Healing the Influence of Negative Extraterrestrials

Healing the Influence of Negative Extraterrestrials

I have deeply desired to communicate about the healing of the influence of negative extraterrestrials on this planet, but I did not know how to do that.

Bringing understanding to the topic of ‘negative’ extraterrestrials is what lead me to write the series on discernment that we printed over the past couple of months.  I have put ‘negative’ in quotes because we all evolve, and I believe that these races are evolving also, and that their relationship with Earth and humanity are evolving in real time, now.

The Presence of ‘Negative’ Extraterrestrials in Our Ancient History and Recent History

Last week, the universe landed an event in my lap, that communicates a story I hope can lead to greater understanding about humanity’s interaction with ‘negative’ extraterrestrials in ancient times.

In addition, some of the UFO information discussed publicly, about contact during the 20th century to the present day, talks about the influence of ‘negative’ extraterrestrials who sound, let’s face it, sometimes scary.

Moving forward, we do not need to carry old fears with us.  And, we can choose to interact with extraterrestrial and galactic races of higher frequencies and of aligned, heart-based intention.

But, to let go of the fear of ‘negative’ extraterrestrials, I feel that we need to understand some of our history.  As we uncover ancient artifacts, some of this influence will show up and be quite obvious.  I feel that it will be helpful to have a broader context of understanding, to both accept our history, and for us to move forward consciously in our dealings with off world beings.

Last week I participated in a healing ceremony that directly addresses this very topic of the influence of negative extraterrestrials, as a negative reptilian had been present at this event in ancient times.

I present the story to you here in the hope that it will lead to greater understanding, to self-compassion, and to forgiveness, as these are the tools of mastery that free us to move forward as spiritually mature beings.

As a preface to the story, I was safe and sound in the fifth dimension (and at times higher dimensions) during this healing.  In addition, this event has been healed in all layers of time, space, dimension and Now.  The planetary energies do not support attempts to re-energize this ritual – this is no longer possible.  And, the Souls that were present have withdrawn their energies from their previous point of focus here.

If you are sensitive, you may wish to ask that only energies that are in your highest good emanate to you from this story.  These are the energetic parameters, and the intention, that I have requested of my guides of the highest light for myself and my readers.  I also like to ask from my heart that my view screen be covered with a blue light (in energy).  This is the protective light of Archangel Michael, who had authority over this healing event.

Healing an Ancient Ritual Performed in Sumaria

Last week started out with a healing session done in ancient Sumaria.  This was a healing of an event that had been ‘marked in time’; where an intention was grounded into Earth using the human population during a dark ritual event in an ancient temple.

These dark rituals, performed in the past, can be healed in the Now moment of ‘time’.  One of the ways that they are healed, is by entering the fifth dimension while in the physical body, and working from this state, in the current day.  A key participant in the ritual will have been ‘of the light’, and thus, this creates the connection to begin healing in the highest good of all, working with guidance of the highest light.

For me, I clarify that the energy parameters I am working with are of the ‘I Am presence’ or higher frequency.  A being of light, who had been present at the ritual in a past life time, walked into my office Monday, and the healing ceremony that follows is what we co-created, together, along with the higher selves of many human beings and with the great assistance of many higher beings.

Healing the Rift Between Mind and Heart; Between Male and Female

What was specifically healed, or made whole, in the healing ceremony was the division between male-mind and female-heart.

The ancient ritual had marked the shift to mind in the human population, and the diminishment of the heart; it had marked the dominance of the male and the complete suppression of the female.

Periodically, the dark forces would re-perform these rituals, throughout human history, to refresh their energies through the centuries, and through the millennia.  This was a key moment in time when the ritual of this division occurred and was performed to great effect.

With the healing ceremony that took place in the current day, the rift formed at that specific ceremony, was sealed, and male and female, mind and heart, are now made whole, again.  The balance between male and female energies began flowing, immediately.  The ability of the heart and the mind to work together for the betterment of humanity, was reactivated.

