Sitings

      The Triangle UFOs Revealed by the Lightning Storm

The first sighting was after taking videos of the unusual lightnings storm in San Francisco.  After perusing the video and writing articles on the images, over perhaps 10 hours, suddenly I noticed, in moving the frames back and forth, once again, a clear triangle image in the photo.

Well, there were actually two triangles, one of them a perfect triangle, and one of them elongated.  There was actually a third shape triangle as well, but it only appeared for a very short time.  What was unusual about it was that, combined with the perfect triangle and the elongated triangle, the three shapes made a perfect right angle in the sky.

I made a total of 4 sets of video clips about these triangle UFOs revealed by the lightning storm.  After a day of recording the final clips for the videos with my friend, I was excited and tired at the same time.

      The Triangle Shape Above Me

The next morning, I noticed the sky was filled with high interdimensional frequencies – so focused upward, taking quite a few photographs.

Initially, I noticed the possibility of triangular shapes, but none of them looked like something that I could point to clearly enough for viewers of my work, or, the triangle shape was too small for me to photograph clearly.

So, I drove to my destination.  Whereupon, I looked up again, and noticed the trail in the sky.  In fact, that entire section of the sky had changed, and was now a dense cloud bank.  Tracing the trail in the sky, I noticed that it lead right to where I was parked.  And as I took photos of the full sky and the amazing sunrise, I noticed that the blue shape in the sky, where the trail ended, had become triangular.

Although it is a triangle shape in the sky, I do consider this a type of UFO.  That is because, I consider the possibility that this is a cloaked ship, and thus a cloaked UFO.

How I Felt Seeing the Triangle UFO Shape Above Me  

It’s pretty simple, really, I just felt like, “hmmmm”.  And I thought it was pretty cool that a huge triangle had formed in the blue space in the clouds.  And I thought it seemed somewhat unusual.

And then, I thought about it again.  It was as if the unseen triangle, making a clear shape in the cloud bank, had shown up to be photographed.

Looking back on it now, why not?  I have photographed many unusual shapes in the sky, UFO moving at high speed past the sun, stars that seem to be still rambling about the sky, the sun flashing and emitting unusual and beautiful rays.  Why not a triangle UFO also?  Perhaps they wanted to be included! Lol.

If this is a cloaked triangle UFO, and those in it are aware of how the technology works, then wouldn’t it be known that the ship would create a shape in the cloud bank?  Or a trail for that matter?  I would think so.

The thought that this could be a cloaked technology – and also, completely silent, so a new propulsive technology, also – is incredibly exciting.

For me, the concept that this could exist at all, and be noticed by the human eyes so that it is experienced as a real possibility, is what is most important.

How the Triangle UFO Felt to Me

In previous articles, I have outlined suggestions for creating energy parameters that serve your highest good when having the experience of interacting with a lightship.

But these parameters, and these techniques, can also be used when simply witnessing other kinds of phenomena.  They can also be used to empower yourself in your daily life, but that is another article.

However, in this case, I really just wanted to feel how the energy of this unseen ship felt, from my heart space.  What happened when I reached out and felt the triangle ship, was that I felt pain in my heart.

If I think about it, the memory of the pain makes me want to cry.  Not because of the pain, but because of the environment of density aboard the vessel which is uncomfortable for a heart centered being.

I feel compassion for those beings aboard the ship, being in such a space.  And, I feel the energy of militarism, and of all that that implies – for all the right reasons, for all the wrong and often unknown reasons.  I feel the secrecy of the mission.  I also feel the honor and patriotism of many of those involved in this mission.  The pride in serving.

Why does experiencing a dense environment such as this cause pain?

It is because of a frequency shift, or frequency lowering, when I felt the space of the blue triangle shape in the sky.  It is not because there are two differing frequencies.  It is because I lowered my frequency in reaching out, when the experience of doing so, did not fit the energy parameters I had set for myself.  Whoops.

How is this the case (the frequency shift)?

When I view the sky, it is from what I would call the still point, or the center point – the space of being in non-duality in our hearts.  The feeling of the interdimensional and galactic frequencies in the sky that are resonant with this state of being feel simply wonderful from this state of perception.

However, to make a shift from a centered heart space, into a state of significant duality, causes discomfort, and this discomfort can show up as physical discomfort also.

So, we can have compassion for these beings experiencing the intense reality within the triangle UFO. Just as we can have compassion for ourselves in any challenging circumstance.

For me, while it has been interesting photographing triangle UFO phenomena, I’m almost feeling ready to go back to writing about and photographing lightships.  The triangles were such a new area for me that I focused a lot of energy on producing content around them.   Because it was unusual and so it drew my attention. So there is more to the video series, and the article series, about these triangles, and many of these are in the posting queue and will be coming out soon.

Home is Where the Resonant Frequencies Are.  Lol

But, my home and my heart, my passion and my love, is with the higher interdimensional frequencies, the lightships, and a new way of looking at our star and sky.

It is love and the resonance of that which we love that brings us together, in a shared space.

It is love and the resonance of that which we love that will allow us to move forward, together.

No matter our seeming visible, or invisible, differences.

Love, Solaris

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