The Fleet Arrives

By December 10, 2016Solaris Galactic

When I saw this series of events in the sky, I felt the advent of something…. big…. something like, an entire fleet arriving.

What does this look like from the ground?  Well, I invite you to view this series of photographs.

This is the first thing I saw when I arrived at my destination on October 21, 2016, two and a half weeks before US presidential election, with the contentious polarized energies from all sides of the political spectrum going on full bore.

img_1298-450How I perceived these images of cloud-like whysps was this:  that a huge amount of higher frequency, interdimensional energy had just entered our atmosphere and descended towards the human realm.  This energy had the feeling of a large fleet descending into our atmosphere.  It felt like a huge number of “light presences” had taken the form of “clouds”, as it were.  I felt that this massive grouping of energy and was continuing to pour in above us.  It seemed like a fleet and it seemed like it was here to stay – here to serve and protect, giving the ramp up in polarized energies on Earth now.

Here are some additional photos of the energies as they arrived:

If you look at these photos more closely, you can see faces, and images, and eyes.  It is as if you can see the consciousness behind these energies, peering in, taking in the scene.

They appear to be incredibly “large” beings, and why is this?  Expanded energies appear “bigger” to us – to go “higher” in frequency is to be significantly “larger” size-wise, to the human perception.

Remember, all consciousness is equal.  Some beings may have more experience than we have, or be able to remember their multidimensional connections, and their connections with their own divinity, but we as human beings are equals with all of them.  We have chosen to incarnate on a planet where we do not remember the greater story at play, where we do not remember our origins, where we perceive from behind a veil of forgetting, but we are remembering, and we are increasing our consciousness, and we are heightening our awareness.  And we have help and assistance available to us.


What is going on with these “cloud structures”?

The energy enters the atmosphere, and then takes form. 

The energy entered as the whysps that you see in these photos.  It then changed into some very interesting forms.

There was a “gravitas”, a formalness about the feeling of this energy, a feeling of “looking around and getting the lay of the land”, a feeling of might, and of providing more-than balance, of being present in a way that overwhelmingly tilted the balance of presence and of energy towards the Light.

This energy could descend into the Earth atmosphere because of the shift to the Light, because it is firmly in place and taken hold, because a choice was already made, by the collective that is humanity.

This fleet arrived to provide overwhelming presence indicative of humanity’s shift to the Light.

In this photo, #1309, I can see an eye so clearly, and a face, and the expression is hard to describe.

I sense an energy of clarity, of clear-seeing, of clear-perception, free of illusion, seeing Truth.

The energy, the clear sight, seems similar to that of an eagle or a hawk, viewing the scene on this planet from up high, observing, choosing to be present, to “take up a position”, here.


The above four photos were taken over the course of two minutes.  Thirty six minutes later, these clouds had taken new forms.  There are two series of photos, below.  In the first series we highlight some of the interesting forms, and in the second, panoramic views of the energy (clouds) in the sky.

A series of very interesting lightships or cloudships manifested, and I’ve picked out some stand-out ones, below.

One of the interesting things about lightships is this – they don’t necessarily look like shapes we are used to.  Yes – sometimes I get photos of ships that are shapes that we would recognize, and these are the ones I try to focus on when posting.

But, many lightships are of designs that would blow our mind if we saw them in the physical – they are simply not “straight lines” or “solid” as we are used to.  One of the photos below, is of a lightship that actually has a helicopter form.  But, most are not.  And, my feeling is that there are galactic cultures that have no form at all – and we see them as just frequency – the way the clouds form or come into the atmosphere tells their design – that they are not necessarily of form.

I’ve been blogging for awhile now and this is the first time we are really talking about this – the unusual shape of most lightships, and of formless galactic consciousness or cultures.

One of the things that I feel has been happening when I take photographs is that we have been learning, me and them, about what shapes would be most understandable to human beings, what would be acceptable design enabling acknowledgement of their presence.

People have to get used to them, get familiar, allow the concept of lightships to enter their consciousness, to be able to recognize and see them.

As the high frequency energy (from the images above), descended in frequency and manifested into our skies, it transformed into clouds in the shapes of lightships.  After about 30 minutes of changing form, the sky was filled with lightships.

Anyway – here you go! Some of the lightships in the fleet….

For a panorama view of the skies, please see the post Panorama of the Fleet, including commentary about what made it possible for the fleet to arrive at this point in time (coming on Monday December 12 2016).



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