Meet us at the Intersection of UFO and Spirit

By September 1, 2016Solaris Galactic

#LightshipOur Tribe – We Know You are Out There

Yesterday I wrote about taking my first photograph of a lightship, and how it changed or enhanced my focus when looking at the sky.

Now, I knew that I could catch interesting images of shapes. Because, I had just done so.

This must be somewhat like what the lenticular cloud photographers must feel when they get those amazing shots of lenticulars at Mt Shasta. There is an amazing new shot, by the way, of a lenticular at Lake Tahoe, which appeared at the June solstice this year (2016). I’d love to post it here if I get permission.


Seeing Lightships

It’s not easy to photograph lightships. It’s easier to see them than to photograph them, is what I’ve found.

Seeing them is really the first step, isn’t it?

Ha ha ha! LOL! Are you laughing as much as I am? To go from being raised in our society to seeing a lightship is more than just a few steps. When I stop laughing, I’ll keep writing.

Ah, it feels good to laugh.


Solaris Modalis – Finding Our Tribe

This website isn’t really for beginners. We start out posing the question – what is up there? And that question is for beginners – those new to thinking about this question, or perhaps you have seen something interesting and you go “Hmmm”. (Do you have that song going on in your head now? I do! LOL again!)

To photograph lightships, or to photograph the shapes that could indicate a lightship, means that you have to see them. And you are not a beginner.  You may have been thinking about this area for years. If you see them, broadly speaking, then you are likely either coming from a part of the UFO community or from a part of the spiritual community.


Meet Us at the Intersection of UFO and Spirit

In our opinion, the blending of these communities, the intersection where they share common beliefs and experiences, is lightships.

From a UFO perspective, lightships align with the beliefs that:

1) we have been visited by off world beings,

2) there is evidence of these visits to Earth going back through time,

3) off world beings have been involved in the development of earth, and

4) these off world beings are in ships that we can see and experience.


From a Spiritual perspective (and especially Lightworkers), lightships align with the beliefs that:

1) there are beings of a higher frequency (dimension) – these include angels, other celestial beings, Galactic’s and ascended masters,

2) higher frequency beings have forms that may be of pure energy (such as angels, God or source energy, balls of light, etc.),

3) higher frequency (dimensional) beings have bodies made of “light” that are much less dense than our physical forms,

4) higher frequency (dimensional) beings have ships that are made of “light”, that are much less dense than our physical craft.


In the Venn diagram of the spiritual and UFO communities, these beliefs are held by most human beings who are in the intersection of these two communities.

We can add some additional beliefs and experiences to this list such as:

o There is a shift occurring on planet earth,

o This shift is a shift of frequency, where the frequency of the planet is increasing

o Another term for this shift used by many Lightworkers is Ascension

o Many human beings on earth have relationships with or memories of life on other planets, and these human beings are referred to as starseeds (spiritual community) or contactees (UFO community).

We’ve got 12 points. Nice number.


Seeing Lightships is an Interdimensional Experience

Higher frequency versus lower frequency craft in our skies is addressed by our article “Metal Ships Versus Lightships”.

I know – higher versus lower implies judgement – let’s just let that go for now. I’m not up for writing about the physics today.

Okay, fine. Higher dimensional is really particles that are more expanded. Lower dimensional is really particles that are more densely packed. There you go – interdimensional physics in two sentences.

Basically, these lightships are fifth dimensional and higher frequency craft. Our scientists are currently proving or have proved that the fifth dimension exists. Fantastic!


Our Tribe Already Knows

So, while this website offers an introduction to beginners through the presentation of visual evidence, which each individual may accept or reject according to their personal belief system, we aren’t really trying to convince anyone of anything.

Because – we are really addressing through writing those that are already aligned with the lightship concept.

We know you are out there.


Love, Solaris

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About Solaris

Solaris Modalis photographs the skies and watches the happenings there. From the changes in the sun, to communing with lightships, these are her passions. Her memories of a galactic life among the stars informs her work. Solaris shares her love of life and her wisdom, inspired by artistic photographs. After years of chasing people down to show them what was in her camera, she started this blog.

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