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By September 2, 2016Solaris Galactic

20150401_083634-450-april-1-2015-samsung-n3I will be honest here, it’s not easy to photograph lightships. What I’ve found, is that as soon as they are in a shape that human beings recognize as “ship like”, that they pretty rapidly change form.

You’ve got to keep the camera ready.

I’m not sure why this is – that they rapidly change shape – but I can postulate that it’s to make us think, and wonder. Perhaps it is to see what shapes that we react to.

Because as soon you focus your consciousness on them, they are aware of you. That is what I have found.

However, there will be times when the “cloud” will hold its shape for a bit longer. And, sometimes it will change into a shape that is even more amazing.

The lightships in the photos from yesterday’s post were like this. First, there was a clear tube shape lightship in the sky. As the shape morphed, it became fuller, and rounder. And then it was joined by another tube that also became fuller, and rounder.

The two of them “parked” next to each other. Together, they look like a heart, as my amazing tech genius told me yesterday – she said, “they are like a heart, opening”.

I’m going to show you a progression, how a cloud shape can change, in stunning ways, in an upcoming posting.

How did I know that this was the cloud to focus on?

Indications That Lightships Are Present

There are several indications that lightships or other interesting sky activity are occurring:

o There are high frequency layers in the sky
o There are tube or rectangle cloud shapes in the sky
o There are odd sized spaces of blue in the sky’s cloud cover
o There are partial oval spaces in the cloud cover
o There are clouds that have a “glow” to them
o There are clouds that are especially attractive feeling
o There are clouds that have the feeling of a “presence”
o There are clouds with geometric shapes that don’t seem natural, like triangles, right angles, diamonds and pyramid shapes
o There is a visible rainbow around the sun
o There is a halo around the sun
o There is a rainbow colored cloud in the sky
o There is an interesting “stretch” of color or ray of color in the sky
o There are slyphs in the sky
o At night – the “stars” have multi-color lights
o At night – the stars appear to be moving

Okay, the last two (above) are known as “rainbow” ships, but I think that they are kind of in the same category. Because as you will see in upcoming photos, I think of some lightships as daytime “rainbow ships”. Even though they might be of a slightly different composition. I’m still working on this theory….

They Come to You

Also – generally – you don’t go looking for them. They come to you. This is a kind of “new paradigm” aspect of receiving. It’s like opt-in marketing instead of push marketing.

Energetically, going towards something that is “outside of you”, even if you resonate with it, pushes it away. It’s like the forward moving energy is too overwhelming.

But, opening to receiving, while being in your resonant energy, invites that same thing in. Then, desiring to connect, both in an open hearted way, draws the two of you together.

This works with people, too, by the way.

And, this is why it is relevant for interacting with and photographing lightships. You are now interacting with and working with conscious beings. Conscious beings that are very different in the way they exist, than we are. But they are conscious beings none the less, who respond to us as sovereign beings.

One Cloud versus Cloud Formations

Often, some of these characteristics above will be formed not by a single cloud, but by two or more clouds. Sometimes a shape will be hidden in a light cloud cover that has many patterned types of clouds.

In addition, there are times when the lightship activity seems to stretch across the sky. In yesterday’s photo, these lightships were so close and so large that only a panorama shot would fit them.

Opening Your Heart to the Possibility Invites Their Presence

I find that when I scan the sky with an open heart, when my heart calls out to my star friends, when I feel my love for our galactic family, that is when it’s easier to connect to lightships and to see them.

It’s not that I don’t see them on days when I’m sad or upset. Last week, I had a very challenging phone call. I stared out the window and watched one very large “cloud”, change shape for two hours. It formed into a typical large saucer shape, and then just kept changing around.

All the other clouds floated by, while this one stayed in place. I didn’t have the energy or wherewithal to pick up the camera.

I’d like to think that my galactic lightship buddies were simply providing moral support.

And, once in a while, making me laugh. Because even though I photograph lightships, my feelings are like new every time. And – I think “what the heck, it’s not moving but the other clouds are”. And it changes shape again. And I was laughing.

Lightening the mood. Nice going, right?

I have also found that they will change or disappear if I try to tell someone who is not ready, or if they just don’t want to be seen at that moment.

This was quite funny, because one time I was sitting up on Mt Shasta. And I was looking up seeing the stars make unusual patterns. And every time I told my friend, “see, look at that”, the pattern was gone.

No I was not smoking anything. Lol.

But, I was grateful to know that, actually. I think that each of us develop a personal relationship with them.

Reading Energy

If you read energy, I feel that you are at an advantage in seeing lightships. I read energy, and this is part of how I spot them in the clouds.

I have shown my photos to an intuitive who is adept at “reading energy”, and they have seen much more than I do in terms of colors and auras in the photos, and that sort of thing. They have more mad skillz than I at this, I guess.

However, I have the mad skill of being able to see them and photograph them at the right moment. So we make a good team.

I don’t have to try too hard, because what I’ve found is that they are often up there. Get your camera ready!

Your Lightship Photos

If you have photos or short videos of lightships and you’d like to send them in, just do so to the email on my contact page. I will pick out one every week or two, in a gallery page. Please let me know the date the photo was taken and generally from where on the earth the photo was taken (i.e., “California”). Maybe tell me a little about you, and if you want a copyright or watermark on the photo if it is published on this site.


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