Looking to the Sky, And Seeing What Resonates

By October 27, 2016Solaris Galactic


Looking to the Sky, And Seeing What Resonates


Scan the skies with your eyes, and what do you see?  Clouds and blue and sunshine.  It’s that sense of wonder that begins in the heart with hope and with excitement, it’s that sense of something more being possible, that starts this magic.

It’s a knowing.

As I’ve moved more and more into living from my heart, my connection with what is possible has deepened.  My connection with the eternal magic and awe at the way the divine works in my life.

Yes it is spiritual.

I know that not everyone interested in what’s in our skies approaches this topic from a spiritual perspective.  But I do.


You Connect with Who You Resonate With

What I have learned is, in scanning the skies, is that you connect with who you resonate with.  Just like in human relationships.  There isn’t only one answer, one race of beings, one possibility or one type of contact that we are all looking to find.

There are many answers.

There are many possibilities.

What does this mean?  It means that what is looking for us is as diverse as we are – because we are looking for them.  When we send out our hope and our questions into the universe, we call the answers back to us.  That is how it started.

That’s just how it works with lightships.


We Called Ourselves, Here

What we are meeting, is versions of ourselves.  This is based on simple physics, on the mechanics of resonance.

When we were divided, and suspicious, we called to ourselves those who would divide us further.

When we were untrustworthy, and double dealing, we called to ourselves those who were untrustworthy, and double dealing.

We have a chance now, to change this.

Because we have grown, spiritually.

Because we have grown, as the human race.


Calling in What Resonates With Our Hearts

What’s different?  People are moving further and further into their hearts.

They are looking around and seeing what’s not working.

They are looking, within.


Tonight is a magical evening.  The water is still as glass, and the sky is fogged in.

I know that friends are still up there, above us, doing their work, being present.

Even though I cannot see the sky.

My heart knows.

This is my resonance.


Love, Solaris


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