The healing ceremony involved the retrieval of all Souls and all Soul aspects of the human population involved.  These Soul aspects returned to their place of highest good – and most returned to join their greater Souls.  Thus, the energy of many hundreds of Souls was freed from the fabric of that place and moment in time, and from the energetic fabric of that specific location on the Earth – Gaia.

The Reptilian Extraterrestrial

During the healing ceremony, I was told by my guidance – and I always work in these situations at the direction of Archangel Michael – I was told not to focus on the black magician performing the rift and ritual.  I saw, through the eyes of unconditional love, what was done to the human beings, but I was to do nothing regarding the magician at the ceremony.

That is, until the next day, when a male light worker friend and I went back in to the healing ceremony, and worked with the magician’s energies.  My friend supported me and guided me with questions while I went in and assessed what we were to do.

What I had seen the previous day, was that the black magician was also reptilian.  Though I was aware of this, in general, as a possibility, it was the first time that I experienced a past event, with a reptilian black magician, while doing energy working-healing.

What I sensed was that in ancient times, these reptilians sometimes showed themselves to the populations in their actual form for shock value or to mark their authority or what have you.  My sense was that the people knew of their existence, but seeing one of these ‘gods’ in person created a special effect on the population.  The magician had performed the ritual in his reptilian form as one of the ‘gods’ of the people.

Healing Oppressor and Victims into Wholeness Through Love

Long story short, during the ancient ritual, hundreds of human beings were killed and  sacrificed as part of creating the rift between mind and heart into the fabric of human creation on Earth.  At first, I perceived these humans participating in the ritual only as victims.

Working with the magician, just being present, as this event was healed back to wholeness, I felt his intense fear that all that he had worked to create would be gone.  Yes, this was his creation, and he wanted it to survive (the rift between male and female, mind and heart, and what it meant for Earth and humanity).  As hard as it may be to see the side of the ‘oppressor’, this is a being who was suffering fear at the knowing of the coming Light, which would transmute his entire ritual, Now, thousands of years later from his ‘time’.

My friend guided me and assisted in reminding me to love the magician.  I had momentarily forgotten.  The reptilians can have a mesmerizing effect that is quite hard to describe and is quite effective.  This is why having both of us working together was beneficial.  It was also an active representation, in the current day, of male and female, heart and mind, working together for the benefit of ourselves, humanity, and Earth – Gaia in the highest good of all.

In loving the magician for who he was in the moment, in finding his heart light, small as that light was, and sending love to him through his higher being, transmutation of his being began.  Now, this was only possible with permission of his higher self, with permission of his Soul (as part of his Soul contract).  This is why his transmutation to the light occurred.  Upon understanding his mindset, and feeling his great and overwhelming fear, I felt great compassion for this being.

After the reptilian passed through the intense fear, his Soul aspect went to join all of the others.  His Soul aspect joined the group of Souls which included the Soul aspects all of the human beings he had killed as part of the ceremony in ancient Sumaria.

What I saw was all of them join together in a great ‘ball of light’ – the light of their collective Souls.

Complete acceptance and unconditional love provides the groundwork for all to move from fear into lighter circumstances.

Importantly, the healing of the reptilian magician, was necessary for the full healing of the human beings who participated in the ritual, because his Soul was a part of their greater group of Souls.

Ω:  Omega, The Ultimate Limit of a Set – The End of Polarity

Now, I no longer saw the ancient reptilian magician as the oppressor, nor the human population as the victims.

I was being given a message by this group of Souls.  What became clear, was that they all agreed to this together.  This was the message:  it was a group undertaking.

The fact that some were human and only one or a few others were reptilian does not matter to the Souls.  Body type was the mechanism the Souls used to have this experience – some people in human bodies, and some in reptilian bodies.

The external body does not matter from the higher Soul perspective.  What matters is the greater dance, and the beauty of all flowing together.

Through this experience, these Souls lived, through being human or reptilian, and experienced the very edge of polarity.

How can an ancient ritual with such awful characteristics (from our day to day human perspective) be part of a creation of our Souls, all together? Isn’t God only good?  I think that you know the answer.

