Unknown Ship Saves the Day – An Interesting Story of the Fireball in British Columbia

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I’ve posted my first YouTube video of a discussion I had with my friend Alex Clark about a turning ship and fireball. I hope you will LOVE this video as much as I loved creating it. If you do like it, would you please press the like button and even subscribe? We will have more videos upcoming.

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Unknown Ship Saves the Day – A Story of the Fireball in British Columbia

This is a discussion of news and commentary about a fireball near Nelson, British Columbia the night of September 4, 2017.

The fireball appeared to have an explosion in several flashes, as the flashes lit the sky locally to day time levels of light, even though it was nighttime, in flashing that was seen for hundreds of miles, across various U.S. states, and caused the ground to rumble for 30 seconds, according to some Twitter users.

Links to Videos of the Event

Most of the videos of the event were taken by motion activated security cameras and car dash cameras.  A good set of short videos on this event can be found at this Twitter Moments link.  This video on Twitter has an excellent view of the unknown craft or set of lights flying away from the fireball.  You can check reports and videos of the meteor here on Truth Seeker’s YouTube channel.  In addition, the American Meteor Society has detailed reporting and personal sightings on the fireball here.

The Turning Ship 

When I look at these videos, what I see is a brightly lit object coming through the atmosphere that explodes – and a fairly large ship pulling away and upward in the opposite direction.

Afterwards, another ship image (it could be the same one) and several spheres are seen flying through the area and the energetic debris field.

Unknown Ship Saves the Day

Let’s create a story about this event.  For me, here is how the story goes based on what I see in the videos from the above links.

  1. An unknown object that may be hostile comes through the atmosphere.
  2. The object flashes in an apparent set of three explosions.
  3. An unknown vehicle flies out of the target area, up and away from the explosion of the unknown object.
  4. The unknown vehicle then completely disappears, either at such a high speed that cannot visually pick up it’s movement, or by using some kind of cloaking technology.
  5. The unknown vehicle rapidly circles (unseen) and returns to check the site, sits to the side and above the explosive scatter field for a few fractions of a second (enough to be caught on video), and then takes off at high velocity, in a straight line to the right from our vantage point, and perfectly parallel to the ground.
  6. Multiple spheres are flying through the surrounding area after the flashes occur from the explosions (three flashes) of the unknown object.
  7. The spheres make geometric patterns as they fly through the debris field.
  8. The debris field is more than physical – it is energetic.
  9. The spheres de-toxify the surrounding areas so that any radiation released by the exploded object does not contaminate the area.
  10. The spheres release energies that appear as colored pastels in the video, and release codes that appear as intricate patterns in the video.
  11. These codes and energies released by the spheres transmute any toxicity in the atmosphere and/or the environment from the exploded object.

Solaris Modalis and Alex Clark Video Discussion: Turning Ship and Fireball – Meteor in British Columbia

As you check out this interesting story, you are invited to the big fun we had making this video.  What you will see is how we use our intuition to build a story around our experience of viewing video of the fireball in British Columbia on September 4, 2017.

We use our intuitive skills to do our assessment of the news and to make commentary.  These include galactic experiences and past life memories, our clairvoyance and ability to read energies, our ability to look within for guidance, and so much more.

Our empowered humanity – it is time we own it!!

And it is big fun to do so….

This video has been a big unleashing of the inner child in me.  And she is the wild and free dreamer, and she is the key to ascension also – lucky me!

I hope you enjoy meeting us in this video!!

Based on this video uploaded by @RafaelPern on Twitter, and based on observations of the patterns of the lights of the craft as it moves up and away from the explosion, here is what I see happening, and how the ship moves away from the object.

The craft is initially pointed away from the viewer, so the rear four lights are all that are seen.  Then the craft starts to flip to our right.  As it does so, the set of four lights becomes angled, so that they appear closer together.

Starship, Ship, UFO, Lightship, Solaris Modalis, Cloaked ship

The craft continues executing a turn and flip at the same time, so that the four lights cannot be seen, just two lights as we are now viewing the craft from the side.  A shadow of triangle appears in the front of the lights of the craft.

The craft now is completely angled and parallel to the ground – the lights appear as just two because the craft is directly across from the viewer, the triangle shape of the rest of the craft is in front of the lights.

The craft then banks to the left, as it’s right side pulls up at the same time – it is executing a curving turn to the left.  As it does so, the light on the right immediately completely disappears, then the light on the left fades to black.  It appears the craft has 1) flown into thick smoke that makes a type of curtain, 2) flown into a dimensional envelope that cannot be seen with the eyes, 3) has activated a cloaking device, 4) has increased speed so fast that the craft seems to have disappeared out of sight almost instantly.

Starship, Ship, UFO, Lightship, Solaris Modalis, Cloaked ship

Based on the movement of the lights, and the shadows made by the ship as it moves, turns and accelerates, here is what I believe this ship looks like.  It appears to be pyramidal, with four lights, or power and/or propulsion sources, at it’s rear.  When the craft is completely on it’s side, it appears to only have two lights to the viewer:

Starship, Ship, UFO, Lightship, Solaris Modalis, Cloaked ship

And now, putting it all together – I’ve added to the story in the image below, hypothesizing what may have occurred – the UFO flies in, fires upon the unknown object, travels in a sideways arc around the explosion, then turns and flips, taking off into a dimensional envelope.

The pyramid ship or UFO thus:

  • Has interdimensional capability
  • Has high speed maneuverability
  • Has a rounded cone or pyramid-shaped top
  • Has a flattened base
  • Has four lights or power and/or propulsion sources
  • These lights or power and/or propulsion sources flare brightly when stressed

I hope that you have enjoyed this interesting story of the turning ship and fireball.

Deep gratitude to Alex for her insightful comments and for bringing this event to my attention.

If you have interesting personal videos or photos you’d like to share, or would like me to take a look at, please send them to me at SolarisModalis.  I’d love to engage with you also.

Blessings to you – may your path rise up to meet you, with ease and grace, with joy and laughter.

Love, Solaris

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