Being Human, and Forgiving

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This post is on being human, and forgiving, despite our history.  We have printed some stories, here at the blog, recently, of galactic history, and of Earth history, and of types of extraterrestrials involved in our history. And, I wanted to talk about, what’s the motivation for printing these stories?

The goal is to assist in forgiving.  And, I mean a forgiving that benefits ourselves, and that helps us to move on, as a species.  I’m talking about forgiving that assists humanity in developing peace.

I have a dream – of a peaceful world, where humanity is thriving.

My motivation is to assist in providing some understanding, and a broader context, behind the events going on in our world.

Whether or not the specific stories here on the blog assist you with this, I feel that this process of using stories, to assist in healing, is a valid one.

Once we have moved from a state of being wounded, and then done some releasing and letting go of our states of fear, or anger, we create some space within our selves to move deeper into healing.

What I have found is that stories assist me in forgiving the other person – and their participation isn’t needed for this to happen for me.  Now, let me be clear, forgiving helps me.

Forgiveness is the open doorway to releasing my old perceptions about a situation, and letting go my old believes and attitudes, so that I can get to my own deeper healing.

And, finally, so that I can get to a state of peace, within.  As the outer mirrors the inner, this is an essential step, in achieving peace in our world.

Being Human, and Forgiving

What I have found, in doing energy work and planetary healing work, is that having the bigger picture, a big picture story like recent posts we have printed such as Healing the Influence of Negative Extraterrestrials or, An Interesting Story – The Reptilians Departure From Earth, assists me in  mentally understanding events from a higher perspective.

Having a larger framework of understanding, makes my mind feel secure.  That is when I can start to release the anger, and the fear, of a particular situation, or story, or memory.

Once my mind has a crucible of context in which it can sit, and feel safe and secure, this is when seeing the bigger story allows me to see the other side’s view, and have understanding of what they were going through, also, and get to some compassion for their side, also, no matter what that side has done, in the physical world.

I have found, that once I’ve gone through a very physical state of healing and releasing anger, or fear… often with lots of tears associated with this release, that I can open to see things from a higher perspective.  It’s the higher perspective that depersonalizes the story enough so that we can take a broader view, and look at the other person’s side, also.

I often find that, once I have gained some understanding, my natural, innate compassion means that I can forgive the other person, and, usually long before I can find feelings in me to forgive myself for being involved with an activity, or for doing a particular action, or having a particular thought, or feeling.

That is because it was I that trusted them, I thought we were doing this together, I thought we were on the same page, but I loved him, or her, and so on.  The shoulds, and did nots, and could haves become such powerful suppressive mechanisms of ourselves upon our own life force.  They become the root of blame, guilt, and shame.

We replace the external oppressor, with an internal one. In doing so, we see ourselves as quite mighty!  I find I tend to expect myself, looking backward, to have been a genius at perception and knowing another’s motivation – and this is simply, not so.  There is no perfection, and life is messy – in my view, the perfection and beauty of life, are gifts of the Creator, when we finally choose to allow ourselves to receive them.

Or, instead of finally laying down our swords, and allowing life to flow through us, we can double talk ourselves, and live in denial, and so on, and before you know it, a thousand years goes by, and you are still in the same situation, with the same individuals, in another lifetime, and one of you has got to decide to change before you go stir crazy from the boredom of doing it this way one more time.  LOL, yeah.

Once I have accepted and forgiven at a higher level, to truly get to an inner state, within, that feels, well, awesome – I make the leap to accepting what is from the standpoint of my humanity.     That’s where, despite the painful emotions I feel, I acknowledge that, yes, they really did that terrible thing, and yes, I really did make what I thought was a terrible mistake, and so on. And  I love myself and I love them, anyway.

This is where the true, personal transformation occurs.  This is where we get to being inner peaceful.

This is the example that Jesus gave us from the cross, where he asked God, why, why did he have to do this?  Then, he immediately had the higher perspective – ‘they know not what they do’. And then, Jesus forgave the people hurting him from his humanity, anyway.  

Sometimes I put references like this story of Jesus into my blog posts to deeper spiritual understanding. I do this, not to promote religion, but because these stories deeply help me ]understand deeper ways to grow, spiritually. I write what is from my background, but I’m happy to share and relate with yours also, if you want to share your history, in the comments below.

Love, Solaris

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