Understanding the Activities of Those Who Have Taken On the ‘Dark Roles’ in Our History from a Higher Perspective

If we can bring ourselves to love all, with our limitless and powerful human hearts, we will be able to transmute all that has transpired upon our world.

What I find is that taking the higher perspective, and creating understanding from a higher, broader context, helps my mind to put events into a framework of understanding. This allows the mind to feel safety and security.  The mind can the relax as it processes information, so that we can come to understand the higher perspective of these events.

This helps my human understanding because it is an analytical approach (in the context of a spiritual approach) that my mind is familiar with, and can understand.

Then, my heart can go to work, loving.

Look at the circumstance of the dark magician – he was powerful and severe and quite dangerous in his ‘time’.  Yet, he was overwhelmed by fear upon facing the light, upon the thought of dying, upon the thought of ‘it all being taken away’.

His own fear was intense and almost paralyzing – it was enormous and it was energetically as great as the balancing trauma he had committed upon hundreds of the human population during his ritual, yet it was borne by only one being – only by him.

Once the magician was able to cross through the fear, with the accompaniment of many loving beings of light – of his Soul family – who he was – the light within him –  willingly and joyfully returned to join his Soul family.  And he was lovingly and warmly accepted back by the Souls that had incarnated into the human beings who had participated in the ancient ritual, also.

What is the bigger picture?  The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity

These ancient ceremonies, and those done by the dark forces in the modern era as well, were all part of a bigger story, a bigger picture of what has transpired on Earth.

The bigger picture has to do with the spiritual evolution of humanity.

It takes great pressure to turn coal into a diamond.  Making a long story short, the great compression of density that the darkness caused upon Earth, has deepened and strengthened human emotion and heart connection in ways that are purely in the realm of the Creator, itself.

The Path to Peace:  Self-Compassion, Compassion, Forgiveness and Love

Now, the time for these abuses and the time for oppression is over, as is the time of victimhood and suppression.

Thankfully, we have moved to a new era.

Energetically, these changes have already taken place.  Healing in the Now moment – from a fifth dimensional perspective and higher – has already taken place.  These healings are landing faster and faster into the human population upon Gaia as the frequencies of this planet and of humanity accelerate greatly.

As we heal as Soul family through our higher selves and through our higher being, we then bring these changes through to our human incarnations.

The influence of negative extraterrestrials is healed as humanity is healed.  And, these extraterrestrials are also healed as humanity is healed, in actuality and from a higher, spiritual perspective.

In the end, we have worked together at the Soul level for the mutual benefit of our respective races.

Peace Within Ourselves Comes First – and Peace With Our History

I firmly believe that to have peace, we cannot cleave off parts of ourselves that we find ‘unacceptable’.  To move towards peace requires accepting all of who we are, and coming to terms with our history, also.

What I have noticed over time, doing energy work with clients and in service to Gaia, is that the activities of ‘the dark ones’ always lead to a very positive outcome, eventually.  It is like their effect amplifies the potential of the activity of the light, but with a ‘time’ delay.

One day we will come to understand the larger picture of why our history has transpired in the way it has.  And we will come to understand also, I believe, how the darkness and the light have interplayed on Earth.  We will talk a bit more about this at the end of this posting.

This interplay of dark and light on Earth, has created some of the deepest levels of emotional capacity in the galaxy – in the human being. And, it has created the powerful human heart, capable of mastering incredible expansion, transmutation, healing and depth of love.

Finally, the interplay of dark and light on Earth led to putting the reptilian race on the path to ascension – to developing spiritual maturity and mastery – to assist them to finally develop heart, and even, in our future, unconditional love.  This is a path for the reptilian race, that after millions of years in this galaxy, some beings thought was not possible for them – yet the reptilian race not only endured, but reached an ascended state (in our future), primarily through the benefit of it’s interaction with Earth and with humanity.

The human heart is a powerful engine of infinite supply and has the capacity to allow humanity to co-create with no less than divinity itself – that aspect of the divine, or the Godspark, of who we each are.

This is the beauty and grace of the Creator at work, through us.  This is my opinion.



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