Showing You What I Can See

By December 3, 2016Solaris Essay


Showing You What I Can See


I want to show the world what I can see

I want to show you what I can see, what I feel is real

But the ideas I have

The way I see things

Seems so different to what everybody else sees

With the exception of a few friends

Well, that number of friends is growing!


What can I say?

How can I best communicate?

I’m not sure and I don’t know how

I’ve settled on pictures and images

Trying to photograph the things I see so that you can see them also

Trying to draw what I see so that I can show you


What drives my passion, why do I do this?

Well, it is fun, it is fun to interact with what is in the sky and the sun

And it is fun to draw dear sacred geometries

The things that I learn, the information that comes to me

Blows my mind!


I wish to be of service to myself and to human beings

And what I’ve got is, like a universal translator, for certain energies

I can see them, I can feel them, and I’ve got to figure out how to communicate

what I see with you, because you are reading this, and so you care also.


I’ve wished the world was a better place since I was five.

I’ve wished that I could change the world but I learned I couldn’t

I can only change myself, grow myself, look within for guidance and direction

I can feel what makes me joyful, and wish to share this.


Because it might make you joyful also

My images and photographs might bring you hope

I know they fuel my hope

Because it might make you happy

To know we aren’t alone, because we aren’t alone


We are together, in a grand play, and I want to peek behind the curtain,

And give you a back stage pass, in my special viewing section

This website, and others.

All that I wish to create, all that I wish to do

I do it for me.  And I share it with you.


Love, Solaris


© 2016 Solaris Modalis.  All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to share this article on other blogs and websites as long as the text is posted in its entirety without alteration and with the accompanying photos (if photos are in the repost), and with the author’s credit, copyright and live website links included in the article. Twitter handle is @SolarisModalis


About Solaris

Solaris Modalis photographs the skies and watches the happenings there. From the changes in the sun, to communing with lightships, these are her passions. Her memories of a galactic life among the stars informs her work. Solaris shares her love of life and her wisdom, inspired by artistic photographs. After years of chasing people down to show them what was in her camera, she started this blog.

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