Galactic Technology at Work in the Sky

Galactic technology at work in the sky

Let’s talk through the galactic technology at work in this photo of a V-shaped lightship.  We actually recently wrote about the experience of seeing this lightship taken at sunset in this post:  A Lightship Greeting post-UFO Meeting – this post includes about 10 photos also.  This article will focus on the galactic technology in use in the sky, as evidenced by taking a closer look at this galactic ship in our skies.

In this blog post we will specifically focus on the technology the ship is using working with a chemtrail.  First, let’s make some observations about what we are seeing.  Then, let’s talk about the technology at play here, and how this is shown in the photos.

Lightship Points of Observation:

  1. There is a space above the lightship – an opening of blue sky, and it appears that the lightship ‘came through’ this space in the cloud cover, parting the cloud cover as it materialized.
  2. There is a chemtrail directly below the lightship, and the lightship appears pointed directly at the chemtrail.
  3. There is a clear V shape to the lightship, as if this is the structure of this vehicle.
  4. There is a circular space on the lower right side of the V that seems circular, and there is a shadow from this part of the lightship aimed at the chemtrail.
  5. There is a light structure at the back of the V of the ship that points upward from our perspective.
  6. The direction of this smaller ‘v’ behind the lightship is pointed towards the opening in the cloud cover, and appears to be the top or back of the lightship.
  7. A light appears to be shining in the direction that this smaller ‘v’ points – this light, above the back of the lightship, is the only one in the sky of this color and frequency.  It appears that this light is caused by the activity of the lightship.
  8. The direction of the sunset is from the lower right corner of this photo (and see large photo at the top of the page).  The direction of the whiter light in the clouds appears to be from the angle of the lightship, rather than from the sunset.  The sunset is reflecting a gold colored light, and this reflection of light is white.
  9. There is a ‘shadow’ to the left of the lightship that appears to be it’s own shadow reflected against the cloud and fog cover.  The direction of the shadow correlates with the way that the setting sun would cause a shadow of an object up in the sky at these angles of light from the sunset.

Here is a close up of the lightship, and a drawing showing what I am seeing:


Now, how is this galactic technology working?

We recently wrote an article, Bell-shaped UFO Transmutes Chemtrails, on a galactic technology, employed by a bell-shaped UFO/lightship, that changes the interdimensional structure of chemtrail particulate matter.  Does this work the same?

If you notice from the photos of these two very different lightships, the bell-shaped ship causes a very different patterning in the cloud material around it compared with this V-shaped lightship:

The patterns in the clouds around the lightships reveal very different technologies at play.

It is the vibrational patterns in the bell-shaped UFO/lightship photo that reveal it’s interdimensional technology.  The bell-shaped lightship was transmuting the particles in the sky by emanating frequencies from the ship into the surrounding atmosphere.

It is the shape of the V-shaped ship, and the patterns of light at the front of the V and the back of the lightship that reveal the technology of this vehicle:  it is a dust buster.  It vacuums up the particles intended for transmutation, and then spits them out the back in a higher frequency form.


What a simple solution, isn’t it?  Vacuum up those chemtrails, and spit them out the back as higher frequency light.

For fun, we have taken these photos of a human made dust buster to illustrate this concept:

Now, you can see that this dust buster is a similar shape, actually, to the lightship in our photo.  There is a key point to make here:  we are seeing the lightship from underneath – thus we are seeing this V-shaped lightship more from this angle:

Now does this make sense to view the ship this way?  Note the nozzle of the dustbuster (left side of photo), in the lower right bottom of the dustbuster, same location as the large circle emitting towards the chemtrail.

The light in this photo of the dustbuster is from the exact opposite angle (as the photo of the lightship), but the effects are the same:

  • A shadow is cast to the right of the dustbuster by the room light (which comes from the upper left).
  • You can see a bit of the top of the dustbuster to the left – a sliver of the black top shows.
  • The handle of the dustbuster is in the location of the smaller ‘v’ above the lightship
  • The handle of the dustbuster points in the direction that ‘dust’ is spit out of the back of the lightship in the next photo.
  • There is a nozzle at the lower bottom corner of the dustbuster to suck up dust.

