Following a Line in a Cloud Bank to a Cloaked Ship

By October 14, 2017Solaris Sky

Evidence of Cloaked Ships, Line in Sky, Line in Cloudbank, Cloaking TechnologyFollowing a Line in a Cloud Bank to a Cloaked Ship

This article is about how I found and then took the photo in this blog post, The Triangle Shape in the Sky.

What had caught my attention was a line in the sky through a thick cloud bank – for me, this is potential evidence of a cloaked ship, or a ship traveling at great speed (beyond human visual capability).

This photo, above, is the first photo I took of this phenomenon, at 8:44am that morning.

Looking Up – and Noticing the Line in the Sky

That day, I was observing the gorgeous whisps of clouds moving through the sky, and the incredible sunrise, replete with rainbows in the sky!  These are what had caught my attention, and why I was looking up and focused on the sky.

About an hour after I had taken perhaps 50 photos, I arrived at my destination and again checked out the sky.  The images I was capturing on camera were so beautiful, and I was focused on the right side of my view and the sunrise.

When I turned to my left to see the sky there, I realized that entire part of the sky was filled with thick cloud bank.  The sky was shifting and the clouds in this part of the sky, while still patterned, had gone from whispy to thick small puffs, filling my view and covering pretty much all the blue of the sky.

Except for one straight line, which parted the cloud bank:

Evidence of Cloaked Ships, Line in Sky, Line in Cloudbank, Cloaking TechnologyI’ve made this photo thumbnail size because that sizing accentuates the line.

I have written a couple of articles on the possibility of cloaking technology and how we might see it by it’s effects on the sky, in particular on cloud banks, such as Cloaked Ships Travel the Sky.

So this line was like an exclamation point for me, and I stepped out to get a full view.

Visually Following the Line in the Sky

Here is my full view of the line in the sky:

Evidence of Cloaked Ships, Line in Sky, Line in Cloudbank, Cloaking TechnologyI followed the line visually, as it came towards my direction.  And to my surprise, it did end in a large space of blue in the sky.

To me this said that perhaps an object had traveled through the sky at the same altitude as the thick cloud bank, leaving a trail in the sky and essentially “parting the clouds” as it did so.

Then, potentially, the object stopped in the sky at the open blue space.  Which was right in front of me!  Which, I thought, could mean that the object was still there, hovering, if indeed it was a cloaked vessel, and that cloaked vessel was capable of hovering.  That’s weird!! That’s exactly what I was thinking, lol.

As you can see in the photo above, the blue space was not quite triangular at this point, but it was noticeable. So, I took a few photographs of it before moving on to taking more photos of the sky to my right.

Panorama of the Line and Blue Space in the Sky

Here is a panorama photograph of the entire sky to my left including the blue “hole” in the cloud bank.  You can see from this photo that the blue space is noticeable in the cloud bank – it stands out.

This panorama isn’t that well done, as you can see the lines of black at the top right and the bottom left, indicating that the camera shook a little while I was completing the panorama photograph.  But, it conveys the general point that the cloud bank was thick all around the blue space and the blue line in the sky.

This panorama photo is taken two minutes after seeing the first photo I took of this scene.  You can see the triangle shape more clearly now:

Evidence of Cloaked Ships, Line in Sky, Line in Cloudbank, Cloaking Technology

Some Thoughts on Viewing this Scene 

There were a series of thoughts I had upon seeing the line and the space in the sky, and I thought I’d list them here for you.

  1. There was a line in the sky indicating possible travel through the cloud bank by an object
  2. There was a blue space in the sky indicating the object had potentially stopped and then lowered
  3. The blue space was much larger in width than the line giving the impression that the craft, if there was one, had descended in the atmosphere towards the ground
  4. The craft that made this trail and space in the sky appeared to be cloaked
  5. The craft could hover in one place effortlessly
  6. I did not hear any sound – I’m not sure how that would be possible if this was a craft
  7. With no sound, and if there was a craft in the sky, this indicates propulsion that is not jet fuel-based

Here is a photograph from the last set of photos I took of this scene, three minutes from the first photograph.  In it the blue space is noticeably triangular:

UFO, Triangle UFO, Triangle Aircraft, Triangle Ship, Disclosure, Cloaked Ships, Cloaking Technology

IMG_4200 – Original Image – No Color Edits

I hope that you have enjoyed this article on how it came to be that I photographed a triangle shape of blue space in the sky.

Keep looking up – if I can do this, you can too. Simply look up, and follow your intuition. See what might be up there. Use your imagination, too.

A whole new world awaits and it is right in front of us.

Love, Solaris

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