Sparkle Star – Maybe it’s Time to Know We’re not Alone

By April 27, 2017Solaris Essay

Tonight, I feel alone.

And I feel, ‘together’.

Not alone and lost, like it used to be.

Alone and yet, knowing myself.

That’s an improvement.


How many times have I been a wise man, a sinner, a saint?

How many times have I tried.

This time alone, seems like so many lifetimes, all curled up into one.

Just this One Life.

Has had – so many stanzas, so many acts, so many… intermissions.


How long will it be that we will be searching,

that we will be coming into awareness,

that we will be increasing the consciousness of the whole?

Is this what we are doing?

Is this why I am here?


111 words now – that’s a sign.

Isn’t it?


Yet, it is.

Good thing I’ve got faith.


I’ve been wondering if it will all happen soon,

or I’ve been wondering if it will take longer than my lifetime.

I’ve been wondering what the timing is,

and I’ve been wondering how will my life be,

given the timing, which is unknown, to me.


Maybe it’s time to say – I’m here for me, now.

Maybe it’s time to say – I don’t care about the timing.

Maybe it’s time for me to say – this is my journey and I’m going at it at my own pace.

Maybe it’s time for me to say – what do I want?

Maybe it’s time for me to say – what does it mean for me to live my life, trusting?


I look up at the stars, and I know what is real.

I feel into the energies, there, and I feel comforted.

I feel my star friends and star family.

And some days, I even feel them here, too.

On the ground.


You sparkle, you help people grow.

That’s what someone told me.

Maybe what I want to help do.

Is help you reach the stars.

And help them reach us, also.


I’d love to put up a  ladder,

shine a light on a pathway, up, and down.

And to see it for myself, and then show you too

images that can help guide us –

that show us we are not alone.


Love, Solaris


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