Let’s look at the similarities of our V-shaped ship to the dustbuster:

  • The sunlight coming from the lower right casts a shadow to the left.
  • We are viewing the ship from underneath – a slight view of the top of the lightship is visible to the right of each arm of the ‘V’, and at the back of the ‘V’ (the smaller ‘v’). Meanwhile, on the left arm of the V, which is angled the farthest away from the viewer on the ground, the left side of this left arm is a straight line – the right sides of both arms of the V are slightly fuzzy, as if we are seeing something else showing also (part of the top of the lightship).
  • There is a smaller ‘v’ behind the large ‘V’ of the lightship – this appears to be a structure.  There also appears to be almost an exhaust tube from the top of the right arm of the ‘V’, which extends back into the mouth or opening of the ‘V’.  It looks like this tube feeds into the small ‘v’ structure at the back of the lightship.
  • The smaller ‘v’ points directly at the white light shining onto the cloud and fog layer.  If this was from the sunset, it’s more likely that it would be golden colored, like the rest of the reflected sunlight.
  • There is a round prominent shape at the bottom right corner of the large ‘V’, and there appears to be something emitting from this large circular area back into the cloud layer, in the direction of the chemtrail.  There is a ‘shadow’ that goes at an angle from this circle down to the right – and this is against the angle of the sunset.  In other words, this shouldn’t show because the sunlight would cause a shadow in the other direction.  Thus, this emission appears to be generated by the lightship itself.

The key difference with these two technologies (ha ha!) is that the human dustbuster keeps the dust inside in a compartment for later disposal, and the lightship transmutes the particles of ‘dust’, and spits them back out again – no disposal needed – very clean and efficient.

Judging by eye the color of the bright white light emitting behind it, what comes out of it’s transmutation process looks like quite a nice frequency, also.  They are ‘freshening up’ our skies.  Lol.  But – this is serious business.

A Description of this Galactic Technology

All joking aside, let’s take a closer look at what a lightship with these characteristics is doing, technology wise.  I’ve made this drawing full size so you can more easily read the text.


I’ve redrawn the V-shaped ship at a slightly different angle, so that you can get a better sense of it’s various aspects.  What this lightship appears to be doing is:

  1. Collect unhealthy or toxic particles by ‘vacuuming’ them up through a beam of darker light.
  2. Transmuting the particles inside the lower V leg of the ship.  This leg appears to have a tube that extends from the end of the V up into the structure at the back of the ship.  The particles flow through the leg of the V, are transmuted, flow through the tubing and out the back of the ship.
  3. At the same time as the ship’s technology transmutes the particles, from unhealthy (to life) or toxic to healthy or non-toxic, it upgrades the frequency of the particles.  This causes them to show as brighter when they are initially flowed back out of the ship and back into the atmosphere.  That is why there is a brighter sheen above and behind the back of the ship that is easily seen with the eyes.
  4. After the particles have progressed through the V leg and the tubing, they are expressed out the tall structure at the back of the ship.  These higher frequency, healthy and non-toxic particles have a brighter sheen as they are initially poured back out into the atmosphere.

A V-shape in a Cloud – Yep, that’s a Lightship!

I hope that you have enjoyed this discussion of a lightship using galactic technology, quite visible for all to see in our skies.  I will admit that I was amazed when I expanded the images of the ship and saw the ‘V’-shaped form.  Well, I was wowed and also simply grateful – because clouds with clear ‘Vs’ in them are fairly improbable.  I always am amazed to get this kind of confirmation, even after taking photos of lightships for quite some time.

This article was hard to write, mostly translating my sense of what I’m seeing and getting these thoughts onto paper is a lot harder than doing the intuiting and coming to an understanding of what I’m seeing, for me anyway.  It has taken several days but it’s done, now, and I’m really happy to share it with you here.

Gratitude for our Star Family and Hope for our Human Family

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate and love up our star family, who are going to great lengths to help us survive, and to support us in having the opportunity to thrive.  Because, who would go to such great efforts if survival was our baseline?

We are talking here about humanity propelling itself towards our highest outcomes – towards fulfilling our greatest dreams for ourselves and for our people – for our human family.



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