Discerning Between the Terms Extraterrestrial and Galactic

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Discerning Between the Terms Extraterrestrial and Galactic

Here is how I perceive the difference in the terms extraterrestrial compared with galactic:  Extraterrestrials are also galactics, but not all galactic beings are extraterrestrials.

Extra-terrestrial means from beyond Earth but also implies planet dwellers.  The word terrestrial comes from the Latin root terra, which means earth.  So extraterrestrial means not from Earth, meaning not from this planet.  However, this term has a double meaning, because the root term terra, or earth, also means earth as in dirt or planetary material – as in from a planet.

In addition, because of our point of reference, we view dwelling on a planet as a third dimensional activity (and fourth dimensional per my definitions in this post).  Thus, I tend to think of extraterrestrials as third and fourth dimensional beings from other parts of the galaxy, while I think of galactic beings as fifth dimensional and higher frequency life forms.

Not all beings in the galaxy are from planets or even have physical form.  As I discussed in the brief section on dimensions in this post, some beings are non-physical from our point of perception.  Some beings live on very large ships.  Some beings exist as large groups of energy without what we would perceive as form, or a body.  And so on.

In addition, I tend to define extraterrestrials as beings who have already visited this planet who are third and fourth dimensional, while I think of galactics as the new beings we will be meeting who are more spiritual in nature and who wish to promote the advancement into galactic citizenship, galactic organizations, and the like.

On the Solaris Modalis blog, I primarily discuss galactic beings.  These are the beings that are in the lightships, or cloudships, that I photograph.  And these are some of the beings that are in non-physical form in our skies.

There is an interesting hint to this aspect that extraterrestrials have already been here, possibly for far longer than we can imagine.  This hint is hidden in the word extra-terrestrial.  While the prefix extra- can mean beyond, it has far more associations with the meanings: special, unusually, greater or better and the like.  Perhaps extraterrestrials that were living on Earth during our history were perceived as greater than human beings in some ways, and were likely even perceived as gods.  Or, perhaps, this is the way some of these beings saw themselves.

A note here:  Ultimately we will find that the differentiation between good guys versus bad guys in terms of beings from other worlds and beyond is more complex than initially appears.  That is because, for many reasons, those who seem like the bad guys have actually assisted the emotional and spiritual development of humanity, and those who seem like good guys seemingly did not intervene, partly out of respect for our soul evolution and our free will choices.  These are concepts that take some spiritual maturity to come to terms with, such as: All is within the divine plan in divine timing… even when it doesn’t feel that way, lol.

Love, Solaris

From Solaris:  This post is a shorter piece taken from our long article on Building Our Discernment About Extraterrestrial and Galactic Beings.


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