What if my Starship Dreams Already Came True?

By June 9, 2017Solaris Galactic

Galactic BeautyThis article is for two kinds of people.  People hoping for connection with the stars that seem more familiar than this planet we call home.  And this article is for people who look up, and wonder.

Watching Clouds

All of us have looked up at the sky and watched the clouds make funny patterns, and faces, and animals, and all sorts of things…. our imagination goes wild.

But what about when you look up, and you see something with your eyes, that is…. different?

What if you see something that looks like – “what the heck?”  Where the patterns of the clouds look more deliberate than coincidental.  Like this photo, below, which has a clear oblong shape.  And it’s even like the clouds begin to part a bit as it enters the actual cloud bank…. like they move away, slightly, are pushed away, slightly, but it’s vibrations, which cause it to be partially outlined in the sky.

What if?

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All of the photos on this site are unedited, save for the addition of a watermark/website address.

What if these are actual starships in the sky, just of a much different technology than has ever been conceivable for us, before now?

I watch the skies

I am a sky watcher.  For years I have lived where I had an open view of the sky.  And what I have seen in recent years, well, since 2013, has amazed me.  Not that all of this wasn’t up there before then… but it’s when I started noticing.  How all of that started is another story, for another posting.

One of the main things that I noticed was that, the sun looked a lot different than it did when I was growing up.  It used to be just a yellow ball in the sky.  You could look at it without too much trouble.  But now, the sun was significantly brighter.  And it’s rays were making patterns that I didn’t remember from before.

Some days the sun is so bright there is no way you can look at it.  Some days it just seems like a burst of brightness, thick rays everywhere, and there’s almost no ball at all.  I’m talking about appearances, here, how a human being perceives and views the sun through the senses.

The shapes of the clouds are different too.  I don’t remember thin stringy clouds at all, growing up.  More than half of what I see in the sky in terms of clouds, well, seems like they just weren’t like that before.

After a time of noticing these things, I started to notice interesting shapes, also.  And these are what you see in my photos.

I have my own opinions about what is up there.  But, what’s more important is what your opinions are, because that’s why you are here.  You are informing your opinions, you are collecting data, you are viewing with interest, and maybe you are questioning.

After awhile, I started taking photos, and I’d randomly show them to people (force them on people lol) who seemed vaguely interested in my interesting shaped clouds.  After awhile, starting a website seemed like the obvious next step, because maybe that way I’d find people who were interested in coming to me and viewing my photos, rather than me chasing people down.

I’ve been asked many times, “what are you photographing”? as I stand, intently looking up and taking 0235pic-u (that’s cat code for something – I guess I’ll leave it in there)…. taking pictures.  I’ve even had people ask if I was taking pictures of ships.  That is when I show them the pictures and let them decide for themselves.

This website is about possibility

What if, what we desire, is already true?  What if tomorrow has already come?

What if our childhood wishes of visiting the stars have come home to roost?

What if what is in our skies, is the next frontier?, the next adventure for our human race?

There is a Star Trek Voyager episode, where the Voyager starship is stuck in a planet’s atmosphere.  The planet has unusual time dynamics, so that a minute on Voyager, is years down below on the planet’s surface.  The presence of the Voyager is seen by the beings on the planet, and it inspires them to build and create, to reach the ship in their atmosphere, to dream of what is among the stars.

Eventually the civilization advances so far that they are able to rescue their idols – the Voyager ship – and solve the scientific puzzle keeping it trapped in their atmosphere.

I have often thought that the time dynamics on Earth work the exact opposite of what occurs in this Star Trek episode.  That is, that time on earth, in the past, has been actually, exceedingly slow. It is an effect of the density here, of being physically incarnated on a physical planet, combined with going through the long dark night, together.

As the higher frequency light has come into the planet, time has been speeding up.  And our frequencies have been rising – our physical incarnations are different energetically than decades ago.

What if, because of these time dynamics, our friends in the skies wait for us to recognize that they are there – to finally see them for who and what they are.  To catch up to their “time”?

They wait for our minds to expand, for our hearts to open.  They wait for our inspiration to strike, for our hopes to rise up to meet them.

What if the way to “reach them” isn’t so much through science, but through developing the spiritual maturity to realize, we are already sisters, and brothers.  We are already cousins, and friends.

What if, rather than reaching for the stars, we could simply, look up, and realize that what we have wished for, has already arrived.



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