Building Our Discernment Ability

This post follows “An Interesting Meeting“, because I want to talk about discernment.

Having the ability to have discernment about:

  1. Who we are meeting, or
  2. What we are truly participating in,

are key capabilities for anyone who wishes to engage with the field of extraterrestrial activity and galactic affairs on planet earth.

Building Our Discernment Ability

What is real, and what is not?  What do we do when strange circumstances test our responses?

This is where building a depth of spiritual and energetic discernment is so important.

Our society is founded around science and proof.  Our forte is the mental and the analytical.  But what do we do when we are tested by experiences that don’t fit the mental and analytical framework we’ve been raised in and that is socially acceptable in society?  And, how do we assess our personal experiences, in the moment?

Here are four important questions about meeting the new or the unexpected:

> How would we adjust to and accept cutting edge technologies that are beyond our comprehension?

> How do we look at and understand phenomena that our commonly known and accepted science does not explain?

> When we have no previous experience to measure an observation or new experience by, how do we assess our true feelings, underneath our surprise?

> How do we keep our wits about us and quickly discern if a being or an experience is in our highest good, and whether a being is aligned with us at the heart level?

Hand in hand with discernment, is setting our intentions for our highest outcome

This is because we call in that which we experience, by matching frequency – this is simple physics.  It is how energy works (like resonates with like, like is attracted to like), and it is how life works.

So,  we have a voice in co-creating the experience before it happens through preparing and through imagining our outcomes.

Discernment Begins with Ourselves

Our society promotes adhering to certain structures, competing and being the best, individualism and self-reliance, and gaining material possession.  We are taught that all of these elements, if we pursue them together with vigor, lead to personal success.

And, how is that working for us, as a whole?

Making decisions in alignment with the societal patterns listed above could result in outcomes that put personal advancement above the greater good, and national interests above those of humanity.

In my opinion, what is going to help us in communicating and building relationships with extraterrestrials is our spiritual development and our emotional maturity.  These are going to be very, very important to achieve our highest outcomes.  We will want to reassess our focus as a society.

What is important to us?

If we believe that there are extraterrestrials, and perhaps, if we believe that they are already here, and if we want to meet the ones who have the sort of values we admire in other human beings, then we have to be that sort of people, also.

We are going to attract what we are

We will want to upgrade our society.  And I don’t mean giving everyone more money or temporary fixes.

What I mean is getting serious and finding actual solutions to our planetary problems of health, poverty, war, abuse and oppression.

We are a creative and varied human race, blessed with God-given gifts and talents.

If we set our mind to it, in large numbers, we can make this happen, and it needn’t be like before, when we had roadblocks up everywhere, because there have been key power players who financially benefited from the environmental destruction of this planet and the abuse and oppression of it’s population.

Times are changing.

It’s time to for humanity to take responsibility for this planet and our people

It’s time to make conscious choices about what we desire for our human race and planet.

We are called to be actual statesmen and stateswomen, and we are called to be ambassadors of the heart, who represent and embody the heart and soul of humanity.

We are called to work in the highest good of all, and to practice discernment to know this, in groups and as individuals.  We are called to do the inner work to know our true self and true nature, fully, including integrating our shadow aspects.

And we are called to authentically express our highest version of our selves.

Let’s be the best of who we are.  Planet wide.

These are the fundamentals for human beings creating a galactic society aligned with the highest good of all beings and our planet.  Love and caring, self-sovereignty and self-responsibility, conscious choice making and self-awareness.

This is what will set us back on the course of our highest outcome on the timeline of our highest expression.

We are going to attract what we are – this is simple physics.  It is how energy works.  And it is how life works.  If we wish to engage with an extraterrestrial presence, let’s attract those aligned with our highest values, and with the highest expression of love in our hearts.

This isn’t dreaming – this is really, living life.  The way it is meant to be.

How Do We Use Discernment to Assess an Extraterrestrial Presence?

If we are interacting with an extraterrestrial presence, and they are focused on gaining material or physical possessions, then for the most part these beings are going to be fourth dimensional and polarized towards the negative characteristics of fourth dimensional expression.  Let’s face it – been there, done that, and look where that has gotten this planet.

If we are interacting with an extraterrestrial presence, and bringing humanity and earth into galactic citizenship is important to them, if they care about Earth (Gaia) achieving peace and freedom for all humanity, under our own sovereignty, then these are more characteristic of higher frequency, 5D+ beings (fifth dimensional and higher beings) who are operating from the heart frequencies.

How do we tell the difference?

