Solaris Modalis Commentary: Photographs Taken During Hawaii Missile Incident

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Message to the Hawaiian Public Sent Indicating an Incoming Missile

On January 13, 2018, at 8:07am Hawaii time, a message flashed across TV screens and cell phones.  This message was declared a false alarm thirty eight minutes later.

The message on cell phones, in all capital letters, was “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii.  Seek immediate Shelter.  This is not a drill.”  Thirty eight minutes later (8:47am Hawaii time), another message flashed across phones saying “There is no missile threat or danger to the State of Hawaii.  Repeat.  False Alarm.”  The following photos of these messages are sourced from Twitter:

Hawaii, missile alert, January 13 2018Hawaii, missile alert, January 13 2018

On television screens a message was displayed saying that the missile was detected by the U.S. Pacific Command and that the message was from IPAWSCAP, which is the FEMA national warning system.

Hawaii, missile alert, January 13 2018Hawaii, missile alert, January 13 2018Hawaii, missile alert, January 13 2018
The above photos are sourced from Twitter, and were from a video by an unknown TV station in Hawaii, and were in a tweet by Nick Short @PoliticalShort.  The tweet disappeared within a couple hours of these screen shots.

Interviews with Local Officials, Jan 13 2018: Pertinent Details

Local television station published an article and video that includes a video interview of personnel from the monitoring facility that was the source of the message.

On the video from the article, the head of HEMA – the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator said, “We will take action to prevent this from ever happening again by having more than one person here to do this, make this decision.  We’ll work on equipment changes.”

A reporter then says, “Were you here when it happened?”

The head of HEMA says, “This is designed so that we don’t have to be here if this type of event happens.  We don’t want people calling us to get permission when we have such a short time window.”

The article goes on to quote the governor of Hawaii as saying, “There was no automated way to send a false alarm cancellation.  We had to initiate a manual process”.

The brigadier general also being interviewed then recommends that if an alert occurs again in Hawaii, it should be treated as the real thing until an “all clear” is given.

According to an article by Reuters, the head of HEMA stated, “Hawaii would have only 12 to 13 minutes of warning in an actual attack…”.

Commentary by Solaris Modalis

From the above interviews, it appears that a key person received information or checked equipment at the relevant facility, determined an attack was imminent, and then, sent out the alert.

It appears that the personnel working at this facility that monitors for incoming missiles, are tasked with this responsibility, thus they have the training for it and are considered responsible enough to make independent decisions, and to protect the population by sending out alerts during an actual attack.

Since the window is quite small – potentially only 12 to 13 minutes – time is of the essence in decision making.

There is no system to cancel alerts.  Thus the equipment must be considered to be pretty accurate, and / or, the choice is to err on the side of caution.

If the equipment to monitor for ballistic missiles is accurate, then why did it indicate a potential missile strike?

Later on in the day, it was said that a test was supposed to take place which then accidentally went live.

Two Photographs of the Hawaiian Sky, and An Interesting Story 

The following photo was sent to me by my friend Alex Clark, and was found on Facebook.  I do not have the account name associated with the photograph (edit – see UPDATE that follows).  It is a photo of the live KHON broadcast taken thirty one minutes after the emergency was declared a false alert.

This photo shows a shot of the sky at 9:16am Hawaii time.

UPDATE January 18, 2018:  The person who took these photos is Kim Pazdur.  Kim took photos of her TV at the time of the original live broadcast.  She then posted them to Facebook. She wrote to me and said that she “Took the photos because I knew what I was seeing and wanted to make sure someone got the evidence.”

Hawaii, UFO, UFOs, missile alert, January 13 2018, galactic, extraterrestrial, interdimensional

Let’s take a look at this photo with some color edits (below).  I have bumped up the contrast as far as it can go in the photo.  What this will usually do is darken pretty much the entire photograph. However, the round orbs in the sky are glowing incredibly bright even with the photo darkened as much as was possible.

For me, this brightness after the color edits, indicates the presence of a technology that is lighted in a way that is beyond our current technology – the entire orbs are fully lighted and their color hasn’t diminished at all.  This technology feels very much like an interdimensional lightship, or UFO, to me.

