Timelines, Dimensions and Parallel Realities: Alex Clark

By May 22, 2017Solaris Guest

I have been writing about alternate timelines and realities, and much about dimensions, in Solaris postings.  

Alex Clark has graciously agreed to share this article she wrote on these topics.  

I love this article because it takes these concepts to a personal level, and suggests a personal understanding of ‘what is going on in the universe’.

In the end, these physics concepts are interesting, and can explain a bigger picture.  

But, what do they mean on a personal level  and how can we use this information to change our lives?  To me, these are the most important questions  ~ Love, Solaris


Timelines, Dimensions, and Parallel Realities by Alex Clark

There has been a lot of discussion in the spiritual community about timelines, dimensions and parallel realities lately. Many voices have been calling for us to focus and intend for the highest possible timeline.

While some folks are versed in discussing timelines and dimensions, some are a bit confused. I thought it would be an interesting thing to share my personal intel on how it all works to give folks a better understanding of what is actually going on in this universe.

The Infinite Potential of the Future

As a natural palmist and energy reader this is what I have learned; that the future is fluid and made up of an infinite number of threads. The more you pull on certain threads, the more probability that a certain future will coalesce, but it is not until the now moment that the future is anchored and then it passes away with another choice point in that very moment.

What exists in the space of your, or someone else’s, energy field is simply the predominance of the vibration they have been consistently anchoring.

In order for that to be true, and I very much resonate with that knowing in my life, then there have to be infinite perspectives, infinite worlds, rather, each of us lives in our own world. Let that sink in for a minute.

Our Own World

That is the point of self-focus, self love, self responsibility. All these things anchor your now moment and make it your own. You get to choose what you experience, as a divine sovereign free will eternal god being. If this is so for you, it is so for all, because we are, in fact, one and all have the same access to Source. No exceptions.

The idea of having your own world, built out of your own perceptions and vibration might seem strange in this time of instant communication and connection, but loop back in time and imagine a world without this constant connection and ease of travel. It is much easier to imagine a being’s own world simply being a collective of the things and experiences around them.

That simpler world seemed much more controllable from our modern perspective because the variables were limited. The truth is that our modern world is just as controllable, if you understand how things work.

Co-creating With Others

When we move out of the self-focused space of our sovereign energy field (our own worlds) and get a little bit wider in focus, we co-create with others. This may be a divine space of love in the physical, like a home with other people, or pets or plants; a house, a garden, etc. Each of us effects that space with our vibration, but in the mixed space, it is the one who consciously holds the energy and applies it that creates the most prominent aspects of the space.

Since we know that vibration creates experience in our own energy field, and we are all practicing with that individually, why not expand the focus and choose the dominant energy one wishes to experience in a group dynamic?

If one being is focused on loving interaction, and is doing so consciously, the predominant experience is love within the group, with the free will option to interact with that love or not. All get to choose.

If one being is focused consistently on holding the negative end of the stick and others are not consciously applying their energy to the focus, then negativity will flow in for experience. Again, beings are free to choose to interact with that negativity or simply pass on the experience, but few are conscious of this sovereign right, and simply respond to the experience instead of taking personal responsibility for their own energy.

The potential for both ends of the duality stick are always present, but the predominantly applied vibration creates the most. Why not choose the predominant vibration and consciously apply it to improve your experiences?

Group Participation in Experience

When we move out of the divine space of love level into smaller groups of collective consciousness, that is where timelines, loops, parallels and alternates become more prominent and we participate in them to a greater or lesser extent via collective agreement.

In the smaller space of the human energy field, and in fact it is not small, it is just more familiar and easier for an individual to get to the skill level where they trust their own creating, one can very easily control their experience, through their vibration and then their focus.

Think of Henry David Thoreau and his book Walden. He chose a focus, being one with nature and separating himself from the society of the day. He took himself to nature, plopped himself there, and experience nature he did. Others came to visit and had a wide range of experiences in his space, and he wrote about that, showing the different variations of perspective on a spectrum.

Different beings with predominant vibrations will have a very different experience in a common space that exists by collective agreement. We can see this very strikingly if we take grandma to a rock and roll concert, or bring a Yankee fan to see a Red Sox baseball game. What will bring joy of experience to one, will bring irritation or negative experience to another, and we all get to choose what experience we have.

The Overlapping Energy of Large Human Collectives

As we get even bigger, we can see the collective vibration that is made up of our individual vibrations and soul paths play out in our placement in community. Are you living in a rural area with a certain cultural essence? Do you live in a town? In a progressive or conservative city? Do you live in a repressive country or a socialist one?

These things all are expression of collective vibrational choice. What era are you currently experiencing? In all the lifetimes you have lived, which all occur in this now moment in this universe, why is your perception in this lifetime?

Again, it is all a choice, and ever single one of us gets to choose.

