Super Moon Sky Ship

Today we are blessed with some unsusual photos from a guest photographer.  I am so grateful that Becky agreed to share her surprising images with us!

These amazing photographs were taken by Becky P. They are used with her permission.  The three photos were taken at 5:45pm pacific time in Elk Grove, California, during the November 2016 ‘super moon’ full moon.

Becky P says, “I kinda thought they looked like UFOs.”



About Solaris

Solaris Modalis photographs the skies and watches the happenings there. From the changes in the sun, to communing with lightships, these are her passions. Her memories of a galactic life among the stars informs her work. Solaris shares her love of life and her wisdom, inspired by artistic photographs. After years of chasing people down to show them what was in her camera, she started this blog.

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