8-8 The Lions Gate: Receiving Who You Are

The Lion’s Gateway – Open Today 8-8

This past month has been very intense for me – has it been this way for you?  The energy coming through before the 8-8 gateway, which is today, and before the 8-21 solar eclipse, has been quite something.

I have found that writing has been less in the forefront, and experiencing has been more in the forefront – integrating these energies has been huge. I often receive the energies before they “hit” here, and I can report that what I’m feeling is wonderful – super support for alignment with my authentic self, and with my Soul path.

I often feel at this time of year, this huge supportive energy at this time and it goes on for days – enjoy this and revel in receiving who you are.  If you have galactic origins, or affinity with the stars as an Earth being, this is a wonderful time for you to receive, receive these galactic energies coming through for us.

8-8 What Will Happen

Many people talk about these energies and what will happen – what I will say is that I feel amazing – I feel hopeful – I feel happy – and I feel like incredible energetic support for great change is coming with this influx of light.

Funny that ‘what will happen’? is a question that comes up so frequently for us as humans, because of our separation behind these veils, from Source, from Soul.

Can you move in to trust of that little voice, within?  Can you move into knowing that what your gut is telling you is what is right for you in the moment?

How it is For Me, Right Now

In my life, miracles are occurring.  I had the honor of working with individuals of all sorts at a two day event this past weekend, and found things finally coming together for me.  I finally understand how I can help people and how I am of service.

I was in a place to be of service to all sorts of extraterrestrial beings, Earth-based beings, humans learning to understand their origins, and extraterrestrials looking to expand their knowledge and shift their lives. The whole experience really wowed me.

Being of Service to Extraterrestrials and Galactics, and Sharing What I Know

There are many people who look human but who have extraterrestrial and galactic origins.

These origins can explain things about themselves that they are unable to discuss with most people, because the experience is out of the ordinary for most human beings, or because of how intimate the nature of who they are and how they are, is to them.

Many of the people I worked with this weekend, secretly knew about themselves.  They just were looking for confirmation. There is little of that in this society.

I also had a member of one of these races (wearing a human looking form) walk up to me and simply say “thank you”. I had supported a human being who provides the greys with the simple service of unconditional love, the day before.  A humbling experience.

Earth is An Amazing Place – A Meeting of Souls of All Kinds

I was wowed by seeing up close what I have read, but now I know from in depth experience is true:  Earth is a place where Souls incarnated from races and consciousness across the galaxy, come and interact, together.  It completely wowed me to experience this in person.

The range of beings I was honored to work with in healings, sharing knowledge to expand to Soul’s opportunites, sharing confirmations of experiences, and so on, was extensive.

An amazing array of representatives showed up.  The common theme, among them all, was a desire to move on and expand what they have been doing, sometimes for eons.  Another common theme was healing and expansion of extraterrestrial races that have been involved in the Earth story for a very long time.  And, as always, the theme of love and finding true love and recognizing the love who has been with you all along, was there also.

I was honored to interact with: ancient angels still fighting the fallen one but ready to move on, healers of the greys, reptilians working to heal their race, nebulae intelligence visiting Earth in human form, mantis beings, mothers of an angel collective, ancient dinosaurs, Anunaki wanting to expand their ability to create, Pleiadian commanders joyfully awaiting the arrival of their Sirian love, Sasquatch healing ancient memories and through time, honoring Gaia, and healing of children put into ancient human rituals without understanding, on Earth, and a representative form of Gaia herself, healing from sadness expressed towards humans who had no understanding.  As always, the Arcturians also showed up, and they brought a huge lightship, also.

Wow, is all I can say.

This life is a miracle – and what is going on here on Gaia – here on Earth – is miraculous.  You won’t read it on the evening news – but the magic happening on this planet was up front and personal for me, and it is my joy to share this information with you.

Our Calling Home Assists Us in Seeking and Remembering

In addition, there is a strong calling toward “home”, towards who we are, truly.  The search for this in our lives leads us to question and seek, but in every case this weekend, what was clear to me is this:  trust what your gut is telling you about yourself – and this won’t fit with what the outside world tells you – it is the way you are supposed to go, it is your truth of your being.

And, in many cases, being “home” is possible simply by shifting frequency – and in the shift, you can feel the frequencies of home while living in the human form.  Trusting your gut, trusting that inner voice, puts you in that frequency of love – and of home.  Then, sit with these feelings, knowings, images, whatever they are for you, and allow yourself to feel their presence, feel their love, for you.

You are the human who had the courage to take this on, the come to Earth, to do healing, exploration, a mission, and so on, for your race of beings.

Right Here, Right Now – Home is on Earth, in our Human Body

Ultimately, as we live our experience in human form, our home in this lifetime is inside this human body. If you can understand and become comfortable with your origins, you can carry this understanding to who you are as a human being, and love and become comfortable with who you are, now.

Who you are now includes all you have been, and all you will be.  It is okay to be all of you.  It is wonderful to receive and love all of who you are – without judgement – and with the excitement of moving forward in our lives, walking our path with greater awareness and understanding.

Hold on to your knowing.  The forces of this world may try to knock you off of balance, but stay firm in your knowing, stay present in allowing your receiving – if these are aligned with your path.

And a secret I will share – our joint home is ultimately through the center point within the human heart – through unconditional love for who we are.

Returning home, ultimately, is allowing ourselves to receive the flow of who we are into our human forum, and to receive the great flow of love that there exists for us, first from within, from our Souls, and then, shared with others.

Love, Solaris

Lions Gate, Receive

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