Just Be You

There is something I want to say to you;

to all of you who know you are different,

to all of  you who have had unusual experiences,

to  all of you who are looking for home,

to  all of you who are finally ready to lay down your sword,

to  all of you who are looking for confirmation of what you already know.


In your heart,

in the very essence of your being,

you know,

you feel it.


You know who you are.

You know what you feel is special.

You know what you experienced is special.

You know that if you persevere, you will find your answers.

You feel the uniqueness of you.


It is okay for you to be different,

for you.


You know you’re not crazy.

You are accepting all of who you are.

You are doing, fine.

You are willing to let yourself believe –

believe in the truth of who you are.


You are willing to believe,

no matter what the outside world tells you,

the experiences that you know happened to you,

the experiences you feel are true, deep in your being.


My heart fills with awe, looking at you,

my heart fills with love,

hearing about how it is,

how it really is,

for you.


Honor your Self.

Respect your Self


You are unusual.

You had an unusual experience.

You perceive in unusual ways.

You feel something more than those around you.

You know things particular, to you.

This makes you special.

And you know this.


God, I love the unique You.


Do you know how many people have seen a UFO?

You would be surprised.

People who are conservative.

People who are liberal.

People who are old.



We make our galactic connections.

We live influenced by our past lives.

Until we are ready,

ready to integrate these aspects,

these parts of ourselves,

into who we are, Now.


Do you think, ‘no one understands me?’

Yes, someone can understand you.

You.  You can.

You will come to understand.

You will figure this out.

You will find the connections,

that finally make sense of your world.


Remember this:

Remember that you know.

Remember that what you feel is so, for you.

Remember that it’s okay to be different.


Sometimes we are living inside the story.

Until we are ready, to let that be in the passed –

to integrate how it was for us, into our being.


This makes us stronger,

This claims who we are,

for ourselves.

You can be you.


And those in your life who matter,

those in your life who really care,

love you.


They have always known you are special,

because they are special, too.

They are with you, lol.


Are you ready, to allow yourself to be you?


Secretly, within.

Or wide out in the open?

Either way is okay – it is what you choose.

You can move from having these experiences be hidden inside of you,

to openly acknowledging who you are.


Just by being how you are.

Just by feeling what you do.

Just by being,



Love, Solaris


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