About the Blog, June 8, 2017

Dear Friends,

Wow the energy of deconstruction and of the new are swirling aren’t they?  In the midst of deconstruction, and of observing the new, I am finding little energy for writing.  Photos?  Yes, taking those, but little energy for posting.  I hope this changes soon.

I am currently in the energies of renewal, sitting here in Mt Shasta, where even with the mountain clouded by rain and clouds and fog, the energy is wonderful and renewing.  Soon I will head off to do some energy working, and full moon connecting.

Things are changing.

The new is rushing in – can you feel this?  Can you feel the energies shifting?

Love, Solaris


About Solaris

Solaris Modalis photographs the skies and watches the happenings there. From the changes in the sun, to communing with lightships, these are her passions. Her memories of a galactic life among the stars informs her work. Solaris shares her love of life and her wisdom, inspired by artistic photographs. After years of chasing people down to show them what was in her camera, she started this blog.

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