An Interesting Meeting (repost, updated)

At first I put this story in with last week’s update About The Blog, but I wanted to expand on it a little, and so I’ve reposted it here with a little bit more, added.

My intuition from the start was to do two blog posts, because I’m a bit shy talking about myself, and so I hesitated. But, in alignment with my intuition, I’ve started to think that there is a series of posts that I’m feeling want to be written here and this story is an important part of the bigger one.  So, you will see some of the text from last week’s post, here, but I have added much more.

My first break writing, since restarting the blog on August 23 2016, was sometime alst September/October.  I took a break after writing for awhile, to ruminate on an interesting meeting.  It was one of those meetings where pretty much every skill set you have developed over a long time all comes together in one event and you can handle that event because you have prepared all along, and you didn’t even know you were doing that.

After that meeting, I was thinking about how I wanted to proceed with this blog – did I want to talk about the past, or did I want to talk about the present and about building the new?

An Interesting Meeting

I had met with a person, a human being, but during the meeting this being allowed his energy to shift in such a way that his ET (extraterrestrial) aspect shown through clearly.

Now, it was clear to me for many reasons, one of which is that I have some of the “clairs” as I call them (clairvoyance etc.).  But I also have an understanding of the characteristics of this race and it’s frequencies, and I sometimes recognize these in human beings who are in this lineage where I’m meant to.  I’d add that the race he represented isn’t known as one of the “lovey dovey” peace and love ET races.

But, I knew this when we first sat down, before he even showed me.  How did I know that?  There’s so much that I could list but let’s say, I just knew, and I will go into this a little bit more, below.  I never thought that this sort of thing would happen in my life, and yet it did.

Actually, truth be told, I had imagined that it might happen, and then it did, under the parameters that I had set in my imagining.  This is why setting intention and imagining your outcome are important!  These techniques have more effect on our lives than we ever would think, when we are bound in limited thinking and analysis, only.

Good thing he wanted to learn about why living “from the heart” is important.  He said that I convinced him that it was important, after I explained clearly, what it was and why. 

The 4D Extraterrestrial Backstory

Here is the bottom line:  some extraterrestrial races and some segments of extraterrestrial races did not know how to do this (live in the heart frequencies), nor did they think it was important.  However, to ascend in frequency, and to experience the higher dimensions, shifting to the heart frequencies is how one enters the gateway to this access.

After a very long while, some of these beings started to want to make this shift.  The predicament we are in on earth, to some extent, is the end of a very long story in which large groups of these races have come to develop the capacity to begin to try and begin to actually embody heart based frequencies.

A Quick Primer on the Dimensions and Extraterrestrial Races

A quick primer:  these extraterrestrial races who do, or did, not live from the heart (and neither does most of humanity for the most part) were 3D beings, but now are for the most 4D (fourth dimensional).  A race that lives from the heart would be 5D, fifth dimensional, or at the frequencies of unconditional love (space hippies – no not really, ha ha!  5D+ galactic races are aware of and more closely aligned with their divinity than we are.)  How do you tell the difference?  Your heart knows.

Meeting My Growth Edge

It took a couple of weeks after that meeting for me to figure out what I wanted to do.  It was a weird coincidence that I had recently re-started this blog, and he mentioned a couple times a specific intelligence agency he had worked with “years ago”.  I don’t know if that’s part of some “I told you” information that you breeze over and then later, realize what you have gotten into.  Well,  I have no interest in games, or intrigue.  No thank you I do not want to be involved.

Funny enough I wasn’t surprised when I saw his eyes shift in size and color and type.  I was so unimpressed that he asked me, twice, “did I notice that he showed me his true self?”.  I did my best to stay heart-centered, and in the heart there is no fear.

I remember many past lives where I lived elsewhere, not on this planet, and I remember being many different galactic races – some bits and pieces, some much more.  What stood out for me after this meeting was this:  it is a lot different to remember being a certain race, and to remember having the abilities of a person of that race, than being a human being who remembers.  That was the most interesting thing about this meeting, for me.  This was my growth edge.

It was fascinating to experience first hand, the mesmerizing ability of this race, and I remember the mental sharpness and the strategic excellence, which was fully present.  And I thought that because I remembered, that I would still be able to do these things as a human being, at the level of one of these beings, if I really needed to.  Because compared to other human beings, I excel at things like strategy and analytical thinking.  But, you know what?  I found out, it wasn’t like that.  Not for me, anyway.  Because I don’t have that type of body, anymore.  And with that body comes a certain technology, both mental capabilities and, I believe, actual technologies that work in concert with their wishes.

Fourth Dimensional Extraterrestrials

What I realized is this:  a human being who is that close to their extraterrestrial self, and I’m talking about a 4D extraterrestrial self, is simply going to run circles around me in the skill set in which they excel.  And, I mean their fourth dimensional ET presence, rather than the love and light 5D+ extraterrestrial beings.

I’m not sure how this 4D ET presence manifested in this person, and how they were able to show me this aspect, quite clearly, in their eyes.  It could be some sort of shape-shifting ability.  Or, it could be a technology messing with me.  Although, it was perfectly reminiscent of what I remember about this race, which I don’t want to name.  Because I have been this race in the past (and many others), I can be aware, I can anticipate, and I can adjust when I make a mistake, energetically, because that happened.

It was a humbling experience to go through:  I cannot do what they can do, anymore.  And you know what?  I’m okay with that.  Way more than okay with it!  I felt like my german shepherd dog, when he was 11 or 12, and he was so pissed and frustrated that he couldn’t run as fast and as far, that he couldn’t turn corners with the same agility or catch balls with the accuracy as when he was 3 or 4, when he was in his prime.

And that’s okay.  You know why?  Because I’m way closer with my “love and light” 5D+ galactic self, now.  Quite recently, I’ve let go of my attachments to these memories of these 4D lifetimes, of being this race, and others, and this has been incredibly healing.  That is a blessing for which I Am grateful.

Accessing the Heart – the Bridge from 4D to 5D

My gift is access to my heart – a pure, simply human capability of incredible strength and power – the inner power of spirit, or my soul, that inhabits my body and which is present within me in every moment.  This is an awesome and gentle, a subtle and beautiful powerful presence.

For this reason, because I have the memories of the frequencies of galactic races at both 4D and 5D+, I was acting as a bridge in this conversation with this person.  And, I knew that.  Honestly, it was an honor.  To act as a bridge, to explain the path from 4D to 5D (the path of the heart) to one of their representatives, or whoever he was, was something that took a lifetime to get to, to be a part of.  It’s done now.

All that we do, creates energy streamers in “time”.  And the energy streamers of the bridge have been created.  That is cool, isn’t it!?

And it’s cool because my soul purpose for incarnating in that race so long ago was because I wished to be of service to do exactly this.  It has been a very long journey.

And that was my answer when he asked me if I had “seen his true self.”  My answer was: “yes, I did, and I knew before you showed me, and it’s okay, I accept you for who you are.”  And he responded, and I just said “it has been a very long time, for us to be able to get to here.”

This Blog:  The Mission of Solaris Modalis

This blog is about building the new and moving forward, and this blog focuses on the higher frequency aspect of sun and sky phenomena.  By that I mean, those aspects supporting ascension of planetary and human frequencies in the highest good of all.

So here we are, I made a clear decision to move on, to move forward, in my life and in this blog.  Where it is important, to understand Now, I may write about my previous experiences to fill in why I have the understanding that I have, or for explanatory purposes.

Otherwise than that, our mission here is about Now, about connecting at the heart with our star brothers and sisters who wish this same frequency connection, also.  You know what?  It feels so good, in my heart, to finally get to here.

Here and Now.



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