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The blog took a turn this month from just showing photos of lightships and the sun, to talking more in depth about meeting extraterrestrial and galactic races.  This was a surprise for me, as I kind of felt I would just keep all of that to myself, yet out it poured.

The fact is that the preparation we need to make, internally, to meet beings from other worlds or dimensions, is in my view the same path of walking with soul or attaining clarity and maturity on all levels.

What I mean by that is that it is the path to becoming whole as a human being.  This is what I’ve found.

A couple of things put me on this pathway, personally.  I experienced a huge awakening in my personal life and all of the difficulties that came with that.  I realized that, to get where I wanted, meant ‘cleaning up my act’ personally – setting parameters for what energy I would or would not engage with.

The same year that I had this awakening in my personal life, is when I saw lightships for the first time, and realized and felt that there was an associated presence.

In an interesting coincidence, I had gotten on a flight, and the two people sitting next to me were literally called ‘the visitors from Peru’ by the airline staff.  No names, no other identification.  That’s how they were called at the airline counter, also.  They were bundled up next to me as I looked out the window and saw three separate types of lightships for the first time.  I kinda wondered what was under all of that bundling…

I offered them chocolate.

A Regular Posting Schedule

This is turning out to be less about the blog and more about stories….

With a plethora of topics to write about, and upcoming guest postings, my goal is to post consistently 3x per week now.  Yes, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Since I don’t like routine, but I do love writing and engaging with all of you, I will do my best to keep to the schedule.  Case in point – this posting is on Tuesday….

Yes, that is the news about the blog – a regular posting schedule is being implemented.  I guess I’ve gotten my land legs now and we’re really doing this!!   

Galactic Inspiration to Make Changes in My Life

Back to just one more story, lol.

For whatever reason I really want to add this little story to this posting.

There was one other event that caused me to really think about meeting galactic life and what that would be like.

I was listening to a channeling by a spiritual person who had brought through a galactic officer on one of the lightships.  What I remember was this being saying through the channel, ‘why don’t you ever invite us over to dinner’?  or something like this.

And it got me thinking.

It got me thinking about what it would be like to actually meet a Pleiadian or a Sirian, or whoever, who was a fifth dimensional (or higher) being.  I thought a lot about what this would entail, and what it would require from me, to meet them.

The first thing that I realized is that these beings would be telepathic.  Since my mind was randomly generating thoughts at an endless pace, I realized that having control over what my mind generated would be a good thing.

The second thing I realized is that these beings (at 5D) would be empathic, meaning, they would would know my feelings.  Again, random emotions about the person sitting next to me would be felt and known.

I’m not talking about invasion of privacy – I’m talking about their version of reading ‘body language’.  Looking or feeling the energy field of a person sitting next to you is different than pushing your energy into that field – that would be an invasion of privacy that a fifth dimensional being would not do.

I had already been writing my own material about quantum physics, and it seemed natural to apply physics to my problem.  Clearly, I needed to locate, enter, be in and act from my inner still point.

….and take meditation classes.

Since I work from my inner still point on the energy planes, and had spent much time and effort developing discernment, what I wished to do was to apply this in my human life, day to day.  This is a journey that has changed my life.

Am I ready to sit down with a galactic being and have dinner?

We’re having chicken and lots of veggies, tonight.

And chocolate.



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