Heart Based Discernment Abilities Are Our Best Guide, Because the Heart Cannot be Hacked

This is where building our discernment capability is so important.  Because how we feel is going to be even more important that how we think about these beings, presence and situations.  And this is going to be a shift for many of us.  What measure do we use?

This is where our reliance on science and technology can actually be limiting.  As my friend Alex Clark says, “don’t be in service to the tools, let the tools be in service to us.”

As human beings, human feeling, intuition and gut sense is going to carry us far, because these cannot be hacked when we are operating using spiritual and energetic discernment at the heart level.

Understanding Our Own Dimensionality is Key.

Psychic phenomena and advanced programmed wireless technology are fourth dimensional.  I define fourth dimensional as “the non-physical” and in an environment of duality (good-bad, right-wrong, dark-light, etc.).  Depending on the qualities of the phenomena or technology, we may feel a range of emotions from feeling elated and excited to feeling the hairs raise up on our skin.

By the way, human beings are fourth dimensional as well – our bodies are third dimensional, but all our other important aspects such as our emotions and our thoughts and our existence (in time) and so on are non-physical, i.e., fourth dimensional.

I provide these definitions of dimensions and our experience with their frequencies as a basis to couch our discernment of the non-physical in particular.

We are developmentally delayed as a race in our understanding of the non-physical, because this benefited key power players for us to not understand this aspect of our selves and the world around us.

So when we are talking about fourth dimensional extraterrestrial races – some can be seen with their third dimensional body, just like human beings – but some present to us as non-physical or able to cloak their physicality, or as an energetic presence in the field of someone human looking that we are talking to, and so on.

As we raise up our standards of living, as we raise up our levels of treatment of ourselves and this planet, we will become “higher fourth dimensional” and “higher third dimensional”, and we will begin meeting races that reflect the highest expressions of living beings in these dimensions, also.

And, many of us are already embodying and learning to embody fifth dimensional frequencies and higher frequencies.  This means, living in a heart-based way.

Eventually, our race will expand to become fifth dimensional when we become fully heart-centric, that is, when we live through the frequencies of the heart as our usual way of being.

Phenomena and technology that are at the heart frequencies are fifth dimensional and higher.  The difference is that these phenomena and technology are conscious, and consciously interact with us.

A key way to characterize living in the heart frequencies is this phrase by Jesus:  “Love your neighbor as your self.”  This essentially means – fully love your Self, and then love your neighbor that much also (on planet or off, lol).

Our human forte – our intuition, our feeling, our access to heart – puts us in an excellent position to be able to discern in interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

Meeting the Parts of Ourselves that We Lost

There is one other critical aspect of discernment.  Knowing one’s self is based on truth.  The truth of how we have seen and felt an experience, and the truth of those who were on the other side of this experience.

We can get to understanding of our truths as individuals.

But what about the truths of our society that have been hidden from us?  Only in knowing what is true – what has happened – and I’m talking about the secrecy involving human-extraterrestrial contact and history – will we truly heal as a society and as the human race.

And this is where doing the work to raise our consciousness on an individual level is so important.  Change starts at the grass roots level.  As human beings become more consciously aware, no one can hide anything from us – if we have clarity, within.  Clarity within sees this same feature in another person, terrestrial or otherwise.

But if as a society we continue to hide from ourselves deep and critical truths about our history and ongoing operations, we invite in this same deceit in our relationships with others off world.  If we do not acknowledge and accept our own shadow, it will continue to present in the form of beings who will challenge our people to get along and finally love each other and our world.

Or, we can make the conscious choice to do this ourselves, accept the past and the present, and move forward as one race.  Humanity is resilient.  Heck, we’ve come this far under at times dire circumstances.  More and more people are spiritually awakening, and with this awakening comes a capacity to love, accept, forgive, acknowledge, and let go that is unparalleled, because this is the domain of the heart, which has infinite capacity to love.

The Elevation of Humanity – The Importance of the Heart Frequency

We have achieved so much scientifically, even greater than what is broadly known.  And yet, the ability of humanity to access and live in the heart frequency is just coming online.

Now there is actually a great and deep history of this here on this planet.  Look at the Tibetans and other cultures, who are said to have over a long time ascended 160,000 of their people to an enlightened “light body” or “rainbow body”.  This can only be done through the heart frequencies.

The heart frequencies elevate humanity, they offer the best of who we are, and they are the key to spiritual and energetic discernment.

If galactic affairs, and meeting our galactic brothers and sisters is of interest to you, then it is critical to develop your spiritual discernment, which I also equate with energetic discernment, or, discernment of the non-physical.

Start in the heart.



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