Hawaii, UFO, UFOs, missile alert, January 13 2018, galactic, extraterrestrial, interdimensional

Potential UFOs Over Hawaii During Missile Emergency

So, let’s call them UFOs – daytime UFOs.  Present at Hawaii, during the missile alert.  This will be the first part of our interesting story.

It is interesting that the largest one has a diamond shape.  With the color edits, the diamond shaped UFO also appears 3D – it has a form like a ship might have.

The next photograph has slightly different color edits, and slightly enlarged.  These color edits and zooming in reveal the diamond shape of the UFO fairly well.

The other thing about the large UFO’s diamond shape, is that this is clearly not a cloud.  It has 90 degree angles would not be reflected in a usual photograph of a cloud.

I just wrote the word “angles” as “angels” – I had to go back and correct the spelling.  And when I did that, I had the confirmation feeling, that these vessels, or ones like them, may have saved the day.

Were These UFOs Assisting in the Emergency?

Let’s make that part two of our interesting story: That these unusual daytime UFOs, present at an extraordinary time, and at a time where the people of Hawaii, and the world, needed assistance, may have been involved in this emergency situation – if it was a real emergency.

UFOs and Nuclear Technology

UFOs are known to have focused upon nuclear sites and missiles on this planet.

The following quote by Robert Hastings, an authority in this area of research, is from a Collective Evolution article entitled, “Why are UFOs Shutting Down our Nuclear Missiles?”:

“Significantly, the UFO activity occasionally transcends mere surveillance and involves direct and unambiguous interference with our strategic weapons systems. Numerous cases include reports of mysterious malfunctions of large numbers of nuclear missiles just as one or more UFOs hovered nearby.” (Declassified Soviet Ministry of Defense documents confirm that such incidents also occurred in the former USSR.)  ~ Robert Hastings

So, let’s make that part three of our interesting story – that UFOs can and do effect nuclear missiles.  There is much testimony on this from credible sources, if you wish to research it, and there are links to Robert Hastings’ work in the article from Collective Evolution.

An Interesting Story of Galactic Assistance

Let’s put our interesting story together, now.  When we do that, it goes something like this:

  1. An incoming missile was noted and an alert was sent out.  Proper steps were taken and best judgements were made.
  2. The galactic presence on Earth – in the form of UFOs – intervened and deactivated, and/or shot down, and/or sent off course, the potential incoming missile(s).
  3. The UFOs then stood ‘guard’ over Hawaii for some period of time, revealing their presence in the sky.
  4. The emergency was declared a ‘false alarm’ – because there were no longer missiles detected by the equipment.

I hope you have enjoyed our interesting story – a potential story of what may have transpired during the Hawaii missile emergency.

Here is my question – how would you feel, if it were true?  How would you feel if you felt that we had assistance, from unseen realms?

How does it feel to think, or to know, that there are more technologically advanced beings that have ‘got our back’?

Not to be saviors, no, because it is up to us human beings to solve our own problems, and to create our own innovative solutions.

Maybe, just maybe, we do have angels.

Love, Solaris

UDPATE: January 22, 2018:  Deep gratitude to Kauilepele for re-blogging this article. After KP picked up this posting, it went viral and it’s content and photos were quoted and shown in several articles.

UPDATE January 20, 2018:

The contents of this article and specifically these photos were a part of the discussion on The Goldfish Report #181 “Uniting the Light” Roundtable with Louisa, Cobra, James Gilliland, KP (Kauilepele), and Winston Shrout.

See the video starting at 6:44 (6 minutes, 44 seconds) for the discussion on these photos.  The general consensus was that these are galactic UFOs.  I found the discussion of the photos very interesting. I am grateful that the article, photos and blog was shown and that these were discussed on the show.

In addition, during the video, Kauilepele talked about the direction of this photo. KP’s website is He stated on the Goldfish Report #181 that he believes that this is a view of Diamond Head Crater on O’ahu. A portion of the top of the crater can be seen in the top section of the photo.


Photographs sourced from Facebook.  Photos were taken by Kim Pazdur of her television, which was displaying the live broadcast from KHON.

KHON Honolulu links: main website for KHON news.

Missile threat text alert sent in error after employee pushed wrong button” by KHON, includes video interview of HEMA personnel.

