Sylphs Transfer Energy with Sky Tube

Slyphs Transfer Energy with Sky Tube

Today we have guest photographer Alex Clark, who shares her photographs and comments on this ‘sky tube’ today.  Alex is very close with the energies of Gaia and the elementals, such as the whispy slyph air elementals in the photo at the left.

In the middle of these photographs, you can see a long tube that extends from high in the sky, through the clouds, towards the ground.

Alex says, “I work with the elementals and so this is what I perceived; to me it was like the slyphs were working with the galactics who are similar to celestial beings, to funnel energy to the planet.”

Alex felt that this tube in the clouds represented an energy transfer occurring in the moment, from the higher atmosphere, to the ground.

Here are her comments:

“You can see the differentiation of the tube shape within the larger clouds around it.  The tube appears to create a conduit, through which the galactic-celestial beings in our atmosphere, working with the slyphs, send energy to the planet.

What’s interesting is the tube was at or above a nature preserve, and this preserve is located in the middle of a residential and commercial area.  It is a place used for loving on the Earth, and communicating with the Earth, by the people.

So what better place to download energy to support that area, and the people around it!”

Galactic Beings Who Seem Celestial, Also

Some galactic beings are so high in frequency, that they feel like celestial beings to us humans; they can feel like angelic.  This is a specific category of galactic beings who are very spiritual in nature.  Rather than practicing spirituality, it is the essence of who they are.

These galactic beings don’t necessarily need ships, and don’t necessarily have forms or bodies the way we do.  They appear as groups of energies in the sky, making interesting shapes in clouds when we perceive them.

Celestial Energies Are Present Here, Also

Many people also photograph angels in the sky, and in Alex’s second and third photos, the feeling of celestial energy and angel wings is definitely present.

I feel that the celestial beings, such as angels, also work with the galactics in lightships.  I feel this way because I have observed this many times in the sky.

For me, this second photo in particular has the feel of very high galactic and/or celestial frequencies.

What are Slyphs?

I asked Alex to explain what slyphs are to us, as she is close with the energies of these elementals:  “Slyphs are the physical manifestations of the air elementals.  Undines are water, nymphs are wood, and so on.  To me sylph is the air elemental interacting together with water and sky and light.  The air elementals combine with water, sky and light to create physical beings who take the form of clouds.  They sylphs then work with the energies in the air”

Tube Versus Funnel

This tube shape has a different mechanism than and has a different feel than a vortex.  A vortex creates the shape of a tornado. The geometry behind a tornado is based on the triangle.  The tube is a different geometric form.  A tube is the geometry of a cylinder.  A vortex is like a rotating triangle, whereas a tube is like conduit piping.  This energetic form is a clear tube to transfer energy, as through a conduit.

Alex stated:  “The tube is literally cutting a hole through the clouds, energetically.  So this tube seems more of a plasma nature than a cloud nature.”

I agree with this assessment, because higher frequency energies can manifest as plasma.

When the air is filled with this high frequency plasma, it feels thicker, colors can seem brighter, the air is more full of the sounds of nature, and the feeling of joy and amazement can be palpable.

These feelings are flowing through to me as I write this text and look at these beautiful pictures.  Thank you, Alex, for sharing them.  It is a joy to have guest photographers here at the Solaris Modalis blog.  As more and more of us start to look up, start to realize that something more is up there, I believe that we will expand our understanding of our world.



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