What Hides Before the Sun

By November 23, 2016Solaris Galactic




This photograph had so many interesting aspects being revealed!  All are visible with the naked eye in just the right atmospheric conditions.


Blue Cosmic

Since 2013 I have been photographing an object with blueish light that appears to sit next to the sun from Earth’s vantage point.

My hypothesis is that this is the object referred to as the “blue kachina” by the American Indian Hopi tribe.

I also hypothesize that it is a cosmic object, meaning, an object that is “of our solar system” – a cosmic body rather than a potential UFO or visitor.

In fact, I feel that it may be a blue gas giant, orbiting our sun in a large eliptical orbit.

This would potentially result in the solar system warming every time it approaches the planetary bodies.

And, I postulate that it’s orbit is 26,000 years give or take to complete, or, correlated with the cycles of time on Earth described by David Wilcock in his book “Synchronicity“.

As for Nibiru – I know that this may generate discussion of this supposed planetary body.  I don’t feel that Nibiru is real – not in my time line anyway.  Maybe for some of you.  But as far as I’m concerned, the story of Nibiru is based in fear.  And fear is an indicator that illusion is at play.

As for mystery planetary bodies, yes there is a planet that we cannot see.  It is now the asteroid belt of this solar system.  That was a sad story from long ago.  I’m glad that I do not remember it.


The Blue Kachina – partner to our Sun

And, yes, this would mean that our solar system has two suns.  I postulate that we could not see the blue kachina before because our planet was lower in frequency than it is now.

Why can we see this blue cosmic body, now?  The higher frequency photonic light that has elevated the Shumann resonances of the planet and has elevated the frequencies of the human body (known as the “ascension” process), means that we can now experience higher frequency energies with our human senses than we could, before.




White Spherical Object Hides Before the Sun

There is a second object hiding before the sun and it is a large apparently spherical object.  It can be seen to the “side” of the sun when the atmospheric conditions are just right.

What this object is I’m not sure.  But I postulate that this object is in the “visitor” category – that it is not a planetary or cosmic body.

Why do I postulate this?  As an intuitive, I can “feel” it’s intelligence as being extraterrestrial.  Why do I place so high an importance on intuition?  Why do I feel intuition is a legitimate way of assessing information?  Because in my view we all have access to a “universal library” of information through accessing our higher self and higher consciousness.  And this is done through our heart connection to our divine spark – as a co-creation with the divinity that we are.

I realize there is a great deal of talk about “sphere beings” going on.  From my perspective, this isn’t “on my radar screen”.  I view these stories as a fourth dimensional timeline that I just don’t participate in.  I’m focused on the higher dimensional frequencies.  But, everybody has their role to play.  In addition, I feel that karmically the public discussion of these potential beings and, from my view, of this timeline, balances the secret dealings with off world beings done by the government and whatever other secret groups were involved, before or after World War II.  And that seems like a good thing…. balance.

This white spherical object can also be seen with the naked eye.  It requires cloud cover of just the right density.  Without cloud cover that reveals it, the brightness of the sun hides this object.

Lots to think about here.  Lots to imagine.

Love, Solaris

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