Quoted Reuters article is at:

Missile threat text alert sent in error after employee pushed wrong button

Quotes from articles, photographs, and quotes from video footage used is public domain and falls under rules of Fair Use. We are making these materials available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting which constitute the ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Originally published: January 14, 2018 01:33am Pacific Time USA.

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  • Kim says:

    Hi my name is Kim and I took these photos. My daughter lives on Oahu and the ‘call’ from her terrified and you could imagine the conversation. I went to the TV on CNN and saw this. Took the photos because I knew what I was seeing and wanted to make sure someone got the evidence.

  • Solaris says:

    Dear Kim,

    Your photos are amazing. I cannot even imagine getting that call. You are a strong woman. You handled it and had the presence to grab the camera when you saw this on the television and take photos.

    Often when I work with photos, I get intuitive impressions. When I worked with your photographs, what I felt, is that we are all working together. We are all working together to get our truths out there, to present a possibility embued with the resonance that we feel over galactic phenomena, and with visual evidence for those who are willing to look, and to expand their awareness.

    I am grateful you contacted me and wish to say thank you so much. Thank you for making sure the evidence got out there!! I am also so grateful to my friend who brought your photographs to my attention.

    We all have our roles, and the energy moves through us. It is thrilling to be a part of. It is an honor to be a part of.

    What I wonder, is whether the videographer and potentially others saw this too, and had the ‘hit’ that this was something special, and put it on television.

    I hear comments periodically, especially after the recent release of DOD (Department of Defense) footage in the New York Times, of – wow why didn’t people react (speaking of the mass population).

    Doing the work that I do, what I have found, is that an amazing number of people have shared UFO experiences with me, and looking at the person, I never would have guessed that this is what they were going to tell me. I am left with the impression that a very high number of people have had UFO experiences, galactic experiences, or related unusual experiences.

    In my view, this is why there is not shock and surprise when information like the DOD video comes out. And this is why people seem so excited over these photographs you took, also. While there are negative experiences, what I have found, is that a vast majority of these experiences are positive, hopeful, loving, empowering and resonant.

    Once someone has an experience like this, or a resonant feeling or a knowing, this inspires us to explore in a way that opens our heart and brings expanded possibilities into our awareness.

    I believe you brought that feeling to many of us with these photographs, and I feel honored to create an article around them.

    Peace, love, and starships of the light,
    Love, Solaris 🙏💙

  • Janice says:

    Kim can you please find that live video feed for all to veiw and see these on theor own tvs?

  • Caísa says:

    I hope these angels show up to the entire world veeery soon 💜

  • Solaris says:

    Hello Caísa,
    I hear you!!
    Keep looking up, and maybe take some photos, too. 😉
    Love, Solaris

  • Solaris says:

    Dear Janice,

    As is the case with many unusual occurrences, it appears that the original is no longer available online.

    Alex and I have looked extensively on Twitter, on KHON’s news site, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and on other social media for this footage.

    Alex reported that on KHON’s Facebook, there is a 10 hour gap in posts now, so that posts from the time of the event are deleted. I looked at KHON’s Twitter with the same result – tweets from during that time no longer appear.

    If anyone does find this footage in archive, I’d love to check it out.

    Love, Solaris

  • Carmen says:

    Amazing Article! Thank you so much for sharing. There are forces outside of our understanding with us at all time. And the photos are amazing. <3

  • 💚Jackie LimeLight💚✋ says:

    I am thankful that they let us see and let us know … It’s TIME…. THE TIME IS NOW!! ✋
    THANKFUL…LOVE AND LIGHT 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚✋

  • Solaris says:

    From Solaris:

    Kim took a photo of her television which was showing a live newscast by KHON TV. The TV camera was capturing the sky in this direction during the newscast. Perhaps they knew what they were seeing, too, lol.

    On a recent interview on The Goldfish Report on their YouTube channel – video #181 dated January 18 2018 – Kauilepele talked about the direction of this photo. The discussion starts at 6:44 (6 minutes 44 seconds). The video is at this link:

    KP’s website is He stated on the Goldfish Report #181 that this is a view of Diamond Head Crater on O’ahu. A portion of the top of the crater can be seen in the top section of the photo.

  • Solaris says:

    So beautiful, Jackie!!!! 💙💙 🙏 🙌

  • Solaris says:


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