It is all Happening Now – Parallel Realities

So, in the soup of potential that is this now moment, many different variations exist, and they are all possible. We, as humans apply linear time to the mix because that is how the brain functions, like a computer that logs data points as they enter the system, so that they can be easily retrieved for future use.

Here is where we get stuck. We see a start and a finish. We don’t see all the potentials, but the Universe does. Since it can and does want to experience all aspects of potential, it simply allows for this to be.

It is an interesting concept, these parallel realities. When we look upon the body, there are trillions of cells. Some of those cells are the same, some of those cells are very different, but they all contain the same building blocks.

In one cell, the focus may be on pumping blood through the heart. In another cell, the focus may be on expressing chemical potential and electricity through the neurons. The whole body is served by the individuated cells and all cells are effected by the environment the body is in. Separate a predominance of cells from the body and they die without special treatment, but they thrive within the body environment and know exactly what to do within it.

If we then translate from the bio-physical to the quantum, each reality is experiencing a different aspect of the whole from the myriad of possibilities and all realities are benefiting from those aspects. Each reality is also given a focus and knows exactly what to do within it, because the higher self and soul has defined the focus through the soul agreement.

All these parallels also have an interesting way of effecting the whole. Remember that we are indeed all one, but we are also all one with ourselves.

If the environment is predominantly loving then the energy rises in all realities. If the environment is predominantly negative, then the energy falls in all realities.

The game, me thinks, is to experience all possible aspects of a situation and “report back” to source the trillions of possible choice points and expressions of those aspects. Like learning all card games at once and all possible outcomes of all card games at once. Simple as pie.

Thus parallel realities, experienced by alternate versions of beings, who’s main perceptive focus is in this reality. It boggles the mind at the human level, because we have limited perspective, but from the universal level, it is a masterful design mechanism, and allows for the most information to be retrieved about creative outcome.

While we experience only one outcome from our human perspective, the universe has access to all outcomes of the same parameters. You poise on the edge of biting an apple, and know that you are going to eat an apple, but it could be a ripe apple, an unripe apple, a mealy apple, a bug riddled apple, a red, yellow or green apple. Why wait to experience the outcomes of all of those bites? The universe simply does it all at once.

That is what the universe does, in all now moments, takes a bunch of potentials, runs them through a filter of perception, which is you, allows you to hold one focus in one now moment, but have spiritual access to all your focuses in all your now moments.

Of course, to experience all this at the same now moment is far above the capacity or the brain, so your higher self stores the information for you, and provides the mechanism for you to retrieve necessary information as required, in the form of intuition and innate wisdom.

How do you simply know things without learning them? How about Deja Vu? All these things are easy to understand when we apply parallels or alternate timelines to the experiential mix.

We are all Timeline Jumping

Go down this rabbit hole even further and we find timeline jumping. As our vibration shifts and becomes the predominant vibration, the possibilities that appear on our timelines change. The soul knows what is the most important aspects of direct experience for a being, based on the soul contract and thus presents a timeline based on the agreement and drawn from the available raw materials at that now moment. Those raw materials appear simply based on the vibration of the being.

Start with a predominant vibration. Take a breath. Raise the vibration. Blink the eyes. Bam; a new timeline, a new version of you. A new vibration.

Lower the vibration, Bam, an alternative timeline. A different version of you with access to different experiences.

I have often felt that when we experience extremely painful things that are in alignment with our soul path, that those who from a soul perspective agreed to deliver these experiences to us, do so from a much lower timeline version of themselves. They are giving us what our souls agreed to, but most of the time they can’t remember it.

When confronted with the situation, they go into denial in our eyes, but I very much believe that the now version of that person did not, from their perspective, exist on the same timeline.

We jump timelines and dimensions all the time, but most are only just starting to become conscious of this and get comfortable with the idea of multidimensionality. We get to practice now within our daily lives and become more fully aware of it. Since the shifts are generally instant, most do not notice it.

Now, with more focused consciousness and more available energy, we are beginning to notice very distinct differences.

Playing with the Concepts

We can also experiment with it. Choose to look for clues about what is happening in the world in a set number of locations one day, such as social media, news outlets and your direct perception of the natural environment. Note down your observations on what is occurring in your reality. The next day, look for clues in totally different locations and note your observations. The world will appear very differently. Did the world change or did your perception change? Interesting things to ponder.

Ask a being with positive focus to explain a situation, then ask a being with a negative focus. You will get a completely different reality, because their reality is completely different.

Which is the right world? Which is the right experience? Which is the truth? The answer to these questions are, they are all right, because they are all individual, and as beloved children of the Universe we all get to play in the fields of perception as much or as little as we choose, and then report back to the Universe for the evolution of us all.

How wicked cool is that?

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View by Alex Clark

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