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Dear Friends,

I have been encouraged to write about “the blog”, besides writing articles on the sun and sky, lightships and phenomena.  I’m not sure quite where to start.  Maybe with this – periodically I need to take breaks.  And that is what I have done over the holiday season.

I have a “backlog” of articles I’m planning to write, but the juice wasn’t in me to do a thing, as much I wished to do these things.  It has been three weeks and if you are a regular reader, if I still have them after three weeks of rest, lol, then I thank you so much for returning.

The fact is that with “the energies” being what they have been since Christmas Eve and Christmas 2016, when the Schumann Resonance showed significant activity, I was completely flat out at the mercy of integrating these light frequencies, within, and letting them open up space inside me.  If you are interested there’s a great discussion on the Shumann Resonance at this article: Why is Earth’s Shumann Resonance Accelerating which has lots of great links in the comments.  If you are interested in the process by which incoming higher frequency light assists in the personal growth process, Sandra Walter has excellent articles and information.

Here is my experience: when this chart shows large patches of white and when those frequencies peak, the incoming photonic light is effecting this planet and all beings on it, assisting us in raising our consciousness.  This is my personal experience.  For me, these times are a great time for personal growth and letting go of that which no longer serves me, and setting my intentions for the new.

There have been several smaller waves of incoming energies the last two weeks, and thus the need for a break from writing.  Lots of dreaming going on, though, which is appropriate as we change to the new calendar year, and love on the seeds we have planted for 2017.  As of today, break over – yay!!

My first break since restarting the blog on August 23 2016 was sometime in September.  After writing for awhile, I had an interesting meeting.  It was one of those meetings where pretty much every skill set you have developed over a long time all comes together in one event and you can handle that event because you have prepared all along, and you didn’t even know you were doing that.

I met with a person, a human being, but during the meeting this being allowed his energy to shift in such a way that his ET (extraterrestrial) aspect shown through clearly.  Now, it was clear to me for many reasons, one of which is that I have some of the “clairs” as I call them (clairvoyance etc.).  Also, the race he represented isn’t known as one of the “lovey dovey” peace and love ET races.  But, I knew that when we first sat down, before he even showed me.  How did I know that?  There’s so much that I could list but let’s say, I just knew.  I never thought that would happen in my life, and yet it did.  Good thing he wanted to learn about why living “from the heart” is important.

Here is the bottom line:  some extraterrestrial races and some segments of extraterrestrial races did not know how to do this (live in the heart frequencies), nor did they think it was important.  However, to ascend in frequency, and to experience the higher dimensions, shifting to the heart frequencies is how one enters the gateway to this access.  After a very long while, some of these beings started to want to make this shift.  The predicament we are in on earth, to some extent, is the end of a very long story in which large groups of these races have come to develop the capacity to begin to try and begin to actually embody heart based frequencies.

It took a couple of weeks after that meeting for me to figure out what I wanted to do.  You know what?  This blog is about building the new and moving forward, and this blog focuses on the higher frequency aspect of sun and sky phenomena (those aspects supporting ascension of planetary and human frequencies in the highest good of all).  So I decided to move on, forward, and not dwell in the past in the blog, in writing.  And, this is a good thing.  I was very happy with this decision, it feels good.  I waited until I could write about that meeting in a way that reflected this attitude.  And, here it is, now.

So, that’s all “about the blog” for now.  I guess it was about more than just the blog, after all.  Feels like a good (re)start.

How many restarts does it take to make a commitment?  Every single one, Lol.

Oh guess what!  We are working on a 2017 calendar, with art photos of the sky and sun and lightships and cool sky phenomenon and it will be ready very soon.  More on that later!




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